1. Padded Seat Cover

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Saddlemen Saddlegel Plain Cover Seat Pad Visco-elastic SaddleGel™ pads add riding comfort to any seat on any model SaddleGel™ pad evenly distributes weight to absorb and eliminate pressure at hips and tailbone Quick-disconnect harness system mounts over the seat and remains in place when pad is…
Pro Pad Sheepskin Covered Pad
$107.99 - $134.99 You save up to $14.96 (9%)
Pro Pad Inc. Sheepskin Covered Pad Medium Help is here. More comfort, less vibration, no more "pain in the ass"- passengers this is your solution. The medium sheepskin Pro Pad helps eliminate the pain. Measuring 14" wide and 10" long this pad is designed to fit most cruiser style passenger seats …
Kuryakyn Padded Bar Covers for Driver Backrest
$25.49 You save $4.50 (15%)
Kuryakyn Padded Bar Covers for Driver Backrest Don't let your comfort turn into someone Else's annoyance. Cover those steel bars-they're cold when it's cold, hot when it's hot, & they're always hard enough to keep reminding your passenger of their presence. You can't get rid of them, so at least…
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