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Kuryakyn Oil Cooler Cover
$50.99 You save $9.00 (15%)
Kuryakyn Oil Cooler CoverDesigned to mount directly over the oil cooler on your Indian, this simple to install cover provides the perfect jumping off point for customizing your bike.
AltRider Oil Cooler Guard
$65.97 - $118.97
AltRider Oil Cooler Guard The AltRider Oil Cooler cover tucks neatly into the styling of your adventure bike while providing protection for the critical and expensive oil cooler. The lightweight, louvered design allows maximum air flow while protecting against rocks, road debris and the occasional…
Kuryakyn Oil Cooler Cover
$59.49 You save $10.50 (15%)
Kuryakyn Oil Cooler Cover The factory oil cooler works great, but the stock black cover looks pretty dull. So dress it up with some good old fashion chrome. Made from light weight ABS, this installs just like the factory cover & offers more chrome treatment to help hide those unsightly oil lines.…
Fluidyne High Performance oil Cooler
$269.99 You save $29.96 (9%)
Fluidyne High Performance oil Cooler Performance High efficiency core assures optimum cooling Cooler oil extends the life of all internal engine components Reduces oil temperatures up to 35 degrees Compact design is lightweight and easy to mount Durability Thoroughly tested in all types of off road…
BikeMaster Aluminum Mesh
$12.71 You save $2.24 (14%)
BikeMaster Aluminum MeshThere are so many applications for this useful material, and they can protect Lightweight, flexible, easily cut and shaped for your bike Make the air intakes in your fairing look professionally finished and keep larger debris out of your air box Protects Radiator, oil cooler,…
Cycle Electric Inc. Rectifying Regulator Control voltage on Harley-Davidson and Indian alternators, unlike other rectifiers or regulators that dump to ground and cause maximum stator current and higher temperatures Cycle Electric rectifying regulators block current to control voltage; this reduces…
CV4 Vent Tubing
$14.99 - $16.99 You save up to $0.96 (6%)
CV4 Vent Tubing Made from pure silicone rubber Designed for vent lines on carburetors, gas cap overflow, radiator overflow, water pump bypass, oil cooler and various other applications Working operating temperature up to 420°F Available in a wide range of colors *Note: NOT designed as a fuel…
Kuryakyn Cruise Arm Mark IV Turn your bike into a lazy boy with these great Cruise Arms! Heavy-duty chrome arms wrap around your stock floorboards just right, so kick back and relax! Mounts to frame, not the board. No drilling required Compatible with Kuryakyn ISO-Boards and all styles of…
Dragonfire Front Fender Debris Shield With the Wild Cat capable of speeds 60+ MPH it's not hard to see how a sharp rock or stick could get kicked up with enough force to go through plastic. One layer of plastic is all the separates the driver and passenger from the outside of the vehicle and the…
K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter
$5.99 - $13.99 You save up to $1.96 (13%)
K&N Performance Gold® Oil Filter Similar to their air filters, K&N Performance Gold Oil Filters are known for their longevity and high performance. Made to fit applications ranging from sport bikes to cruisers to dirt bikes and ATVs, the improvement in oil flow and filtration is the same regardless…
Motorex Boxer 4T Oil for BMW
$18.50 - $67.50
Motorex Boxer 4T Oil for BMW 4-stroke synthetic performance engine oil developed with BMW Tuner AC SCHNITZER It meets the specific requirements of boxer engines with air/oil-cooling Reduces fuel and oil consumption Perfect fit for BMW boxer engines Can be used in all BMW engines as well Formulated…
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