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Maxima Quick 2 Mix Ratio Cup
$4.49 MSRP 4.99
(5 reviews)
mix in ratios of 24:1 to 100:1. Simply choose the ratio of oil you wish to use and the amount of gas you are going to mix. Fill oil to the mark corresponding to the amount of gas you will use. For example: To mix 4 gallons of gas at 32:1, fill oil to the 4.0 gallon mark under 32:1 ratio. To mix 6…
Repsol Lubricants 2T Moto Offroad Oil
$17.99 MSRP 18.99
Repsol Lubricants 2T Moto Offroad OilFull synthetic competition 2-stroke oil Formulated for top level high performance 2 stroke applications Special additives to ensure clean burning and protection against wear in extreme conditions Can be used in both Pre-mix and Injector system applications JASO…
BikeMaster Measuring Cup with Lid
(1 review)
…flexible so way better than the old kind that crack More stable than the older designs when filled with oil More ratios than the older designs (1, 2, 2.5, and 5 gallon) Ratios from 8:1 all the way to 70:1 Even shows as percentage of mix Has graduations in gallons, fluid ounces, liters, milliliters
Ratio-Rite Measuring Cup
(12 reviews)
…Rite measuring cup get a perfect mix every time Fill to the pre-calibrated ratio mark and pour into gas Ratios are from 16:1 to 44:1 for 1, 1-1/2, 2, and 2-1/2 gallons Calibrations also include oz., c.c.'s, and pints on the opposite side for transmission oil, fork oil, etc Total capacity is 24 oz.…
Motul 510 Powerlube 2T Premix
$10.99 - $39.99 MSRP $13.50-$49.95
…2T dramatically reduces deposits Within the engine and exhaust pipes. It also reduces the sticking of piston rings. 510 Powerlube 2T is JASO FC approved.Semi-synthetic Mixes easily with gasoline Reduces internal engine foul with special anti-smoke properties Can be mixed at ratios from 25:1 to 50:1
Blue Marble 2-Cycle Oil
$12.95 - $42.95
(3 reviews)
…Marble 2-Cycle Oil Blue Marble 2-Cycle Oil is an ashless, high detergent, top-quality lubricant that meets the needs of all high performance 2-cycle engines whether air or water cooled as a premix or oil injected Blue Marble 2-Cycle Oil is made from a highly refined mineral oil, which is inherently…
Lucas Oil Land and Sea 2 Cycle Oil
$12.50 - $41.95
…ashless detergent inhibitor package to minimize spark plug fouling, pre-ignition and ring sticking. It also has applications in motorcycles requiring API TC oils, chain saws, snowmobiles, golf carts and lawn mowers. Mix ratio is 50:1 and is recommended for use in pre-mix or direct injection systems
Bel-Ray H1-R Racing Synthetic Ester 2T Engine Oil
$8.99 - $78.16 MSRP $9.95-$91.95
(3 reviews)
Bel-Ray H1-R Racing Synthetic Ester 2T Engine Oil H1R now with “Power Valve Formula” is the latest Bel-Ray innovation. Its fully synthetic formula means you get the ‘no compromise benefits’ of max horsepower due to high lubricity and minimal friction, not to mention anti-wear…
Maxima Cool-Aide Coolant
$8.09 MSRP 8.99
(3 reviews)
…and more efficient heat transfer. Cool-Aide comes in two forms - A 64oz., Ready-to-Use bottle that requires no mixing or blending and in a powerful 16oz. Concentrate. Cool-Aide mixes with water and antifreeze. Cool-Aide is for race use and does not offer freeze protection. Approved for race use…
Maxima Hi-Test Octane Booster
$5.99 MSRP 6.49
(6 reviews)
…legal for all types of competition. Hi-Test is an all organic product containing no metal (lead, manganes or phosphorus) compounds. It readily mixes with all gasolines as well as alcohol and nitro mixtures. Hi-Test will suppress detonation and pre-ignition by modifying the burn rate and increasing…
BikeMaster 2-Stroke Pre-Mix Oil
BikeMaster 2-Stroke Pre-Mix Oil For use in all liquid and air cooled 2-stroke motorcycles, scooters and ATVs Cleaner burning formula reduces smoke, carbon buildup and varnish Superior lubrication for longer service life in rings and bearings Guards against rust and corrosion
Lucas Oil Assembly Lube
$4.50 - $7.50
Lucas Oil Assembly Lube Designed to be used as an initial lubricant to metal surfaces Mixes with any oil and will not plug filters Clings to all surfaces and is an excellent rust inhibitor, allowing long-term storage for all parts It's useful wherever tension or torque is applied
Silkolene Snow 2T Synthetic Oil
$16.99 - $61.99 MSRP $17.95-$67.95
…tank mix engine oil for high performance Snowmobiles. Developed exclusively for two-stroke racing engines. SNO 2 is formulated using synthetic components which provide the exceptional anti-seize properties usually associated only with castor-based oil. SNO 2 should NOT be mixed with other oils, but…
Silkolene 4T Castorene R40S Oil
$21.99 MSRP 23.95
…Castorene R40S Oil A castor and ester synthetic blend for special racing applications This blended combination enhances the natural high film strength of castor while reducing normal oil thickening and lacquer build-up Can be mixed with methanol fuels Must not be mixed with other oils Top choice of…
Maxima Super M Injector Oil
$13.99 - $224.99 MSRP $14.99-$249.95
…Super M  Injector Oil 2-Cycle Injector Oil, Very Low Ash Super-M Injector Oil is the first truly high performance racing oil designed to be used in oil injection systems. The legendary Super-M formula has been adjusted to allow the personal watercraft owner to leave his oil injection operational…
Repsol Lubricants 2T Standard Oil
$8.99 MSRP 9.19
(1 review)
Repsol Lubricants 2T Standard Oil2T Standard Oil from Repsol Mineral based lubricant oil for 2-stroke engines Good anti-wear and anti-seizing properties Recommended for pre-mix applications Meets JASO-FB requirements
Bel-Ray 2T Mineral Engine Oil
$6.99 MSRP 7.95
(1 review)
Bel-Ray 2T Mineral Engine Oil Bel-Ray® 2T Mineral Engine Oil is a 2-stroke motorcycle oil specially formulated for pre-mix and injector systems for small 2-stroke engines allowing a clean burn that reduces deposits, smoke and engine wear, providing added power and improved reliability.…
Bel-Ray Si-7 Synthetic 2T Engine Oil
$14.41 MSRP 16.95
(8 reviews)
Bel-Ray Si-7 Synthetic 2T Engine Oil Bel-Ray Si-7 Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is a smokeless, premium synthetic lubricant specifically formulated for the larger high performance air-cooled or liquid-cooled 2-stroke motorcycle engines. Equally suited for oil injection or premix, Bel-Ray Si-7 provides…
Bel-Ray SL-2 Semi-Synthetic 2T Engine Oil
$8.99 MSRP 10.50
(3 reviews)
Bel-Ray SL-2 Semi-Synthetic 2T Engine Oil Bel-Ray SL2 Semi-Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is a premium low ash, synthetic blend specifically formulated for the larger air-cooled or liquid-cooled 2-stroke engines used in motorcycles, scooters and ATVs. Equally suitable for injection or premix and provides…
Bel-Ray MC-1 Racing Full Synthetic 2T Engine Oil
$8.99 MSRP 9.95
(8 reviews)
…formula for non-power-valve, 2T engines Withstands extreme racing conditions Mix ratios from 50:1 to 100:1 Pre-mix for air-cooled / liquid-cooled 2T, non-power-valve engines (not for methanol fuel) *Note: Bel-Ray MC-1 Racing Full Synthetic 2T Engine Oil is a not recommended for methanol base Fuel.
Castrol Power RS TTS Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil
$12.99 MSRP 14.49
(3 reviews)
…RS TTS is suitable for all types of 2-stroke Japanese or European motorcycle engines running on race, leaded or unleaded gasoline Designed for both oil injection and premix application, Castrol Power RS TTS has proven to mix readily with unleaded gasoline and remain stable over long periods of time
Permatex Valve Grinding Compound
Permatex Valve Grinding Compound Aids valve grinding and seating operations Removes burrs, surface defects, carbon, gum and corrosion Can be used for lapping and grinding chromium Mixes with water to form an easy-to-use paste 3 oz. tube
Torco Accelerator Race Fuel Concentrate
$27.99 MSRP 30.95
(1 review)
…of premium pump gas to closely resemble race fuel Significantly raises the octane of premium fuel (91 octane): 32 oz. mixed into 10 gallons = 102 octane, 32 oz. mixed into 5 gallons of fuel = 105 octane! Will not harm sensitive O2 sensors or catalytic converters Great for watercraft, motorcycle,…
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