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Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support SBDesigned to be the very best in neck brace protection, the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support gives added confidence to any rider from a first time beginner to a seasoned pro. By limiting extreme head movement and defusing the shock from an impact, the BNS is able to…
Leatt GPX Club 3 Neck Brace Padding Pack Personalize your GPX CLUB III with the special GPX CLUB III clip-on padding kits. Made from comfortable bio-foam and Lycra, they fit all sizes of the GPX CLUB III Features: Fits LEATT® GPX CLUB III Made from comfortable bio-foam and Lycra Machine washable…
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Atlas Prodigy Neck Brace
$174.99 You save $75.00 (30%)
Atlas Prodigy Neck Brace Designed to fit young teens and smaller women, the Atlas Prodigy Neck Brace weighs in at 590g. The entry and exit system doubles as the Emergency Release System With the push of a button, a user can enter, or exit the brace very easily, with no loose parts to fall away This…
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Atlas Original Neck BraceThe Atlas Original Neck Brace combines simplicity and sophistication like no other brace on the market. Minimalistic design, simplified operation, easy adjustment, extreme comfort.... The Original has everything you could ever ask for.Keep your brace in place and increase…
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Leatt GPX 5.5 Neck Brace
$313.65 - $369.00
Leatt GPX 5.5 Neck BraceFrom the biomedical engineers and medical staff of the Leatt® research labs comes a 100% new neck brace for 2014. We believe that the 5.5 neck brace is truly the most technologically advanced neck brace in the world. The CE certified 5.5 neck brace balances the needs of…
EVS R4 Pro Race Collar
$161.99 You save $17.01 (9%)
EVS R4 Pro Race Collar Quite a bit different than the other neck braces on the market, the top-of-the-line EVS R4 Pro Race Collar stands out with its sleek carbon fiber and hi-tensile closed cell PU core construction. While this at first might not sound like anything unusual, by relying on foam…
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Leatt GPX Trail Neck Brace
$254.15 You save $44.85 (15%)
Leatt GPX Trail Neck Brace New one piece fracture engineered CoreFlex thoracic for improved comfort and fit New on board 3-angle rear thoracic adjustment that requires no extra parts New body matched rear thoracic angles. Size #S/M 5°,10°and 15° and size #L/XL 0°, 5°and 10° New design clear strap…
Leatt STX RR Neck BraceThe Leatt STX RR is the first ever neck brace designed specifically for road racing and track day users. Helping prevent avoidable neck injuries has be Leatt's specialty ever since Dr. Chris Leatt invented the first modern motosports neck brace in 2002. Off road riders and…
…7850-HW Under Protector Shock Doctor technology Neck brace integration patent-pending design is compatible with leading neck braces without compromising fit and protection (removable upper chest / spine and clavicle pads accommodate ideal fit with brace) Strata foam articulates with complex body…
Reevu MSX1 Rear-View Helmet
$299.95 - $399.95
…battling heavy traffic. Full face helmet ECE ONU 22-05 and DOT approved Patented Rear-view optic technology No fog coated clear front visor Zip out neck collar Tri-composite carbon fiberglass, Kevlar and synthetic hi-tenacity advanced fiber shell Top crumple zone Comfort fit and air tight seal for…
…total neck brace compatibility, the Fox Youth Proframe LC Roost Deflector takes kid-sized coverage to a completely new level. With all the same features as the adult Fox Proframe LC in a much smaller package, this is the ultimate in technical youth coverage.Adjustable shoulders allow full neck brace
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Leatt GPX Race Neck Brace
$305.15 - $359.00
Leatt GPX Race Neck Brace New sculptured, split front for improved comfort and fit New lower front side sections provides improved helmet clearance for looking down and to the sides New one piece fracture engineered CoreFlex rear thoracic strut for improved comfort and fit New on board 3-angle rear…
…the original, Alpinestars has given the Bionic Neck Support a new one pull locking buckle release and a revised foam lining for a more comfortable fit. Able to rest lightly upon the shoulders with adjustable side plates, this is a motocross neck brace that can hardly be felt once put on. The BNS…
neck protection, the Leatt Fusion Vest 2.0 Junior combines a soft roost deflector with Leatt's renowned neck brace to form one of the best pieces of youth motocross safety gear. Made from a main body of vented 3DF AirFit impact foam, the Fusion Vest is light and flexible with its built-in neck brace
Fly Racing Pro Lite Carbon Neck Brace
$449.99 You save $48.96 (9%)
Neck Brace The all new 2013 Fly Pro Lite is the lightest and most comfortable brace yet! Fly's top of the line in neck braces, the chassis is made from 100% Lightweight Aramid reinforced Carbon fiber. The ventilated chassis and padding plus the all new Core Flex rear thoracic strut makes this brace
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Atlas Youth Tyke RV Neck Brace
$146.99 You save $63.00 (30%)
Atlas Youth Tyke RV Neck Brace New Ryan Villopoto Tyke Prodigy RV Neck Brace. Purpose-built design perfectly tailored to young teens, kids and small women. Reversible back support mounts offer 2 size settings built into 1 mount. Adjustable back supports offer 2 size settings for fine tuning Patented…
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Atlas Neck Brace Graphics Kit
$22.99 You save $2.00 (8%)
Atlas Neck Brace Graphics KitReplacement stock graphic kit for your Atlas Brace Refresh the look, or change the color of your Atlas Brace with a new graphic kit Made in 2 sizes. S/M fits Small and Medium braces, and L fits Large braces only Comes with 1 left and 1 right frame sticker only Made from…
Leatt STX Road Neck Brace There are only two types or motorcycle riding equipment specifically designed to help save a rider's life insevere crashes. Your helmet and a neck brace. Using alternative load path technology Leatt's STX neckbrace seamlessly integrates comfort, function and freedom of…
…accordion paneling in the Podium either to help keep the snug fit flexible and comfy. Knee sliders are standard equipment and the Podium is also neck brace compatible to further the safety aspect. Track days, serious sport bike riding or even casual rides, this is one impressively capable MotoGP…
Vemar VRX9 Trial Night Vision Helmet
$449.99 You save $49.01 (9%)
…while also meeting the USA's DOT standard The Vemar VRX9 features many enhanced safety features including a specific base shape to complement neck braces and an emergency cheek pad release system Five (5) year warranty from manufacturing date, which equates to the full usable life of the helmet The…
Fly Racing Valor Neck Brace
$323.99 You save $35.96 (9%)
…Valor Neck Brace FLY Racing is proud to introduce the all-new second generation Valor Neck Brace engineered by Leatt. The Valor combines state-of-the-art Leatt neck brace technology with FLY Racing's cutting edge graphic design styling. The result: the next-level Valor neck brace. NEW sculptured,…
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