1. Motorcycle Wiring Harness

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Kuryakyn Universal Wiring Relay Kit
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…provides you with a switch, relay, universal wiring harness and general instructions for installation. This kit is not intended for any particular application, but is easily adaptable to any motorcycle. Includes a switch, relay, universal wiring harness and general instructions for installation…
…a wiring harness that bolts to the regulator and comes with a stand-off mount Made in the U.S.A. **Note: Adding electrical accessories increases amperage usage. When doing so it is important to consider amperage ratings of switches and wires. If you draw too many amps through a switch or wire, it…
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Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Vest Liner
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…duration of a ride.  It also serves as an emergency backup should your jacket get too hot.  Combined with the I5A built in fuse in the wiring harness, you can ride in confidence knowing you are safe. To ensure the best possible performance, it is important that Synergy® 2.0 apparel be form-fitting…
Novello Handlebar Wire Harness Extension Kit for Models with H-D Radios No cutting, soldering or hassle, Novello Handlebar Wire Harness Extension Kits make changing handlebars that much easier and can be internally wired. Kits include: Color-coded wire OEM pin connectors 1/8 in. and 3/8 in. shrink…
…be impressed by the significant improvement in volume and sound quality while riding your Wing (sold in pairs). The included wiring harness plugs into the factory wiring harness plug, located under the seat. Speakers are packaged with all necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions.
Kuryakyn Rear Accessory Harness
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…Rear Accessory Harness Required to install any Kuryakyn rear lighting accessory on the new '12 GoldWing. After this one time installation you can simply Plug-&-Play all future Kuryakyn rear lighting accessories with ease & no need to modify any wiring. Provides Run, Turn, Brake, & Ground wiring
Eklipes Motorcycle Cellphone GPS Adapter
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…Compatible Heated Clothing and Motorcycle Battery Chargers. This package comes complete with a 12 Volt Black Viper Power Socket with a 3 Ft 6 inch length wire, SAE Dual Pin Quick Connector Plug that plugs into EKLIPES 12 Volt Battery Harness with a 2 Ft length wire, Waterproof Caps, a 15 Amp Fuse…
Show Chrome LED Dual Conversion HarnessThis LED cross feed prevention harness is for bikes with a "single turn signal indicator"that have replaced incandescent turn signals with LED's. This unit prevents cross feeding through the indicator light that makes your bike function as if four ways are…
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