1. Modular Motorcycle Helmets

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Reevu FSX1 Rear-View Modular Helmet Reevu, the technology-leader in rear vision helmets has introduces the world's first rear view modular helmet system. Reevu has been the industry leader in rear view technology with their patented mirror system, manufactured from a reflective polycarbonate…
…of street bike rider, the Schuberth S2 Sport Tech occupies the upper echelon of helmets. World's only helmet with integrated dual antenna for FM and Bluetooth reception "Trim spoiler" along the bottom of the helmet to reduce drag and noise Air Extraction System flows to base of head and back up…
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Nolan N104 Solid Modular Helmet
$329.99 You save $199.96 (26%)
Nolan N104 Solid Modular Helmet Nolan's leading helmet in the modular helmet wars, the N104 succeeds the outgoing N90 with a number of design improvements that are not only welcomed but really help to raise the game of the N104. Key to this is the refined AirBooster ventilation system and the…
LS2 FF386 Helmet
LS2 FF386 HelmetAimed squarely at the touring and commuting rider, the FF386 modular helmet has been built by LS2 to contain many of the must-have design features essential for the long ride. And central to this design focus is the flip-up chin bar. Held in place by a secure metal latch system, the…
HJC IS-MAX 2 Modular Helmet
$188.99 - $202.99 You save up to $22.00 (10%)
…2 Modular Helmet If there is one thing you can fault HJC for it is not the lack of providing the customer with enough options. Sliding in between the CL-MAX II and the SY-MAX 3, the $200ish IS-MAX 2 continues the trend of HJC delivering a lot bang for your dollar. More angular than most HJC helmets,
HJC CL-Max II Modular Helmet
$125.99 - $139.99 You save up to $15.00 (10%)
HJC CL-Max II Modular Helmet Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell Includes adjustable polycarbonate chin bar Single-Button Chinbar/Faceshield Release Open with one hand, even with gloves on ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System Full front-to-back airflow flushes heat and humidity out of the…
HJC CL-Max II Atomic Modular Helmet
$143.99 - $148.99 You save up to $16.00 (10%)
HJC CL-Max II Atomic Modular Helmet A HJC modular helmet that's hard to fault, the CL-Max II Atomic brings together good value with an easy to use flip-up chin bar. Actuated by a single button, the bar is simple and natural feeling to open and close. Venting is basic yet effective and though using…
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Vemar Attivo Helmet
$99.99 You save $99.01 (49%)
…generous fit front to back and more snug fit ear to ear The Attivo shield closes when the chin bar of the helmet is opened. Not all modular helmets do this. If both the chin bar of a helmet and the shield are open at the same time the aerodynamic effect created is very uncomfortable (unsafe) for…
HJC SY-Max III Modular Helmet
$269.99 - $283.99 You save up to $31.00 (10%)
HJC SY-Max III Modular Helmet Lightweight Shell Design: Lightweight, fiberglass and Spectra® composite weave shell with an ABS / polycarbonate alloy chin bar Large eyeport opening for greater visibility Dual-density lightweight EPS liner Flip-Up Chin Bar and Face Shield: Single-button release allows…
Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet
$584.09 - $596.99 You save up to $66.00 (10%)
…Neotec Modular Helmet Well-rounded with the predisposition to seek out riding fun, the Shoei Neotec is a premium modular helmet for today's renaissance motorcycle rider. Skilled in high speed riding, passionate about adventure and studying the art of touring, the riding disciplines that this helmet
Schuberth S2 Helmet
$599.00 - $639.00
Schuberth S2 HelmetBreaking through the stagnate design walls of traditional sport touring helmets, the Schuberth S2 comes to you as the finest and most innovative street bike helmet available today. Already first class with its aerodynamic shell and plush interior, the S2 boasts integrated antennas…
…shell carries over as does the $200 price point which combines to make the Revolver EVO Templar a very compelling modular helmet choice. Features: Industries first flip-up helmet designed to have the function and performance for even the most serious sportbike riders Internal Sun Shade offers…
HJC SY-Max III Hi-Viz Helmet
$278.99 - $283.99 You save up to $31.00 (10%)
HJC SY-Max III Hi-Viz Helmet Flip-up helmets offer adventure touring and other motorcycle enthusiasts the best of both worlds. For 2012, HJC has further refined its modular helmets and offers the new HJC SY-Max 3 Helmet. Decked out in a high visibility color, the SY-Max 3 boasts a lengthy list of…
GMax GM44S Splatter Multi Modular Snow Helmet
$148.99 You save $15.96 (9%)
GMax GM44S Splatter Multi Modular Snow Helmet One hand easy to use chin bar push to open mechanism Lightweight DOT approved thermo-plastic alloy shell Screwless easy shield removal Anti-fog double lens or double lens electric shields Excellent shield sealing reduces cold air and noise Adjustable…
Vega Summit 3.1 Modular Helmet Meets or exceeds US DOT standard FMVSS 218 Certified to stringent European ECE 22.05 Standard Exclusive Two-Tone color composition Convenient one-hand modular jaw operation. Easy on/off while wearing glasses Interior designed for easy headset installation. Compatible…
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Vega Summit II Solid HelmetVega is known for value and the Summit II Solid helmet is definitely no exception. Its ridiculously low price is the headliner but the modular design is straightforward, comfortable and vents reasonably well. And with a number of colors available, every rider will find the…
Scorpion EXO-900X Transformer HelmetSimilar in name, the modular Scorpion EXO-900X Transformer is nonetheless quite a bit different than its predecessor the EXO-900 Transformer. More sporty than ever before, Scorpion has not only given it a more angular appearance but also shaved excess material…
Vega Vertice Modular Helmet CAD designed aerodynamic sport styling Light weight modular convenience 1750 +/- grams Meets US DOT FMVSS 218 standard Certified to European standard ECE 22.05 One hand operation jaw piece release Metal to metal jaw connection Spring-assisted jaw opening Drop-down smoke…
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HJC IS-MAX Sprint Bluetooth Modular Helmet
$197.99 - $202.99 You save up to $22.00 (10%)
…Flip-up chin bar makes communicating with your helmet on easier and wearing glasses more comfortableXBi2-H Wireless Intercom Compatible: Built-in recess pocket with panel cover allows the XBi2-H Bluetooth unit to integrate with the IS-Max BT helmet, minimizing wind resistance and creating an…
AFX FX-140 Modular Helmet
$85.92 - $131.03 You save up to $13.92 (36%)
AFX  FX-140 Modular Helmet Features: Flip down inner smoke shield An aerodynamic shell design constructed using an advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy A helmet liner and cheek pads made with a hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial nylon, all of which are removable and washable Provides ample ear…
Speed and Strength SS1700 Lock and Load Helmet
$179.99 You save $19.96 (9%)
…interpreting the modular helmet concept. Building upon a design foundation of convenience, every feature has been tweaked to allow for quick and easy adjustments of the sun shield, chin bar and face shield. Add in a comfortable liner and unmistakable style and the end result is a modular helmet that…
GMax GM54S Modular Street Helmet
$161.99 - $170.99 You save up to $18.96 (9%)
GMAX GM54S Modular Street Helmet The new modular design allows the "flip-jaw" to rotate further back on the crown of the helmet. The further rotation of the flip-jaw not only increases the user's line-of-sight when in the raised position, but it also lessens the user's fatigue by maintaining an even…
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HJC CL-Max II Zader Helmet
$89.99 - $109.99
HJC CL-Max II Zader Helmet Take your tunes and phone on the go for your next motorcycle ride and stay connected. The HJC CL-Max II Zader Helmet is designed to house your Chatterbox Bluetooth system with an exterior recess already built in to the polycarbonate shell for a custom looking fit.…
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