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Vortex Racing Components Lowering Kit
$52.66 - $140.21 You save up to $24.74 (15%)
Vortex Racing Components Lowering KitCNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum Lowers the center of gravity for drag racing, increasing tire traction for a better launch Lowers the motorcycle for an aggressive, urban style Lowers the ride height, increasing rider confidence Design differs between…
Burly Slammer Kit
$155.99 - $305.99 You save up to $33.96 (9%)
Burly Slammer Kit Complete lowering kit in one box with springs and shocks (unless noted) Easy to install fork springs that do not require the removal of forks Drop-in fork springs lower front end up to 2" Shocks lower rear up to 2-1/2" Made in the U.S.A. **Note: FXST and FLST do NOT include rear…
…Adjustable Lowering Kit Customize your Harley Davidson Cruiser Motorcycle with Wild 1's Rear Adjustable Lowering Kit. Personalize the look and feel of your bike by adding the ability to lower the rear end up to 2". Makes it easier to reach the ground when stopped Slick lowered look adds aesthetic…
L.A. Choppers Rear Lowering Kit
$85.99 - $98.99 You save up to $10.96 (9%)
L.A. Choppers Rear Lowering Kit Engineered to lower the rear of your motorcycle an ideal 1" to 1.5" Makes the bike easier to hold up at low speeds or while stopped Lowers the center of gravity, easing handling and improving control Gives the bike a tough, custom stance Un-complicated design makes…
Pingel Rear Shock Lowering Bracket KitMakes the motorcycle much easier to get off the side stand and gives more rider control over the motorcycle with its lower center of gravity Lowers your bike 1" leaving adequate room for stock tire-to-fender clearance; designed to retain the use of the stock…
Factory Effex Fender Trim Kit
$45.99 You save $13.96 (23%)
…and precision cut each kit to fit the exact contours and edges of your bike. Detailed installation instructions come with each kit, or you can visit them online to get video instructions that will make your installation a breeze. Kit includes: Front fender graphics Lower fork graphics Rear fender…
Devol Suspension Lowering Links
$80.99 - $161.99 You save up to $17.96 (9%)
Devol Suspension Lowering Links Improves your bike's front end stability and handling Works at all speeds; you'll instantly notice how the rear end tracks straighter Aluminum alloy link lowers the bike's rear end 5/8"s - 1-1/2" on various models Stronger than stock Softens rear suspension slightly…
Burly Lowboy Fork Lowering Kit
$89.99 - $94.99 You save up to $9.96 (9%)
Burly Lowboy Fork Lowering Kit This is how you get the look most everybody wants Lower the forks up to 2" Kit has two rebound springs and two 30.5mm o.d. progressively wound fork springs plus instructions Easy installation Made in the U.S.A.
Burly Rear Lowering Kit
$71.99 - $116.99 You save up to $12.96 (9%)
Burly Rear Lowering Kit Simple bolt-on installation; comes with mounting hardware Designed for OEM and most aftermarket stock length shocks 97-11 FLHT models are lowered approximately 1"; 85-96 FLHT, FLT models are lowered approximately 1.5" using OEM air shocks (not for FLHX, FLHRCI, FLHRS/SI…
Progressive Suspension Fork Lowering Kit
$107.99 - $125.99 You save up to $13.96 (9%)
Progressive Suspension Fork Lowering Kit An easy and inexpensive way to drop the front end one or two inches Progressively-wound fork springs, spacers, and lowering components Kit works with 41mm Showa forks Made in the USA
…sacrificing the handling and clearance of lowering kits This is a total bolt on kit, no welding or cutting involved The replacement sub-frame is pre-assembled & ready to bolt on to save you time and money Trained professional installation recommended Frame Kit Includes: Black anodized, fully…
Baron Custom Accessories 1-1 2 Lowering Kit
$71.99 You save $7.96 (9%)
Baron Custom Lowering Kit This Lowering Kit is made using the highest standards in materials and manufacturing processes and is meant to give your Yamaha V-Star Classic/Custom cruiser a lower ride height. The innovation in this simple, effective kit makes giving a V-Star that sleek, fast look easy…
Progressive Suspension Drop-In Front Fork Lowering System
$76.99 - $116.99 You save up to $12.96 (9%)
Progressive Suspension Drop-In™ Front Fork Lowering System Forget everything you know about lowering motorcycle front ends, Progressive Suspesion has completely changed the game! DROP-IN fork Lowering Kits have transformed a once messy, and time consuming install into a 30 minute cake walk on…
…Lift Unlimited Sportbike Graffiti Graphics Give your bike a face lift with a brand new design from FLU Designs Complete graphics kit includes graphics for lower cowling, uper fairing, gas tank, front fender, and tail section High quality 15mil vinyl decals with a durable high-gloss finish…
…nickel-silicon-carbide electroplated bores which means NO SLEEVING; allows larger bore sizes and less friction for more horsepower, lower temps and longer lifespan True bolt-on kit that delivers major power with no machine work required Also includes Wiseco forged pistons with rings (that are…
Burly Standard Shock Lowering Kit
$65.99 - $71.99 You save up to $7.96 (9%)
Standard Shock Lowering Kit Simple and inexpensive way to lower your motorcycle Easy-to -install lowers the rear by 1? For stock and Progressive Suspension 'American Tuned' gas shock Made in the U.S.A.
Factory Effex Lower Trim Kit - 2013
$60.99 You save $18.96 (23%)
Factory Effex Lower Trim Kit - 2013 Each trim kit features a unique design that complements the look of your stock bike with simple, easy-to-install graphics. Factory Effex uses a exclusive scratch-resistant Ultracurve vinyl and precision cut each kit to fit the exact contours and edges of your…
…Shades Lowers Hardware Mounts Memphis Shades Lowers to most motorcycles Each kit contains two fork clamp/mounting assemblies and all necessary hardware to mount Lowers plastic Kits can be used with Memphis Shades windshields and several OEM windshields Sold in pairs; must order Lowers plastic…
…gradient colors and solar tint Measures approximately 15" W x 13" H above headlight Fits most round headlights Optional Lowers available for additional coverage **Note: Mounting kits must be purchased separately. Choose either Trigger Mount or Quick Change: Trigger Mount: Click Here to Select Your…
…deflectors extend the lower fairing surface for smooth and increased air flow Also available is a windshield tri-pouch for additional storage and fairing trims for additional decoration Trigger lock kits available Click Here WHAT TO ORDER: 1. Batwing fairing 2. Trigger-Lock mount kit specific to…
Burly Adjustable Shock Lowering Kit
$89.99 - $98.99 You save up to $10.96 (9%)
Burly Adjustable Shock Lowering Kit Adjustable kits are fully adjustable without having to remove shock mounting bolts and feature a sealing design to protect the heim bearings form the elements Comes with instructions for easy installation Made in the U.S.A.
Closeout 9% off
…fairings from road chips, nicks and scratches Made from durable, high quality 15 mil clear vinyl; die-cut to shape for easy installation Clear adhesive goes on tacky but comes off clean when removed Kit includes: protectors for upper and lower fairings, belly pan, front wind screen and front fender
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