1. Lightweight Helmet

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Bell Revolver EVO Templar Helmet The original Revolver helmet was a solid design but nevertheless presented areas that could be improved upon. So as would only be natural, Bell went back to the drawing board to create the more refined Revolver EVO. Highlighted by a better sealing eyeport, a new chin…
Joe Rocket RKT Speedmaster Carbon Helmet
$359.99 - $382.99 You save up to $42.00 (10%)
Joe Rocket Speedmaster Carbon HelmetHighlighted by carbon fiber inside and out, the Joe Rocket Speedmaster Carbon helmet does little to hide its raw performance nature. Laid out in a 4 x 4 weave, the aerodynamic carbon fiber shell is both exceptionally light and strong while giving an unmistakably…
GMax GM44 Helmet
$89.99 - $97.99 You save up to $31.96 (24%)
GMax GM44 Helmet Lightweight polycarbonate shell GMAX "Ultimate function flip up jaw system" When you lift the easy to lift GMAX jaw piece, you're ready to talk or drink without any more fuss. One hand, easy to use chin bar push-to-open mechanism designed for easy use with gloves on Removable,…
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Scorpion EXO-500 Oil HelmetMoving quality features up to the forefront and price back into the shadows, the Scorpion EXO-500 is a motorcycle helmet that delivers outstanding value without incurring any penalties for doing so. Standard features include a retractable sun visor, removable moisture…
HJC Women's FG-17 Flutura HelmetSliding in as HJC's mid-level sportbike focused helmet, the women's FG-17 Flutura lets itself be influenced by its big brother, the uber race ready RPHA-10 for a package that is heavy on performance and value. Adjustable flow through vent ports help to keep heat in…
Suomy MX Jump Killer Loop Helmet
$359.99 You save $39.96 (9%)
Suomy MX Jump Killer Loop Helmet Not necessarily known for their dirt bike helmets, Suomy has reestablished themselves in a big way with the MX Jump helmet. Lighter than any other helmet out there (a claimed 2.5lbs), the Jump can hardly be felt when put on. Yet in spite of Suomy's quest for…
Fly Racing F2 Carbon Trey Canard Replica Helmet
$287.99 You save $31.96 (9%)
Fly Racing F2 Carbon Trey Canard Replica HelmetThe helmet of Trey Canard, the F2 Carbon stands ready for his return to supercross. Fitted out with a light shell, plenty of venting and of course Canard's personal custom graphics, this Fly helmet doesn't just look factory, it is factory. No special…
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Shoei ST-Cruz Helmet
$99.99 You save $91.00 (47%)
Shoei ST-Cruz Helmet The Shoei St-Cruz helmet is made for the cruiser who demands a "Wind-in-your-face" half-helmet that meets DOT standards and has attractive traditional styling with a contemporary update. Features: Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Shell Adjustable forehead vent allow flow…
AFX FX-200 Slick Beanie Helmet
$76.49 - $76.50 You save up to $8.45 (9%)
AFX FX-200 Slick Beanie Helmet All new 2012 AFX FX-200 Slick beanie helmet is the perfect combination of ground breaking high-tech features at an affordable price Simplicity redefined, no shields, no visor and no ear covers High performance fiberglass reinforced plastic shell is lightweight and…
HJC IS-Cruiser Helmet
$98.99 - $103.99 You save up to $16.00 (10%)
HJC IS-Cruiser HelmetAs the more angular version of the IS-2, the HJC IS-Cruiser half helmet keeps the drop down sun shield and Nylex® inner liner while getting a more aggressive look. The gloss black and matte black finish only serve to reinforce this fact. Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell:…
HJC CL-17 Mission Helmet
$134.99 - $139.99 You save up to $15.00 (10%)
HJC CL-17 Mission Helmet HJC's replacement to the CL-16, the CL-17 isn't just one digit more name wise, it is a nice evolution of an already very good budget helmet. Not groundbreaking in construction, the design is nevertheless well throughout and well put together. The lighter and stronger…
Shoei Neotec Borealis Helmet
$677.69 You save $75.30 (10%)
Shoei Neotec Borealis Helmet Well-rounded with the predisposition to seek out riding fun, the hi-viz Shoei Neotec Borealis is a premium modular helmet for today's renaissance motorcycle rider. Skilled in high speed riding, passionate about adventure and studying the art of touring, the riding…
Shoei RF-1200 Helmet
$437.39 - $449.09 You save up to $49.90 (10%)
Shoei RF-1200 HelmetA helmet line that goes back to the early eighties, the RF is the helmet that helped build Shoei's reputation. The RF-1100 was one of the best all-around street bike helmets and now its successor the Shoei RF-1200 enters the market to take its place. Easily capable of sport…
Arai RX-Q Solid Helmet
$530.99 - $548.99 You save up to $60.96 (9%)
Arai RX-Q Solid HelmetUsing the RX-7 as a foundation, Arai has created a helmet that is an industry jewel for other manufacturers to marvel at. The Arai RX-Q represents one of the finest combinations of comfort, fit and refinement available in a street bike helmet. Using a hand formed natural shell…
Arai RX-Q DNA Helmet
$647.99 You save $71.96 (10%)
Arai RX-Q DNA Helmet Using the RX-7 as a foundation, Arai has created a helmet that is an industry jewel for all others to marvel at. The Arai RX-Q represents the finest combination of comfort, fit and refinement available in a street bike helmet. Using a hand formed natural shell shape, the RX-Q…
HJC RPHA-MAX Modular Helmet
$413.99 - $422.99 You save up to $47.00 (10%)
HJC RPHA-MAX Modular HelmetEmbracing its reputation as a 'value' brand, HJC has nonetheless focused on helmet innovation and quality and with the RPHA-MAX modular helmet they have unleashed a premier flip-up offering that still has an ample dose of… wait for it… value. Made of the same lightweight…
Nolan N44 Outlaw Helmet
$350.99 You save $38.96 (9%)
Nolan N44 Outlaw Helmet  6 in 1 design Crossover design with quick-change accessories allows for customized looks and functions for every ride. Comes with the clear shield, the integrated sun shield, the peak and the removable chinbar GE Lexan® chinbar is EPS lined. Mounted with strong stainless…
HJC FG-Jet Helmet
$152.99 - $166.99 You save up to $18.00 (10%)
HJC FG-Jet HelmetComing in as HJC's top of the line open face helmet, the FG-Jet takes no shortcuts to provide the best motorcycle riding experience possible. While the nature of an open face helmet lends itself to excellent airflow, HJC takes no chances and has fitted the fiberglass shell with…
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Bell Rogue Helmet
$149.95 - $249.95
Bell Rogue Helmet Looking like nothing else out there (almost like a cross between Darth Vader and Mad Max), the striking Bell Rogue is the new kid on the block in the staid world of half helmets. A composite shell forms the lightweight base and on the inside, Bell has made sure to equip the Rogue…
GMax GM2X Open Face Helmet
$33.99 You save $10.96 (24%)
GMax GM2X Open Face Helmet DOT approved Lightweight, injection-molded poly carbonate shell Clear coated, painted shell Deluxe ear pockets for better fit and comfort Deluxe rubber edge molding Deluxe mesh crown pad Padded chin strap Dual liner for added comfort with soft-brushed nylon against the…
Suomy 3Logy Helmet
$314.99 You save $34.96 (9%)
Suomy 3Logy Helmet The Italian manufacturer Suomy presented a new concept - the true 3 in 1 helmet called the "3logy". It combines an open face, full face and a Bluetooth-device helmet using the innovative technology of interchangeable parts. The shell is made out of fiberglass using different…
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LS2 HH566 Half Helmet Extremely lightweight and slim looking, the LS2 HH566 Half Helmet is as small and sleek as possible without affecting safety and comfort. Complete with a drop down sun shield and quick release chin strap, the HH566 lets you enjoy the ride regardless if you're riding in the city…
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