1. Led Lights

Kuryakyn LED Lizard Light Kits
$161.99 - $296.99 You save up to $33.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn LED Lizard Light Kits It's time to bring out your motorcycles true beauty by adding a Kuryakyn LED Lizard Light Kit. Designed to draw minimal current while accenting your bikes natural body lines with seven color LED lights (red, lime, ice blue, sky blue, dark blue, purple and green). These…
Custom Dynamics Stingerz Accent Lights
$17.99 - $44.99 You save up to $4.96 (9%)
Custom Dynamics Stingerz Accent Lights Stingerz®  are completely flexible, waterproof, and extremely versatile.  Stingerz®  are the first flexible LED accent light to come pre-taped on all three sides, this allows the light to be mounted not only on the back surface but on either side surface…
Kuryakyn LED Dual Circuit Bulb
$11.99 You save $1.00 (7%)
Kuryakyn LED Dual Circuit Bulb An inexpensive way to upgrade from incandescent to  L.E.D. bulbs. Advantages include low draw, long life, & resistance to vibration. Due to the directional design of these bulbs, it is necessary that the bulb face the lens for proper illumination. Not recommended for…
…Solstice Solo Prime L.E.D. POD Light The Solstice Prime POD, using 10 Watt LEDs, produces the most lumen output per square inch of any light available. The Solstice Prime Series also makes use of the Prime Drive Technology which manages heat levels to prolong the life of the LEDs. Features: High…
Acerbis Vision Handguards
$135.99 You save $33.96 (19%)
Acerbis Vision Handguards Fitted with adjustable L.E.D. lights for low power consumption running on 4 watts per side Gives the rider effective, additional light for extreme conditions In addition to a headlight, additional visibility is provided both at night and during the day with the combined…
Custom Dynamics TruFLEX LED Light Strips
$13.99 - $80.99 You save up to $8.96 (6%)
Custom Dynamics TruFLEX LED Light Strips TruFLEX® is a new flexible LED lighting strip that has been engineered from the ground up for maximum performance and reliability.  It is unlike any other flexible LED strip on the market today in terms of look, performance, flexibility, reliability, or…
Kuryakyn Phase 7 LED Headlight 7" Complex reflector design provides unmatched performance while providing the appearance of a traditional headlight Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses with chemical and scratch resistant non-yellowing coating Low beam current draw 1.5 amps (stock halogen= 4.9 amps)…
Kuryakyn LED Long Lizard Lights
$161.99 You save $18.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn LED Long Lizard Lights Get a smooth, even glow without the spotlighting of pod style L.E.D.'s! Kuyakyn's 8" flexible, low profile L.E.D. lighting strips are ideal for a wide range of applications & mounting options. Includes two 8" lights with 12 seven-color L.E.D.'s per light for the…
Custom Dynamics Magicflex LED Accent Lights
$17.99 - $59.99 You save up to $5.96 (9%)
Custom Dynamics Magicflex™ LED Accent Lights High-power LED illuminate you motorcycle with intense color day or night! 48" color-coded Wire in high-temp protective black sheathing 7 different colors: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, White, and Pink Pre-taped with 3M tape Extremely versatile and…
Custom Dynamics Knight Riderz Light Bars
$26.99 You save $2.96 (9%)
Custom Dynamics Knight Riderz Light Bars Light up the night with 12 high-power dual intensity LEDs. In running light mode the LEDs sequence from side to side in a "Knight Rider" sequence. When the brake is applied the LED will flash for 5-6 seconds then go to a solid state until the brake is…
Kuryakyn Phase 7 Passing Lamps 4-1 2
$224.99 You save $25.00 (10%)
…reduces the load on you motorcycles electrical system while providing true white light for maximum visibility Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses with chemical and scratch resistant non-yellowing coating Phase 7 headlamp sold separately Kuryakyn 4-1/2" LED halo headlight trim ring sold separately
Street FX Electropod Lightpod Strip Kit 6, oval-shaped chrome or black pods and two 7" ultra-bright, low-profile L.E.D. strips with on/off switch, foam mounting tape, wire nuts, cables, cable ties and installation instructions Wires directly into 12v battery Water resistant Easy mounting and works…
Kuryakyn The Informer LED Fuel Battery Gauge
$125.99 You save $14.00 (10%)
…both a L.E.D. fuel gauge and a L.E.D. battery gauge Color-coded L.E.D.s make them readable at a glance from the seat A daylight sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the L.E.D.s L.E.D. lights are bright during the day and dim at night The fuel gauge has a string of color coded L.E.D.s to…
Kuryakyn Super Bright Silver Bullets
$116.99 You save $13.00 (10%)
…illumination providing you with the stunning good looks of a faceted reflector. Includes clear lenses only. Sold in pairs Chrome finish Red or amber L.E.D.'s Single function or dual function available **Notes: 5/16"-18 are solid mounting bolt, the wires exit out of the back of the bullet 3/8"-16 are…
Custom Dynamics LED Fender Taillights
$27.99 - $35.99 You save up to $3.96 (6%)
LED lights to your fender tips. Trick out your taillights with extreme illumination! Replaces OEM bulb 40 wide-angle super-bright Next Generation Genesis™ LEDs Single-intensity/function lights act as running lights for you bike Dual-intensity/function light lets you turn your rear fender tip light
Kuryakyn Mirror Lights
$116.99 You save $13.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Mirror Lights Dresses up the flat black mirrors and adds auxiliary turn signals on H-D FLHX (06-08) Chrome cover with amber LED’s installs easily and uses plug-in connections to add extra visibility Sold in pairs
Show Chrome 3-1 2 LED Spot Light
$152.99 You save $16.96 (9%)
Show Chrome 3-1/2" LED Spot Light This visored 3-1/2" LED Spot Light brings LED technology and LED brightness to the motorcycle market. This compact DOT approved LED light comes with built in visor and universal M8 mounting stud to fit most light bars. You can easily replace your older style 4-1/2"…
Acerbis D.O.T. LED Vision HP Headlight
$119.99 You save $29.96 (19%)
…D.O.T. Approved LED Vision HP Headlight First D.O.T.-certified headlight on the market featureing L.E.D. light bulbs L.E.D. lights provide a sleek look while providing brighter, safer lights at night, enhancing the rider's visability Due to the low energy consumption of the L.E.D.'s, they may remain…
Drag Specialties Flat LED Light Blubs LED-printed circuit boards with conventional ends Will outlast standard bulbs Light up Amber or Red Available in Dual Function (1157 style) and Single Fuction (1156 style) Sold in Pairs
Bluhm Enterprises Brite-Lites Round LED SpotlightHigh-power spotlights in compact round housings Fully adjustable to put working light where you need it Sturdy aluminum housing with stainless mounting post and hardware Instant on/off, no warm-up required Long life, rated to over 50,000 hours…
Custom Dynamics Stingerz Accent Light Kit
$124.99 You save $14.96 (10%)
…flexible LED accent light to come pre-taped on all three sides, this allows the light to be mounted not only on the back surface but on either side surface providing an extremely flexible, versatile LED lighting solution. Stingerz® will work on any 10-14VDC or AC system. Stingerz® LEDs are 20%-50%…
Rigid Industries SR-M LED Light
$94.99 You save $5.00 (5%)
…SR-M (Single Row Mini) LED Light is one of the most versatile lighting products on the market today. A 2 LED light in a compact package can be used for virtually any lighting application - from a reverse light on a truck to a handlebar light on a motorcycle to a flood light on a trailer. At only 10…
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