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Custom Dynamics Universal Light Bars
$53.99 - $64.99 MSRP $59.95-$69.95
(2 reviews)
…Universal Light Bars The all-in-one LED light bar has arrived with brake/running lights and turn signal in one LED strip!. Install this on fenders, license plate frames, saddle bag....the only limit to you options is your imagination and ingenuity. These light bars have dual-intensity, red LEDs in…
Kuryakyn Tombstone Taillight with Turn Signal Mounts
$143.99 MSRP 159.99
…rich red lens. High-intensity L.E.D.'s make sure you get noticed. Taillight incorporates turn signal mounting bar/base plate. Intended for use in custom applications. Mounting and wiring holes must be drilled for installation.Classic look, modern convenience LED technology results in a thin,…
Bluhm Enterprises Brite-Lites Single Row LED Light Bar
$199.95 - $699.95
…separately Light Specifications: 10"- 6 LEDs, 30Watts, 2.4 AMPS, 3,000 Lumens 20"- 12 LEDs, 60 Watts, 4.8 AMPS, 5,600 Lumens 30"- 18 LEDs, 90 Watts, 7.2 AMPS, 8,400 Lumens 40"- 24 LEDs, 120 Watts, 9.6 AMPS, 11,800 Lumens **Note: 7" Light Bar comes with interconnects to create a custom bar by locking…
Show Chrome 3-1 2 LED Spot Light
$152.99 MSRP 169.95
Show Chrome 3-1/2" LED Spot Light This visored 3-1/2" LED Spot Light brings LED technology and LED brightness to the motorcycle market. This compact DOT approved LED light comes with built in visor and universal M8 mounting stud to fit most light bars. You can easily replace your older style 4-1/2"…
Kuryakyn LED Spoiler Run-Turn-Brake Light Bar
$107.99 MSRP 119.99
…Run-Turn-Brake Light Bar Safety & style unite. This new Light bar mounts up high where people can see it & with super bright L.E.D. lights, people will see it. A direct OEM replacement, plug-&-play into the existing spoiler harness & the main harness behind your license plate. The entire bar lights
Custom Dynamics Light Bars
$27.99 MSRP 29.95
(16 reviews)
Custom Dynamics Light Bars Light up the night with 12 high-power dual intensity LEDs. In running light mode the LEDs emit a low intensity but highly visible light. Custom Dynamics Light Bars are available with or without the Flashing Brake Alert mode. When the brake on the Flashing Brake Alert model…
Beard Krossfire LED Lightbar
$159.99 - $1059.99 MSRP $199.95-$649.95
Beard Krossfire LED Lightbar These High intensity LED lights are OEM quality light bars that produce tremendous auxiliary lighting with amazingly low amp draw. The Krossfire LED technology offers thousands of additional light hours over traditional halogen lighting. Krossfire LED Lightbars are built…
Kuryakyn Under Trunk Light Bar
$89.99 MSRP 99.99
…impact! Mounted on the underside of the trunk this accent fills a normally dull recessed area & combines added safety & radical styling. Housed inside this beautiful chrome accent are super-bright L.E.D.'s that function as run-brake lights. Sold each Functions as run-brake light Easy installation
Bluhm Enterprises Brite-Lites Double Row LED Light Bar
$199.99 - $999.99
…input Add 3" to bar length for required installation mounting Wiring Harness is sold separately Light Specifications: 7.5"- 12 LEDs, 36 Watts, 36 AMPS, 2,260 Lumens 13.5"- 24 LEDs, 72 Watts, 72 AMPS, 4,420 Lumens 21.5"- 40 LEDs, 120 Watts, 120 AMPS, 7,400 Lumens 31.5"- 60 LEDs, 180 Watts, 180 AMPS,…
Rigid Industries E-Series LED Light Bar
$234.99 - $1519.99 MSRP $234.99-$999.99
Rigid Industries E-Series LED Light Bar Decrease your expenses and reduce your power consumption. Light is measured in Lumens per watt. How much light is produced for every watt of electricity used? Simply put, Rigid LED Lights eliminate the need for generators and reduce the drain on your battery…
Custom Dynamics Turn Signal Light Bars
$26.99 MSRP 29.95
(1 review)
Custom Dynamics Turn Signal Light Bars Light up the night with 12 high-power single intensity LEDs. When the turn signal is activated, the unit will initiate a sequence that corresponds to the turn signal flash. The unit will work with flasher that flash between 60-120 times per minute, standard DOT…
Kuryakyn Light Bar with LED Signals
$269.99 MSRP 299.99
(1 review)
Kuryakyn Light Bar with LED Signals Light up the road with Kuryakyn's Light Bar with LED signals. Halogen Silver Bullets make this Light Bar Shine above the rest ensuring high visibility while adding stylish chrome to your motorcycle. A band of high intensity amber LEDs start up front and wrap…
Seizmik L.E.D. Light Bar
$360.99 MSRP 379.99
…protect light fixtures (included) Includes 4 L.E.D. light fixtures, Lightbar, Mounting kit, Harness and Switch Installs quickly and easily with no drilling into vehicle required 4 L.E.D lights provide 3,240 Lumens with 2 spot beams on the inside and 2 flood beams on the outside for maximum lighting
Kuryakyn Rear Light Bars for Trikes
$134.99 MSRP 149.99
Kuryakyn Rear Light Bars for Trikes Kuryakyn's Rear Light Bars blend sculpted chrome housings with auxiliary L.E.D Run, Turn, & Brake lighting. Easy to install with pre-applied 3M VHB adhesive tape & plug-&-play wiring. Sold as a pair Chrome housing Easily installed
Vision X Billet Mounting Brackets
Vision X Billet Mounting BracketsVision X Billet Mounting Brackets allow you to mount your LED lightbar to tubes or bars Comes in various sizes from 0.75" to 2.00" to best fit your application Machined from billet 6061 aluminum Laser engraved Vision X logo Sold in pairs
Kuryakyn Turn Signal Mirror
$179.99 MSRP 199.99
(1 review)
…the mirrors from the front, you'll notice a bank of L.E.D.'s that work as a running light and a super bright auxiliary turn signal. Unlike other lighted mirrors, these lights only face forward so glare is not a factor. The life of this light source will be several times that of incandescent bulbs.…
AltRider Engine Protection Bars
…these engine protection bars is moved out 1.75" and up 2" from the original OEM design. Three reasons for this unique design change:A light mounting system (LED AUX light) is now incorporated into the engine protection bars, bringing the light set near the crevice of the bar for protection. In the…
Kuryakyn Lighted Trunk Molding
$179.99 MSRP 199.99
Kuryakyn Lighted Trunk Molding Two circuit L.E.D.'s function as both running and brake lights Highly visible Red or chrome lens Long lasting Minimal draw on the electrical system Installs in a fraction of the time as old fashioned light bars **Note: Lens color options are red or chrome lens
Rigid Industries Roll Bar Mount
$33.24 - $47.49 MSRP $34.99-$49.99
Rigid Industries Roll Bar Mount Vertical Bar Clamp System, A-Pillar Clamp System or Horizontal Clamp System will allow you to mount your Dually LED Light at any angle and with the numerous clamp sizes you are bound to have the perfect clamp set up.
Dragonfire LED Light Bar
$246.99 - $485.99 MSRP $259.99-$510.99
Dragonfire LED Light Bar Dragonfire's LED Light Bars are equipped with the latest LED light and reflector technology. Their light bars utilize 15 degree reflectors which yield a broader light projection path. This lights up more of the surrounding terrain compared to the competitor's 6 degree…
Custom Dynamics Knight Riderz Light Bars
$26.99 MSRP 29.95
(12 reviews)
Custom Dynamics Knight Riderz Light Bars Light up the night with 12 high-power dual intensity LEDs. In running light mode the LEDs sequence from side to side in a "Knight Rider" sequence. When the brake is applied the LED will flash for 5-6 seconds then go to a solid state until the brake is…
Rigid Industries M-Series LED Light Bar
$234.99 - $1006.99 MSRP $246.99-$744.99
Rigid Industries M-Series LED Light Bar20 degree flood 10 degree spot Unbreakable polycarbonate lens 6063 aluminum extrusion 3 stage durable UV 3800 powdercoat 9-36VDC input 50,000+ hour life span Zero UV emissions IP68 certified MIL810-STDG vibration certified ASTMB117 salt/fog certified ROHS…
Dragonfire Billet LED Light Cage Mount
$66.99 MSRP 69.99
…Billet LED Light Cage Mount These cool looking CNC Billet Cage Mounts allow you to run Dragonfire LED Light Bar's across your cage. They feature a swoop design so the bar is pushed forward and out; just two are enough to secure one of these bars in a hurricane. They also allow for any and all bar
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