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…Stingerz® can be cut every 3 LED's. Need a 27 LED Stingerz, just cut the last 3 LED's off the Stingerz 30 and place a small dap of clear silicon on the end to maintain the waterproofing, it couldn't get any easier.Save almost 50% over Stingerz® bought separately Single kit turns your bike into a…
…the manufacturer **Sizes: Each Kit includes: Color Command™ Remote Control 3 Module with TruMAGIG™, 2 Individual Key Fobs, and Leverlockz™ Installation Kit with Instructions Starter kit features 4 LED pods Standard kit features 6 LED pods Super kit features 8 LED pods **Note: Magical Wizards™ are…
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Trail Tech Vector Computer Kit
$69.99 You save $39.96 (36%)
Trail Tech Vector Computer Kit Vector is a full function digital off-road speedometer. It works wonderfully on any machine with a wheel, and Trail Tech offers model-specific kits for popular motorcycles, ATV and UTV applications. The Vector speedometer has many useful features like maintenance…
Kuryakyn 3 LED Upgrade Lamps
$118.99 You save $21.00 (15%)
Kuryakyn 3" LED Upgrade Lamps Kuryakyn's new L.E.D. Lamps are a direct replacement for the Halogen Lamps included in Kuryakyn's 3" driving light kits. Enjoy long life, lower operating temperatures, reduced draw, & color/brightness that closely matches Kuryakyn's Phase 6 & Phase 7 L.E.D. headlamps.…
…on either side surface with our optional side mount kit or mount Standard on the bottom surface. Engineered for improved flexibility can be flexed into a small radius circle without warming/heating 120° viewing angle Genesis™ surface-mounted LEDs Unique faceted design increases viewing angle and…
Kuryakyn LED Ring of Fire
$110.49 - $152.99 You save up to $27.00 (15%)
LED Ring of Fire Kuryakyn's Ring of fire offers super-bright pinpoint LEDs have a much longer service life than incandescent strip lights and can provide much more intense lighting effect. This motorcycle accessory lighting kit is sure to brighten up your bike. Features two separate rows of LED
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Clear Alternatives Integrated LED Taillight Kit
$19.99 - $170.99 You save up to $18.96 (84%)
…Integrated LED Taillight Kit Incorporate turn signals into taillights When turn signals are activated, half of the taillight is cancelled and blinks with amber LEDs Use over 100 red and amber LED lights Complete units; require no modification or lens removal Integrated LED taillight kits with…
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Yoshimura Rear Fender Eliminator Kit 2
$71.96 - $119.96 You save up to $29.99 (20%)
…These kits feature a precision laser cut aluminum bracket that tucks discreetly under the tail section of the bike, as well as a premium CNC machined light holder which houses 4 LED lights. The light housing is anodized black and laser etched with Yoshimura's logo. Completing the kit is an anodized…
…allow our LED's to run cooler and brighter. The housings have a high quality powder-coat and finish them off with a custom-molded rubber seal and an unbreakable, scratch resistant lens. Rigid Industries LED lights are engineered to withstand whatever you, the road, or nature can throw at them. Kit
Kuryakyn Skulls Medallion Premium Bagger Gauges
$676.59 You save $119.40 (15%)
…Markets.  Kit includes - Speedometer, Tachometer with LCD Display, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Fuel, Volt, and all necessary Wire Harnesses and Brackets.  (Oil Temp Gauge Replaces Factory Air Temp Gauge and Includes Sensor and Wire Harness) World Class Custom Back-lit Graphics Automotive-Grade LED
PIAA 530 LED Fog Lamp Kit The new PIAA 530 LED (Light Emitting Diode) Fog Lamp kit offers the beam control of a halogen lamp with the low power consumption and durability of an LED lamp. As a light source LEDs offer several advantages over their halogen counterparts including very low power…
Saddlemen Hooded Bullet LED Marker/Signal Light KitsChoose kits with titanium-coated black chrome or polished stainless steel finish hooded bezels and amber or red lights Green looking, easy to install lights include six pairs of lenses in every kit: flat, domed and bullet, each pair in clear and…
Kuryakyn LED Lizard Light Kits
$152.99 - $280.49 You save up to $49.50 (15%)
Kuryakyn LED Lizard Light Kits It's time to bring out your motorcycles true beauty by adding a Kuryakyn LED Lizard Light Kit. Designed to draw minimal current while accenting your bikes natural body lines with seven color LED lights (red, lime, ice blue, sky blue, dark blue, purple and green). These…
Street FX Electropod Lightpod Strip Kit 6, oval-shaped chrome or black pods and two 7" ultra-bright, low-profile L.E.D. strips with on/off switch, foam mounting tape, wire nuts, cables, cable ties and installation instructions Wires directly into 12v battery Water resistant Easy mounting and works…
Kuryakyn Super Bright LED Strut Mount Mini Bullets These powerful mini lights seamlessly fit on your fender struts creating a clean look. Each kit comes with clear lenses & a set of colored lenses that match the light output. Lenses provide a brighter glow over standard flat lenses. Sold in pairs…
Advanced Lighting LED Light KitsTaillight complete with LED bulbs Light supplied completely assembled with all parts Superbrite LEDs improve visibility and have a long life DOT compliant Installs without modification **Note: Item is bike specific, may vary from image
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Rumble Concept LED Integrated Taillight Kit
$109.95 - $152.95 You save up to $4.04 (0%)
Rumble Concept LED Integrated Taillight Kit This RUMBLE CONCEPT strong led tail light integrated signals is a high quality plug & play unit with lens and OEM connectors (tail/brake light). This product directly replaces the OEM tail light without any modification necessary, turn signals integrated…
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