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Bluhm Enterprises 360 Degree LED Replacement Bulb These are NEW LED bulbs for  taillight applications and work with ANY mounting position in the taillight. 13 LEDs are carefully mounted all around the base and top of the bulb to make it the most luminant LED bulb ever made. Rated life is 10,000…
Kuryakyn LED Dual Circuit Bulb
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Kuryakyn LED Dual Circuit Bulb An inexpensive way to upgrade from incandescent to  L.E.D. bulbs. Advantages include low draw, long life, & resistance to vibration. Due to the directional design of these bulbs, it is necessary that the bulb face the lens for proper illumination. Not recommended for…
Kuryakyn LED Single Circuit Bulb
$10.19 You save $1.80 (15%)
Kuryakyn LED Single Circuit Bulb An inexpensive way to upgrade from incandescent to  L.E.D. bulbs. Advantages include low draw, long life, & resistance to vibration. Due to the directional design of these bulbs, it is necessary that the bulb face the lens for proper illumination. Not recommended for…
Keiti L.E.D. Turn Signals
$26.99 You save $3.00 (10%)
Keiti L.E.D. Turn SignalsNext generation L.E.D. bulbs for a brighter signal Features a cast metal housing with a sealed clear lens 2-Wire system for an easy installation Direct O.E.M replacement Adds style and uniqueness to your bike without sacrificing functionality Not D.O.T. approved Note: Some…
Advanced Lighting LED Light KitsTaillight complete with LED bulbs Light supplied completely assembled with all parts Superbrite LEDs improve visibility and have a long life DOT compliant Installs without modification **Note: Item is bike specific, may vary from image
Hotbodies Racing Superbike 2 Undertail
$206.99 - $215.99 You save up to $23.96 (9%)
…that match perfectly to factory codes - then ultimately fitted with Hotbodies' newest and brightest Round LED brake lights which have integrated turn signals on the outside edges of the bulbs. Features: ABS Plastic Undertails w/ Lights License plate mounting kit All mounting hardware Installation…
…kit: flat, domed and bullet, each pair in clear and smoked Twenty-five highly visible, vibration-resistant LEDs that will last more than twenty times longer than traditional filament bulbs Three-wire design compatible with brake, turn and running light functions Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless…
…thick injection-molded polycarbonate plastic lens with 5-40 Phillips head mounting screws; die-cut rubber base gasket and internal LED spacer gasket; custom 15-element LED board with two phases (brake light and running light) and three wires (ground, brake and running lights); 1/4-20 hex bolts for…
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Drag Specialties Flat LED Light Bulbs
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Drag Specialties Flat LED Light Blubs LED-printed circuit boards with conventional ends Will outlast standard bulbs Light up Amber or Red Available in Dual Function (1157 style) and Single Fuction (1156 style) Sold in Pairs
…Draw Lifetime Warranty Against LED Failure 30 Degree Pattern Double O Ring Design Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware 3.125" Long x 2.25" Diameter 3/8 - 16 Mounting Stud Plug and Play Wiring Harness with Waterproof Push Button on/off Switch (comparable to 50 watt halogen bulbs) Fits All Can Am Spyders
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…As light bulbs age, their color consistency and brightness diminishes. New replacement bulbs will look noticeably different compared to the remaining bulbs. Customized LED binning ensures only the highest consistency of LED color and brightness for manufacturing of your Rigid LED products. Rigid LED
Show Chrome Elliptical Light Kit
$449.99 You save $49.96 (9%)
…off as desired. Included in this kit are two spot lights, light bar, mounting plate, mounting hardware, wire harness, switch and relay. This kit does not include turn signal lights or turn signal adapters, see page 31-32 for fitments. Available in 3-1/2", 55-watt bulb Halogen or 3-1/2" LED lights.
Kuryakyn Universal Run-Turn-Brake Controller
$76.49 You save $13.50 (15%)
…wires in beneath your seat & works with L.E.D. or Halogen Silver Bullets or other custom turn signals you have installed on your bike. The unit will work with stock turn signals as well but you will have to use red lenses or clear lenses with red bulbs. (Not included) Sold each Easily installed…
Street FX 1157 LED Replacement Bulbs Each bulb contains 15 ultra-bright LED's Much less power draw than standard incandescent bulbs Universal design Red replaces 1157 brake light and/or running light (single) White replaces 1157 running light and/or turn signal (2 pack) Not DOT approved
Acerbis D.O.T. LED Vision HP Headlight
$119.99 You save $29.96 (19%)
…D.O.T. Approved LED Vision HP Headlight First D.O.T.-certified headlight on the market featureing L.E.D. light bulbs L.E.D. lights provide a sleek look while providing brighter, safer lights at night, enhancing the rider's visability Due to the low energy consumption of the L.E.D.'s, they may remain…
Kuryakyn Bullet LED Front Turn Signal Conversions
$118.99 You save $21.00 (15%)
…The L.E.D. technology used in Kuryakyn's turn signal conversions results in a brighter light that is unaffected by the vibrations produced on the average motorcycle. The L.E.D. circuit boards are mounted inside Kuryakyn stylized lenses so all you do is take off your stock lens, remove the bulb,
Dragonfire LED Light Bar
$246.99 - $485.99 You save up to $25.00 (5%)
…Dragonfire's LED Light Bars are equipped with the latest LED light and reflector technology. Their light bars utilize 15 degree reflectors which yield a broader light projection path. This lights up more of the surrounding terrain compared to the competitor's 6 degree reflectors. Intense LED bulbs
Kuryakyn Silver Bullets with 5 16-18 Mounting Bolt
$84.99 - $93.49 You save up to $16.50 (15%)
…20Watt quartz halogen bulbs. Kuryakyn recommends them for use as auxiliary driving lights to help riders see & be seen. Wiring exits the light through a hole in the body behind the mounting boss. Chrome finish Easily installed **Note: Halogen Silver Bullets & Single function L.E.D. Reflector Style…
Custom Dynamics LED Taillights Increase the visibility, safety and 'cool-factor' of your cruiser motorcycle by adding high-intensity LED lights to your fender tips. Trick out your taillights with extreme illumination! Replaces OEM bulb 40 wide-angle super-bright Next Generation Genesis™ LEDs
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AKO Racing L.E.D. Integrated Taillights
$29.99 - $69.99 You save up to $38.52 (68%)
…light/turn signal unit True plug-n-play application on most models Uses exact O.E.M. connectors for straightforward installation 2nd generation L.E.D bulb for a bright and crisp illumination Brake/running lights are independently powered and vice versa with the signal lights Built-in load resistor…
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