1. Kuryakyn Widow

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Kuryakyn Widow Throttle Boss
$22.09 You save $3.90 (15%)
Kuryakyn Widow® Throttle Boss Added to the popular Küryakyn Widow Grips, this little jewel can make all the difference in the world on a long ride. The Throttle Boss is a small adjustable paddle that is positioned under the palm of the throttle hand allowing the driver to slightly relax their grip…
Kuryakyn Widow Taillight Cover
$33.99 You save $6.00 (15%)
Kuryakyn Widow Taillight Cover As your taillight fades into the darkness, the sinister impression of the Widow is all that will remain. A great addition to Kuryakyn's popular themed collections.The Widow Taillight Cover features a chrome 3-D Widow figure creeping across the taillight lens. In…
Kuryakyn Premium Widow Grips with Throttle Boss
$93.49 You save $16.50 (15%)
Kuryakyn Premium Widow Grips with Throttle Boss Kuryakyn's spider themed hand grips are a radical departure from average. Designed with style & comfort in mind, with an integrated, adjustable throttle boss, these grips make a great addition to our Widow Series. Intergrated adjustable throttle boss…
Kuryakyn Widow Driver Floorboard Covers
$152.99 You save $17.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Widow Driver Floorboard Covers Sit on top of the stock steel base plate to provide maximum comfort Raised rubber edges keep your boots off the exhaust pipes Direct replacement for OEM floorboard covers Sold in pairs
Kuryakyn Widow Pegs and Stirrups with H-D Style Male Mount Gain the comfort you're looking for and the style you desire with Kuryakyn's Widow Stirrups. With a bold & biting attitude, these Widow Stirrups sure pack a punch. Great companion to Kuryakyn's Widow Grips and Widow Brake Pedal Pads. Sold in…
Kuryakyn Widow Grips
$84.99 You save $15.00 (15%)
Kuryakyn Widow Grips Spider-themed hand grips provide comfort and style Sold in pairs **Note: For use with twist throttle applications
Kuryakyn Widow Attitude Medallions
$16.99 You save $3.00 (15%)
Kuryakyn Widow Attitude Medallion Add some unique style to your ride Peel and stick application, so they can go almost anywhere there is a 4-1/2" diameter surface Sold each **Note: Not recommended for use on engine cases
Kuryakyn Zombie Grip Emblems
$16.99 You save $3.00 (15%)
Kuryakyn Zombie Grip Emblems Add a sinister end to your grips Emblems are a direct replacement for your Kuryakyn Zombie grips w/o Throttle Boss, or add them to your Kuryakyn Widow grips for a change of theme Include necessary installation hardware Sold in pairs
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Kuryakyn Transformer Grips
$76.49 - $80.99 You save up to $9.00 (15%)
Kuryakyn Transformer Grips Let's you mix-and-match designs Slightly larger outside diameter and vibration-isolating design relieves pressure and discomfort on the rider's hands Comes with interchangeable widow, zombie or maltese cross emblems Sold in pairs **Note: For use with twist throttle…
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