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Kuryakyn The Sound of Chrome™ Speakers Perfectly designed 3 in. main speakers and additional tweeters for full bodied sound Weatherproof bullet housing has a built-in powerful 50 watt amplifier; includes a volume and on/off control switch 1 1/4 in. mounting clamp with swivel adjustment gives you the…
Kuryakyn Roulette Horn Cover
$31.99 You save $3.00 (8%)
Kuryakyn Roulette Horn Cover A chrome horn is just seconds away with this great looking cover. Retains the sound & improves the look on horns mounted between the frame down tubes. Sold each Easily installed
Kuryakyn Crusher Power Cell Staggered Dual Slip-On Mufflers All about looks and performance, Power Cell Staggered Duals have a crossed flow cell that makes them perform like a 2-Into-1 while keeping the wicked looks of staggered duals. Tuned performance and deep powerful sound Full heat shields with…
Kuryakyn Rear Speaker Accents
$26.99 You save $3.00 (10%)
…excitement to your Ultra's sound stage! These bright chrome trim rings install easily over the stock black rear speaker rings & come complete with polished stainless hardware. Additionally, Kuryakyn's Rear Speaker Accents have been designed to readily accept Kuryakyn front Speaker Grills, sold…
Kuryakyn Kicker KPS5250 Speakers Kuryakyn does not simply use car audio speakers with a new sticker & call them bike speakers. These are the real deal & once you put them in you'll be blown away. These speakers are weather-proof & feature high-efficiency coaxials specifically created as fairing…
Kuryakyn Relocator Kit for Rigid Mounted Tour-Pak Gain a few extra inches for going those extra miles. This handy kit moves the Tour-Pak back 2" to provide more room for your passenger. The added space makes things much more comfortable for the passenger and makes climbing on and off much easier,…
Kuryakyn Tweeter Dash Pods Kuryakyn is a leader in quality and performance, that's why they got together with Kicker and brought you great sounding 1" Ks25 Titanium tweeters with Kuryakyn's style so your bike can continue looking and sounding good.Speakers max recommended amp power (peak/RMS)…
Kuryakyn Saddle Bag Lid Speaker Pods
$260.99 You save $29.00 (10%)
…speakers will literally transform your bags into the ultimate sound system! Kicker's powerful KPS5250 2 ohm Speakers are wrapped in high quality Kuryakyn chrome & are angled towards the rider & feature a water-proof design for optimum sound quality & durability. 2 or 4 ohm Speaker applications…
Kuryakyn Gunship Speaker Grills
$26.99 You save $3.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Gunship Speaker Grills Crank it up! While you're enjoying great travelin' tunes, add some visual punch to your speakers. With these trick, easy-to-install grills, your speakers will look as good as they sound! Sold in pairs Chrome plated Easy installation
Kuryakyn Crusher True Dual Head Pipes
$413.99 You save $46.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Crusher True Dual Head Pipes Kuryakyn combined performance, sound & great looks into one package. With Crusher True Duals, each cylinder breathes through its own head pipe & muffler, greatly improving flow & making the bike much easier to tune. Power is increased as heat is reduced. '95-'08…
…as Kuryakyn's original Crusher Mufflers but without the renowned bark at high throttle openings. The Mellow Crusher Mufflers retain a deep mellow tone at cruise & even during spirited riding. What more could you want? For an even mellower sound with crushing performance - Combine with Kuryakyn's
Kuryakyn Driver Floorboard Spacers
$35.99 You save $4.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Driver Floorboard Spacers Move your stock driver boards outward 3/4 of an inch. It doesn't sound like much, but now you don't have to hug the gas tank with your thighs to get your foot fully on the board. You're also alleviating some heat build-up by allowing the hot air to get out between…
Kuryakyn Beast Oval Slip-On Mufflers
$701.99 You save $78.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Beast Oval Slip-On Mufflers Beast Oval Mufflers maximize the horsepower potential of your bike while providing a mellow, deep tone! Beast Ovals make great sound without waking the neighbors or drowning out your bike's stereo. Large volume & innovative baffle design lay waste to the theory…
Kuryakyn Super Deluxe Wolo Bad Boy Horn Kit
$116.99 You save $13.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Super Deluxe Wolo Bad Boy Horn Kit Get twice the output & a much better sound! Kuryakyn has teamed up with Wolo to bring you the best & easiest to install air horn on the market. Easy install, classy chrome cover, no hoses, & a heavy-duty maintenance free compressor will provide years of…
Kuryakyn Deluxe Wolo Bad Boy Air Horn Kit Kuryakyn has teamed up with Wolo to bring you the best & easiest to install air horn on the market. The latest in air horn technology, Wolo's Bad Boy Air Horn produces a powerful dual-tone air horn sound that is two times louder than the factory horn. The…
Kuryakyn Torque Cones
$29.99 You save $3.00 (9%)
Kuryakyn Torque Cones Straight pipes sound sweet, but for street use they're a performance disaster! Here's an inexpensive way to get back some of that lost horsepower and gas mileage without affecting the sound. Sold in pairs **Note: Fits most 1-3/4" O.D. Twin Cam, Evolution Big Twin and XL exhaust…
Kuryakyn Hornet Electrical Deer Avoidance System
$71.99 - $76.99 You save up to $8.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Hornet Electrical Deer Avoidance System The Hornet has proven to be the only device to effectively deter deer accidents. There are tens of thousands of Hornets in daily use with millions of proven miles. Regardless of speed, it produces a sound pressure of 120 db, & under most circumstances…
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