1. Klr650 Seat

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Sargent World Sport Performance KLR650 Seat
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Sargent World Sport Performance KLR650 Seat With the KLR650, Kawasaki created a hugely successful motorcycle that is affordable, dependable and comes equipped with many of the accessories that adventure riders need. Sargent is here to complete the package with a seat that gives you the comfort and…
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Fastway Evolution II F3 Series Footpegs
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Fastway Evolution II F3 Series Footpegs The most versatile footpeg system on the planet! Straight from the race track, our F-series footpegs feature Fastway's patented threaded pin-style cleats. These pegs offer sure-footed confidence, maximum grip, and adjustability. Different pin lengths allows…
…inflexible bulk and necessary mounting brackets. Instead, Giant Loop has designed the Siskiyou Panniers to rest on either the rear rack or passenger seat and attach by way of the passenger footrest mounts. Able to mount on almost any full size adventure bike or street bike, these panniers let you…
…customizable - choose the Great Basin accessories bags that best suit your packing needs. Straps to passenger footrest mounts and rides on pillion seat. Plus, it features a long list of rider-requested improvements. Colors: black, white, gray, yellow, orange Volume: 60 liters "Beavertail" and…
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