1. Kawasaki Helmet

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…has been achieved with J&M's ultra-slim, wide-fidelity and ported DynaPort helmet speakers The versatility of J&M's convenient two-piece cord system allows these headsets to be connected to any factory installed Kawasaki and Victory motorcycle audio system ever built, now and in the foreseeable…
…HS-ICD284, HS-BCD279, HS-ICD279, HS-BCD277, HS-ICD277, HS-BCD257, HS-BCD174, HS-ICD174 and #HS-CD9174 series helmet headsets, for connection to 1983-2010 Yamaha® 5-pin audio systems, 1989-1997 Harley®, Kawasaki® Suzuki® 5-pin audio systems and 1988-2000 Honda® GL-1500 with J&M passenger controller.
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