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Maxima Maxum4 Premium Oil
$7.99 - $164.99
Maxima Maxum4 Premium Oil Maxima's Maxum4 Premium is a superior product featuring advanced additive technology in the development of highly stable and long life multi-grade motorcycle specific oil. By using an exclusive blend of petroleum base stocks and advanced anti-wear, anti-shear additives,…
Motorex Cross Power 4T Oil
$18.95 - $76.50
…Racing quality, exclusively recommended by KTM for all their Off-Road 4-stroke models Optimized clutch performance according to JASO MA 10w60 viscosity is recommended in KTM 690cc and new SXF 350cc engines Viscosity: 5W40, 10W/50, 10W/60 Specifications: JASO MA 903:2006 / API SL, SJ, SH, SG
Repsol Lubricants 4T Moto Offroad Racing Oil
$15.99 - $55.99 You save up to $6.00 (5%)
Repsol Lubricants 4T Moto Offroad Racing Oil Full synthetic performance/race High Performance 4T Synthetic oil specially formulated for maximum performance and protection for Single cylinder engines Designed to reduce engine temperatures for better performance and superior thermal stability…
Castrol Power RS V-Twin 4T Oil
$12.99 You save $1.10 (7%)
…your V-twin engine from the buildup of (heat-derived) power-robbing deposits, enabling you to get the best performance from your bike. Synthetic-blend 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil Developed specifically for V-Twin engines API Service SJ and JASO MA2 **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
Lucas Oil ATV Motor Oil Semi-Synthetic SAE 10W-40 ATV Engine Oil is a long lasting oil that stands up to the high temperatures of slow moving hard-working air-cooled engines It exceeds manufacturer specifications and meets JASO specifications, for air-cooled and water-cooled engines
Castrol Power RS Racing 4T Engine Oil
$12.33 - $12.99 You save up to $1.10 (12%)
…history and testing experience ensures optimum engine performance to help provide increased acceleration under the most arduous riding conditions. Features: Fully synthetic 4 stroke motorcycle engine oil Unique antifriction, low viscosity formula SAE 5W 40 and 10W 50 grades Exceeds API SL, JASO MA2
Castrol Power RS TTS Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil
$12.99 You save $1.50 (10%)
…a tough, heat reactive layer of protection Designed for both oil injection and premix lubrication up to a fuel/oil ratio of 50:1 Exceeds API TC, JASO FD, and ISO L EGD Extreme protection even at maximum RPM Protection against ring sticking and engine seizure Protection against thermal and mechanical…
Maxima 530 MX Ester Synthetic Oil
$16.99 You save $1.50 (8%)
…for critical engine, transmission and clutch components High temperature detergents keep your engine running clean and trouble-free Ultra shear-stable polymer system maintains constant viscosity - minimizing viscosity drop and clutch fade Full Race Grade 4T oil. Motorcycle Specific API SG, JASO MA
Silkolene 4T Comp-4 Oil
$11.24 - $40.94 You save up to $4.55 (10%)
Silkolene 4T Comp-4 Oil Semi-synthetic ester technology based 4-stroke engine oil Outstanding stay-in-grade formulation protects transmissions Ester technology combats wear and friction on critical load surfaces Meets or exceeds API-SF and SG standards Motorcycle 4T JASO-MA2 certified
…over a wider temperature range These oils are designed for both engine and wet clutch applications and are not friction modified to provide the highest performance Designed to meet or exceed performance requirements of today's 4-stroke motorcycles and ATVs, API SM/SL/SH/SG. JASO MA/MA2 and ACEA A3
Motul Scooter Expert Motor Oil
$10.99 You save $2.51 (18%)
Motul Scooter Expert Motor Oil Technosynthese lubricant for 2-stroke scooter engines with premix or injector lube system, operating at high rpm Synthetic base stocks minimize smoke and deposits For engines that meet the new Euro II standards : API TC, JASO FC, ISO-L-EGO
Maxima Maxum4 Blend Oil
$9.99 - $33.99 You save up to $3.00 (4%)
Maxima Maxum4 Blend Oil Maxima's Maxum4 Synthetic Blend is a blend of ester-based synthetic and petroleum base stocks featuring advanced technology. This special high temperature formula protects critical engine components, reduces wear, friction, temperature, oil consumption and extends drain…
Silkolene 4T Pro-4 Plus
$22.94 You save $2.55 (%)
…Advanced synthetic esters provide exceptional film strength and outstanding wear protection, from the vital few seconds before full lubricant flow is achieved, up to the engine's maximum operating temperature. Features: JASO MA & MA2 CCMC G5 API SG, SH & SJ **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
Motorex Formula 4T Oil
$13.25 - $49.95
Motorex Formula 4T Oil Synthetic-blend, high-performance 4-stroke motorcycle oil Temperature-stable formula provides optimum wear protection No moly additives Specifications: JASO MA/API SG/ACEA A3
Motorex Power Synt 4T Oil Fully synthetic, high-performance 4-stroke oil Protects against engine wear even in the most extreme racing conditions No slipping of the wet clutch Contains no moly additives 5W40/10W50 specifications: JASO MA/API SG/ACEA A3 10W60 specifications: JASO MA/API SG
Motorex ATV Quad 4T Oil
$15.50 - $278.95
…oil for 4-stroke ATV/Quads Excellent wear protection Very good cold start characteristics High shear stability Catalytic converter tested Optimized clutch performance according to JASO MA Used by Yoshimura Suzuki ATV Motocross and Offroad teams Specification: JASO MA 903:2006 / API SL, SJ, SH, SG
…high-capacity sport engines Optimum engine protection in all operating ranges Extremely good thermal stability Tested under race conditions Optimised clutch performance according to JASO MA Used by Yoshimura Suzuki ATV Motocross and Offroad teams Specification: JASO MA 903:2006/ API SL, SJ, SH, SG
Closeout 0% off
Motorex Legend 4T Oil Modern, premium, mineral-based engine oil for 4-stroke motorcycles Oxidatively stable due to quality base stock  Good protection against wear Optimized clutch performance according to JASO MA Specification: API SL, SJ, SH, SG
Repsol Lubricants Moto Transmission OilMineral transmission/gearbox oil Formulated for use in Gear Boxes Insures wet clutches perform without slippage in all conditions Prolongs the life of gearbox components SAE 10W40, JASO MA2 Certified, and SAE 80W90, API GL4
Motorex Top Speed 4T Oil Fully synthetic, high-performance 4-stroke motorcycle oil with excellent wet clutch performance High friction-coefficient Decreases oil consumption; protects against wear No moly additives Specifications: JASO MA/API SG/ACEA A3
Closeout 0% off
Motorex Scooter 2T Oil
$16.50 - $55.78
…scooters, a perfect, enjoyable ride for all seasons Guarantees minimum smoke Especially effective in the city with frequent stop-and-go traffic as well as for long distances Complete and clean combustion Premix or injector pump use with 20wt viscosity Specification: API TC / JASO FC / ISO-L-EGD
Motorex Cross Power 2T Oil
$21.50 - $399.95
…for the hard conditions of off-road use Extremely reliable lubrication Specially made for Enduro and Motocross machines Developed with leading racing teams Premix or injector use with 20wt viscosity Recommended by KTM for all of their 2-stroke motorcycles Specifications: API TC / JASO FC / ISO-L-EGD
…Lubricants 2T Moto Sintetico OilSemi-synthetic 2-stroke oil Formulated for all 2 stroke applications Special clean burn additives help prevent the formation of exhaust deposits Can be used for both premix and injector system applications JASO M345 FD certified, API TC, Aprilia DFI, ISO-L-EGD, TISI
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