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2000SE Ignition Module
$305.96 - $359.99
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Dynatech 2000SE Ignition Module The Dynatek 2000SE Ignition is the latest from Dynatek. It is a piggyback unit that allows you to control the ignition timing of your motorcycle's engine. The 2000SE...
Ignition Modules
$89.00 - $299.95
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Dynojet Ignition ModulesAllow user to advance or retard the ignition curve based on throttle position and rpm, and to tune each cylinder individually Ignition module connects to PCIII USB via a bui...
Dynatek 3000/FS Fuel and Ignition Module Combines both fuel and ignition tuning in one device PC programmable fuel and ignition maps; with two switch map switching function Gear position input and...
Dynatek Dyna 2000 TC Ignition Module Single-fire, fully programmable performance ignition Sixteen programmable advance curves in three groups: stock to slightly modified motors, heavily modified...
Moose Racing Jet/Ignition Module Kit The digital ignition is preprogrammed with a performance advance curve while at the same time increasing the vehicle's rev limiter On modified vehicles wh...
Crane Cams HI-4N Ignition Module 1-piece machined aluminum housing reduces vibration and improves heat dissipation and reliability Improved kick-start algorithm designed to start as easily as poin...
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