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Icon Victory Riding Pants
$74.99 MSRP 120.00
(81 reviews)
Icon Victory Riding PantsAn Icon tech riding jean, the Victory has Aramid® reinforced knees and stretch panels to improve the fit when in the tucked attack sport bike position. Cut to fit looser than most riding jeans, the Victory stays comfortable and can be worn wherever you go throughout the day.…
Icon Device Textile Pants
$75.00 - $100.00 MSRP 100.00
(7 reviews)
Icon Device Textile PantsLooking almost too reserved to be an Icon product, the Device textile pant is living proof that Icon can play any game and be good at it too. Sporting a relaxed fit with dual waist adjusters and full length inseam zippers, this overpant slides easily on and off for quick use…
Icon Overlord Resistance Pants
(1 review)
Icon Overlord Resistance Pants The ICON rider demands both speed of engagement and stealth of approach. No pant is better suited than the Overlord Resistance Pant. Attack fit, fit adjustment straps, and Unit-Fused construction minimizes weight & increases comfort all while adding multi-tiered…
Icon Strongarm 2 Enforcer Pants
(4 reviews)
Icon Strongarm 2 Enforcer PantsThe Enforcer's conduct has been found to be unbecoming to that of a dungaree. Court marshaled by a polite society of lesser trousers, the Strongarm 2's only crime - being named after a jacket. Now serving twenty five to life, Enforcer does his time enjoying the new…
Icon Anthem Mesh Overpants
(1 review)
Icon Anthem Mesh OverpantsEnveloped into shadows, the Icon Anthem Mesh Overpant comes not as a suffocating conqueror, but a protector of jeans and flesh. Made from Icon's Fighter Mesh fabric, the Anthem is able to resist abrasions and vent air at the same time. Injected with removable CE knee armor…
Icon 1000 Beltway Pants
$300.00 - $325.00
Icon 1000 Beltway PantsWalking past the obedient masses standing in line to worship today's current fad, the Beltway pant instead sees things through the perspective of time. A proud member of Icon's 1000 collection, timeless quality is found throughout with its Highland coated canvas chassis…
Icon Hooligan 2 Mesh Overpants
$84.99 MSRP 115.00
(16 reviews)
Icon Hooligan2 Mesh Overpants The Fighter Mesh chassis provides excellent abrasion resistance while allowing complete freedom of movement and incredible ventilation. Integrated mechanical flex zones increases the mobility and comfort of the pants. Worn over a set of normal pants, this outfit…
Icon Overlord Prime Leather Pants
$310.00 - $330.00
(6 reviews)
…protection should you decide to put these pants to the ultimate test. A three quarter length zipper allows the pant to be connected to any of the Overlord leather jackets.*To nip your question in the bud - no, there is no knee puck. Icon built these pants for the street not track, and dragging knee…
Icon Compound Mesh Overpants
$162.00 MSRP 350.00
…the pant is on, you'll notice expansion panels in critical areas which aid in both overall comfort and keeping the removable/adjustable CE knee impact protectors in their proper position. If you're looking for serious warm weather protection for your bottom half, your search is over.Features:  Icon
Icon Strongarm 2 Pants
(12 reviews)
Icon Strongarm 2 Pants Icon has a general no b.s. policy concerning street-riding jeans. With over a decade of category experience, Icon has lived the reinforced denim life. The Strongarm 2 is the latest creation - Aramid reinforced knee panels, tough denim chassis and Icon's relaxed street fit -…
Icon Brawnson Textile Overpants
$71.00 MSRP 95.00
(15 reviews)
Icon Brawnson Textile Overpants Understated style that goes over-the-top is the best way to describe the Brawnson Textile Overpants. Icon's relaxed fit and ultra-tough 900 denier chassis is a no B.S. combination. What else would you expect from a pant called Brawnson? **Note: Remember the Brawnsons…
Icon Insulated Denim Pants
Icon Insulated Denim PantsAn upgraded riding jean for the spring and fall, the Icon Insulated Denim keeps the casual lines and adds warmth to fight off the chill. Reinforced and armored in the knee, the addition of a removable insulated full length liner allows for the retention of heat while doing…
Icon Patrol Raiden Waterproof Pants
$340.00 - $360.00
Icon Patrol Raiden Waterproof PantsMore than just an overpant for the daily commute, the Icon Patrol Raiden is an overpant with aspirations for bigger things. Journeys into sketchy third world countries and fast, wide open tank slappers over deep gravel roads are what this riding pant is all about.…
Icon Hooligan Denim Pants
(2 reviews)
…virtuous… right? The Icon Hooligan Denim pant takes its innocent looks and fills it up with reinforced aramid knees and externally removable knee armor. Whether in the public's good graces or not, this is a pant that wants you to wick up your sportbike to its limit. Icon Relaxed Fit Durable denim…
Icon Compound Overpants
$226.00 MSRP 350.00
(1 review)
Icon Compound OverpantsHelmet, gloves, jacket, boots - the essential riding gear worn by every motorcycle operator who understands the game and the stakes associated. Too often riding-specific pants are left out, and too often down riders must recover from rashed legs when they could have just…
Icon Field Armor Stryker Knee Shin Guards
(23 reviews)
Icon Field Armor Stryker Knee/Shin Guards Road rash on your knees or gouged shins will ruin your month. Icon knows these lessons well. If you choose to hit the streets in anything less than full leather pants you need knee armor. The Field Armor Stryker Knee armor is equipped with d3o intelligent…
Icon Patrol Waterproof Overpants
$300.00 - $320.00
(14 reviews)
…conditions**Note: These pants are sized to fit as overpants. If you wear a size 34 pant, buy a size 34 Patrol Overpant if you intend to wear them over your jeans. If you plan on running commando, buy a size 32.Read the MotorcycleUSA.com of the Icon Patrol Waterproof Overpants here: Icon Patrol…
Icon PDX Rain Bibs
(23 reviews)
…gear that doesn't suck, Icon brings you the PDX Bib. The same rip-stop waterproof material but cut into a high backed same seam sealed bib. Full-length leg zippers eliminate the "one-footed man in an dance contest" all too common with waterproof over pants. Finally, Icon finished up the garment with…
Icon Citadel Mesh Pants
$240.00 - $255.00
(1 review)
Icon Citadel Mesh PantsA refuge of both protection and airflow, the Citadel Mesh pant is Icon's overpant for the scorching tarmac. Sized appropriately to fit over jeans, the Citadel makes do with mesh on the upper thighs, accordion stretch knees and removable D3O knee protectors. Happy on the…
Icon Womens Hella 2 Pants
Icon Women's Hella 2 PantsOverpants and good looks have never been associated together. Words like functional and safe are more commonly heard descriptions. Keeping the good traits of overpants and working on the weaknesses, Icon has created the Hella 2 pant; an overpant that looks good and performs…
Icon Overlord Overpants
$89.99 - $115.00 MSRP 115.00
(6 reviews)
…has the qualities you'll need. ICON loose overpant fit pattern CE knee protectors Durable nylon chassis Adjustable waist straps Breathable panels for venting Ribbed flex panels on knees Zippered side pockets for secure storage Ratchet waist closure **Note: These pants do not include hip protectors.
Icon Womens Citadel Mesh Pants
Icon Women's Citadel Mesh PantsA hot weather riding pant built to stand its ground against any adversary, the Women's Citadel Mesh pant hold its weight with a combination of removable D3O knee protectors and nylon paneling. And with a heavy concentration of mesh in the upper legs, the airflow of…
Icon 1000 Roughshod Pants
$450.00 - $500.00
…of 36" for all sizes, the Roughshod lets you tailor it to your preference. Housing CE armor, this Icon leather pant is a cut away from being the custom riding pant to take on the barren streets. Icon relaxed fit 1.1-1.3mm antique finished drum dyed Brazilian cowhide Triple stitched leg seams D3O®…
Icon Womens Hella Leather Pants
(8 reviews)
Icon Women's Hella Leather PantsExhibiting a design that accomplishes more than just function, the Icon Women's Hella leather pant takes known quantities and sews up what others can't. Stretch paneling together with pockets and premium leather are all commonplace, but with its unique cut, a pant is…
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