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Shoei Hornet DS Helmet
$459.89 - $485.09 MSRP $510.99-$538.99
(32 reviews)
Shoei Hornet DS (Dual-Sport) HelmetDesigned for the adventure touring and dual sport market, the Shoei Hornet DS Helmet can be used in three configurations: with visor and shield, with just shield, or with just visor A wide, 3-dimensionally curved shield completely seals against the eyeport beading…
Kuryakyn Hornet Electrical Deer Avoidance System
$71.99 - $76.99 MSRP $79.99-$84.99
Kuryakyn Hornet Electrical Deer Avoidance System The Hornet has proven to be the only device to effectively deter deer accidents. There are tens of thousands of Hornets in daily use with millions of proven miles. Regardless of speed, it produces a sound pressure of 120 db, & under most circumstances…
6D ATR-1 Hornet Helmet
6D ATR-1 Hornet Helmet The tech wonder of the motorcycle helmet world, the 6D ATR-1 is a revolutionary new design that has not only won supercross races, but also proven its value on live TV in spectacular fashion. Using two EPS liners separated by 27 dampeners dubbed the ODS™ system, the 6D helmet…
Shoei VFX-DT Centerpad
$32.49 MSRP 36.10
Shoei VFX-DT/Hornet DS Helmet Centerpad Keep that snug comfortable fit for your VFX-DT helmet with a replacement centerpad Currently Shoei products can only be shipped to U.S. customers
6D Youth ATR-1Y Hornet Helmet
6D Youth ATR-1Y Hornet Helmet Designed to incorporate all of the same outstanding safety benefits of the adult helmet, only smaller, lighter, and specifically designed for younger riders competing on 50's, 65's, and 80's Full ODS dual-layer EPS liner system, removable washable comfort liner, and DOT…
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