1. Heavy Duty Tube

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MSR Heavy Duty Tube
$13.99 - $25.99 MSRP $14.95-$27.95
(42 reviews)
MSR Heavy Duty Tube Extra thick tubes for those critical situations where you absolutely can't have a flat Puncture and pinch resistant Made with high-quality natural rubber
Michelin Ultra Heavy-Duty Inner Tube
$22.99 - $29.99 MSRP $25.95-$32.95
(30 reviews)
Michelin Ultra Heavy-Duty Inner Tube Reinforced tubes for off-road applications Feature a 4mm wall thickness Provide enhanced protection against punctures and pinch flats TR4 stem type Sizing: 18" Type A: 130/80, 120/90, 100/100 and 110/100-18 18" Type B: 140/80-18 19" Type A: 130/70, 120/80, 100/90…
IRC TR-4 Heavy-Duty Tube
$15.99 - $16.99 MSRP $17.56-$18.45
(4 reviews)
IRC TR-4 Heavy-Duty Tube Highest-quality motorcycle tubes meet or exceed OEM quality and performance Two to three times thicker than standard tubes, IRC heavy-duty tubes are incredibly durable, abrasion-resistant and feature great impact-absorption Impressive joint and valve strength
Michelin Heavy Duty MX Enduro Tubes
$11.99 - $23.99 MSRP $12.95-$25.95
(3 reviews)
Heavy Duty MX/Enduro Tubes Made of airtight butyl rubber Highly flexible rubber conforms to contours of tire/rim assembly Features an overlap splice which is stronger than the butt splice used in most other tubes Splice is always placed opposite the valve, which helps to provide a more balanced tube
Moose Racing Heavy Duty Tube
$28.95 - $33.95
(10 reviews)
Moose Racing Heavy Duty Tube Heavy-duty tubes made specifically for off-road and motocross German-made, these are the sturdiest, highest-quality tubes on the market 3mm thick natural rubber construction helps resist pinch flats Include mini applications All have center metal stem (TR-4)
Dunlop Heavy Duty Tube
$26.99 - $29.99 MSRP $29.95-$32.95
(1 review)
Dunlop Dunlop Heavy Duty Tube Used by many of the top riders in the outdoor nationals and supercross series All have TR-4 stems **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
Drag Specialties Heavy-Duty Inner Tube
$12.95 - $33.95
(28 reviews)
…Heavy-Duty Inner Tube With several valve stem types to choose from, the Drag Specialties tube can fit almost any cruiser and custom. Additionally, the heavy-duty construction will hold up to horsepower and long miles. High quality, heavy duty rubber inner tubes Custom sizes for extra-wide…
Michelin TR-4 Heavy Duty Inner Tube
$34.99 MSRP 37.95
(1 review)
Michelin TR-4 Heavy Duty Inner Tube Features an overlap splice which is stronger than the butt splice used on most tubes Splice is always placed opposite the valve stem to help balance the tube Used by those who want the very best
Kenda Tuff Tube
$11.99 - $25.99 MSRP $12.95-$27.95
(45 reviews)
Kenda Tuff Tube Kenda Tuff-Tubes are 2.5 mm heavy duty butyl-rubber tubes are designed to resist punctures and pinch flats Sizes to fit all popular MX sizes Tubes are two times thicker than OEM tubes and are designed specifically for motocross and off-road use TR-6 valve stem (8mm diameter straight…
BikeMaster Tube
$8.95 - $21.21 MSRP $8.95-$24.95
(86 reviews)
Bikemaster Tubes Seamless construction Best value Butyl rubber tubes, with heavy duty valves Valve Stem Types (depicted as a color option): TR-6 - Straight metal stem (8mm dia.) TR-13 - Straight rubber stem (11.5 mm dia.) TR-15 - Straight rubber stem (16mm dia.) TR-87 - Short 90 degree metal stem…
Vee Rubber TR-4 Super Heavy Duty Tube
$38.20 - $41.22
Vee Rubber TR-4 Super Heavy Duty Tube Replace your tired or worn out inner tube with the Vee Rubber TR-4 Super Heavy Duty Tube. Whether you ride enduro, dirt, sand or street, Vee Rubber offers a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs.
Klim Krew Pak
(3 reviews)
…through pack) Fold and slide wide opening for easy cleaning/filling (can pull inside out for cleaning and drying) 48" pinch-resistant heavy duty drink tube can be cut to desired length Constructed of FDA approved polyurethane Anti-microbial Extremely tough Straight valve high flow rate mouthpiece…
Emgo Rim Lock
$4.50 - $5.40 MSRP $4.95-$5.95
(4 reviews)
Emgo Rim Lock New style has heavy duty metal base Covered with strong rubber Eliminates tube pinching and casing damage
Shinko 700 Series Dual Sport Rear Tire
$52.99 - $61.99 MSRP $73.95-$85.95
(67 reviews)
…Aggressive tread pattern with deep lug construction Reinforced side knobs for cornering stability Heavy duty 4-ply carcass for durability D.O.T. approved 4.60 section tires are Tube Type (TT); 5.10 section tires are a Tubeless (TL) designed constructionTube Type Sizes: 4.60-17 4.60-18Tubeless…
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