1. Heated Motorcycle Gloves

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Firstgear Heated Rider Gloves
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Firstgear Men's Heated Rider GlovesPerfect for extending the riding season, these heated gloves minimize the bulk normally associated with winter riding gloves and instead provide easy to control electric heat. Each glove plugs directly into the jacket liner, or an optional separate wire harness,…
Gears Gen X-3 Snap On/Off Glove Harness Time to get your Gen X-3 Glove Liners or Gen X-3 Warm Tek Gloves toasty warm with this Snap On/Off Glove Harness. Connects Gen X-3 gloves or glove liners to the Gen X-3 Vest Snaps directly to the back of the vest 35" Length Sold in Pairs
Firstgear Womens Heated Rider Gloves
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…Bulky, unheated gloves make things even tougher by reducing feel, reaction time and complicating operation of the controls. Firstgear's Warm & Safe heated gloves for men and women feature heating throughout the entire glove, while maintaining the thinness of a summer glove. The gloves plug directly…
…Polyester/Lycra glove liners fit snugly under existing windproof and waterproof gloves or mitts Heats the entire length of each finger and thumb Engineered to go with our Gen X-3 Warm Tek Heated Jacket or Gen X-3 Heated Vest The use of a Temperature Controller is recommended to modulate heat output…
Firstgear Carbon Heated Gloves
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Firstgear Men's Carbon Heated GlovesCombining formidable street protection with cozy warmth, the Firstgear Men's Carbon Heated glove is the ultimate cold weather motorcycle option. Built using high quality leather infused with carbon fiber armor, the Carbon Heated remains tough and warm while…
Mobile Warming TX Heated Glove
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…comprehensive heating solution. This system utilizes ultra-fine steel alloy fiber heating technology which achieves active heat through a portable power supply. Unlike most other heated apparel, MOBILE WARMING®'s unique insulating heat transfer panels reflect and help avoid losing heat from the…
…of heat while drawing 2.2 amps Notes: You will need to get one of the following accessories to control the heat setting if you use the glove liner: With a Gen X-3 Heated Jacket liner no accessories are needed With a Gen X-3 Heated Vest you will need Snap On/Off Glove Harness If you use the glove
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Firstgear Womens Heated Passenger Gloves
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…Women's Heated Passenger Gloves DC-heated, produces 15 watts of heat at 12.8 Volts (each glove) and should be used with a Firstgear Heat-Troller (sold separately) for optimum safety Firstgear Heat-Troller required to operate gloves independently (See Demo Video for more information) Heat in the…
Gears Gen X-3 Y Glove Harness Time to get your Gen X-3 Glove Liners or Gen X-3 Warm Tek Gloves toasty warm with this Y Glove Harness. Connects Battery Cord to Gen X-3 gloves or glove liners Intended for use with Gen X-3 Vest or Gen X-3 Warm Tek Jacket 42" cord runs from battery cord and splits into…
Alpinestars Tech Heated Gloves The Tech Heated Glove features the same active heating technology as Alpinestars' Tech Heated vest, ensuring controlled, consistent, heating over the whole hand Main leather construction with textile inserts and synthetic suede for enhanced durability and abrasion…
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