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Firstgear Heated Rider Gloves
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Firstgear Men's Heated Rider GlovesPerfect for extending the riding season, these heated gloves minimize the bulk normally associated with winter riding gloves and instead provide easy to control electric heat. Each glove plugs directly into the jacket liner, or an optional separate wire harness,…
Fly Racing Ignitor Heated Glove
$161.99 You save $17.96 (9%)
Heated Glove A self-contained heating system, the Fly Racing Ignitor Heated Gloves don't require wiring or bike/sled mods to keep your hands warm. Featuring a full length gauntlet, waterproofing, wrist straps and a no slip palm, the Ignitor gloves can be fine-tuned with a controller that has 4 heat
Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Leather Gloves
$197.99 You save $22.00 (10%)
…2.0 Heated Leather Glove. Heated by a series of durable steel fiber heating elements, which generate safe, electronically controlled infrared heat, the steel fiber elements are lightweight, flexible and safe to operate in wet conditions.The Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Leather Glove is powered…
Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves Goat skin glove chassis with padded textile palm reinforcements Molded PU knuckle and foam padding on fingers Ultra flexible accordion textile on top of hand and around thumb Full length wrist gauntlet with dual wrist adjustment and accordion panel on long wrist…
Firstgear Single Portable Heat-Troller
$62.99 You save $6.96 (9%)
Firstgear Single Portable Heat-TrollerDesigned to variably control heat output of 1 or multiple connected garments on 1 person such as a jacket liner and gloves To control temperature of each piece separately use our Dual Heat-Troller™ Each rider must have their own Heat-Troller™ Portability allows…
…Polyester/Lycra glove liners fit snugly under existing windproof and waterproof gloves or mitts Heats the entire length of each finger and thumb Engineered to go with our Gen X-3 Warm Tek Heated Jacket or Gen X-3 Heated Vest The use of a Temperature Controller is recommended to modulate heat output…
Mobile Warming Heated Textile Glove
$188.99 You save $21.00 (10%)
…Warming Heated Textile Glove MOBILE WARMING® technology was designed for activities in cold environment conditions for motorcyclists and outdoor enthusiasts to provide a comprehensive heating solution. This system utilizes ultra-fine steel alloy fiber heating technology which achieves active heat
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Firstgear 65 Watt Heated Jacket Liner
$167.99 You save $31.96 (15%)
…clothing when you need heat Lightweight soft nylon shell for minimum bulk, non-coasted finish for maximum breathability Form fitting, snug fit for optimum heat transfer to body Heating pads on front, upper and lower back, sleeves and collar for full heat coverage Integrated glove plugs and pants…
Joe Rocket Rocket Burner Heated Gloves
$143.99 You save $16.00 (10%)
…protection. And in spite of everything being kept in the gloves, the fit remains comfortable and full of mobility. In the world of heated gloves, the Rocket Burner is a very innovative development. Stainless core heating system 3 Stage heat setting with up to 4 hours of capacity Conductive materials…
Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Gloves
$170.99 You save $19.00 (10%)
…(v-split connector is required when using Synergy gloves with Synergy pant or vest liners) **Note: Connecting Tour Master Synergy electrically heated apparel to any other power source besides your vehicle's 12-volt battery will destroy the heating elements, void the warranty and may cause serious…
Alpinestars Tech Heated Gloves The Tech Heated Glove features the same active heating technology as Alpinestars' Tech Heated vest, ensuring controlled, consistent, heating over the whole hand Main leather construction with textile inserts and synthetic suede for enhanced durability and abrasion…
River Road Gunnison Gloves
$44.99 You save $4.96 (9%)
River Road Gunnison Gloves The Dry Techno™ waterproof, breathable membrane keeps water and wind out Thinsulate™ thermal insulation (70 g) traps and holds body heat Leather palms offer added grip and protection Adjustable wriststraps with hook-and-loop closure provide a secure fit The forearm cinch…
Firstgear Womens Heated Rider Gloves
$116.99 You save $12.96 (9%)
…Bulky, unheated gloves make things even tougher by reducing feel, reaction time and complicating operation of the controls. Firstgear's Warm & Safe heated gloves for men and women feature heating throughout the entire glove, while maintaining the thinness of a summer glove. The gloves plug directly…
Mobile Warming TX Heated Glove
$206.99 You save $23.00 (10%)
…comprehensive heating solution. This system utilizes ultra-fine steel alloy fiber heating technology which achieves active heat through a portable power supply. Unlike most other heated apparel, MOBILE WARMING®'s unique insulating heat transfer panels reflect and help avoid losing heat from the…
Thor Motocross Insulator Glove Single layer Clarino® palm keeps the gloves light without sacrificing feel or losing finger dexterity Rubber thumb overlay to reduce blistering Full palm & fingertip silicone pattern prevents slipping in wet conditions Knuckle protection coupled with large direct…
HJC IS-MAX Bluetooth Modular Snow Helmet
$193.99 - $202.99 You save up to $22.00 (9%)
…Open with one hand even with gloves on Optically Superior Faceshield: 95% UV protection QuickSlide Shield Replacement System: Quick, secure, tool-less removal and installation. "ACS" Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: Full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out SilverCool™…
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Joe Rocket Hybrid Gloves
$24.99 You save $15.00 (37%)
…Hybrid Gloves Lightweight vented gloves are great for their comfort and control, but rarely are useful in anything other than perfect weather conditions. The Joe Rocket Hybrid glove solves this problem with a built-in windproof pull-over cover that is hidden in the top hand. Taking on heat just as…
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Arctiva MPX Insulated Gloves
$67.00 You save $23.00 (25%)
Arctiva MPX Insulated GlovesEngineered for extreme conditions, the MPX gloves are designed to give you extreme comfort, extreme protection and extreme value. No other gloves can do what the MPX does.Durable leather and nylon chassis Zippered vent/heat pad pocket High abrasion resistant rubberized…
…the output wires of GEN X-3 temperature controller (single or dual) to GEN X-2 heated clothing (or other brands of clothing with SAE connectors) Connects GEN X-3 gloves to other brands of heated jackets with SAE glove connection plugs coming out of the sleeves Can be used in front of GEN X-3 battery…
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