1. Fuel Pump

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Mikuni Pulse Fuel Pump
$31.99 You save $2.96 (8%)
Mikuni Pulse Fuel Pump Mikuni Pulse Fuel Pumps employ an engine's fluctuation in crankcase pressure to pump fuel from a remote fuel tank to an engine's carburetor.Rectangular fuel pump with 1 outlet for a single carburetor Flush mounting 14 liters per hour flow rate
Boyesen Quickshot 3 Performance Accelerator Pump This bolt-on performance accelerator pump cover eliminates bog, improves throttle response and offers hassle free leak jet circuit tuning. Tunable leak jet maximizes volume of fuel and duration of squirt for all conditions Investment cast and finished…
Boyesen Quickshot 2 Accelerator Pump Cover
$85.99 - $89.99 You save up to $9.96 (9%)
Boysen Quickshot 2 Accelerator Pump Cover The NEW redesigned QUICKSHOT 2 has now pushed solid fuel delivery to the next level. Superior in design to all AP covers, the QS2 accelerates fuel delivery while eliminating troublesome trapped air that can cause bog and hesitation. 25% more fuel capacity…
Jims Fuel Pump Retainer Remover Tool Use for quick and easy service of fuel filter and other fuel-related parts Removes and installs retaining ring holding fuel pump Heavy-duty construction Made in the U.S.A.   **Note: For use with 08-13 FL Models
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