1. Fuel Hose

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Drag Specialties Black Braided Hose Hose features a black nylon braided covering Suitable for either gas or oil applications Available in various sizes and lengths 1/2" hose is for oil tank drains
Factory Effex Hose Clamp Kits
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Factory Effex Hose Clamp KitsThese Designed Radius Edge clamps are recommended. Designed with optimum edge radius to reduce hose cutting and have corrosionresistant plating for long life. 16 x 27mm 8 & 10 piece packs
Drag Specialties Stainless Steel Braided Hose Replace your motorcycle's cracked or leaking fuel or oil line with a brand new stainless steel braided hose by Drag Specialties. Strong, durable and a sleek look you can't go wrong in replacing all of your hoses on your street bike or cruiser.Can be used…
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BikeMaster Vacuum Fuel Hose Clamp
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Bikemaster Vacuum/Fuel Hose Clamp To find a vacuum leak, you need to eliminate the hoses one by one Clamp off each hose on one end then the other and quickly find the issue Attach clamp over the hose, clamp and slide the lock in place Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
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