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Motion Pro Fork Cap Wrench
$19.99 MSRP 22.95
(4 reviews)
Motion Pro Fork Cap WrenchFor removing the fork caps on late-model RMs & CRs Can be used for removal of a compression stack on late-model RMs, also fits 2010 Honda CRF250R One end is 46mm, the other is 50mm
Motion Pro Fork Seal Bullet Tool
$4.95 - $24.99 MSRP $4.95-$28.95
(2 reviews)
Motion Pro Fork Seal Bullet Tool Protects the fork seal and wiper of inverted forks from damage by the bushing groove during installation Eliminates the need to wrap the fork tube with tape Fitment size is marked on each bullet for easy identification Each size is a different color
Motion Pro Ringer Fork Seal Driver
$38.99 MSRP 44.99
(20 reviews)
…Pro Ringer Fork Seal Driver Innovative design features an anodized aluminum locking ring that positively locks body halves together during use and makes tool easier and more secure to use than pin-aligned fork seal drivers Locking design means the tool won't fall off and damage the fork leg or hit…
Willie and Max American Classic Tool Pouch
$40.99 MSRP 53.95
(3 reviews)
Willie and Max American Classic Tool PouchBlack synthetic leather, matches American Classic Saddlebags Mounts to front fork or sissy bar with easy to use cable ties (included)Accented with studs, conchos and fringe 12"W x 5"H x 2 ½"D Click Here for Additional Luggage Information
Race Tech Cartridge Rod Holding Tool
$18.99 MSRP 19.95
(2 reviews)
…Rod Holding ToolThe Cartridge Rod Holding Tool allows you to more easily disassemble and assemble Showa Twin-Chamber and most street cartridge forks When applied, the tool holds back the spring allowing you to loosen or tighten the bottom nut or the fork cap on the cartridge rod Plastic design keeps…
Burly Disassembly Tool
$35.99 MSRP 39.95
Burly Disassembly Tool Disassembly tool for fork lowering kit Designed to assemble and disassemble OEM Springer forks Facilitates the removal and installation of both the rebound and compression fork springs **Note: For 89-06 FXSTS Models
Progressive Suspension Drop-In Front Fork Lowering System
$76.99 - $116.99 MSRP $84.95-$129.95
(3 reviews)
…DROP-IN fork Lowering Kits have transformed a once messy, and time consuming install into a 30 minute cake walk on most models. Pull up to two inches out of the front end of your bike No hassle of disassembling the forks or even changing out the oil Entire process can be done with basic tools Made…
Jims Fork Leg Holder Tool
Jims Fork Leg Holder Tool Holds fork legs and tubes for easy hands-free servicing or rebuilding Mounts in vise to hold fork to 2" dia. max. firmly during repair without causing damage to fork assembly Will not scratch finish Made in the U.S.A.
Motion Pro Micro Bleeders
$12.99 MSRP 14.95
(4 reviews)
…without tools One of the easiest bolt-on upgrades you can make to your forks Kit includes 2 bleeder valves M4x0.7 WP 4860 MXMA Micro Bleeders Features Black For 2007 or later SX/SXF/XC/XCF/XCW models with WP 4860 MXMA CC Closed Cartridge fork caps. Also for use on all 1999 and later WP 43/WP 48 fork
Ratio-Rite Measuring Cup
(11 reviews)
…pre-calibrated ratio mark and pour into gas Ratios are from 16:1 to 44:1 for 1, 1-1/2, 2, and 2-1/2 gallons Calibrations also include oz., c.c.'s, and pints on the opposite side for transmission oil, fork oil, etc Total capacity is 24 oz. Polypropylene construction Optional Stay-Clean Lid Available
Fly Racing Single Button Holeshot Device
$85.99 MSRP 94.95
(2 reviews)
…offering better mounting to the plastic fork guard with everyday common tools. The elongated groove is flawless in all types of conditions including mud. No aiming and hoping the pin locks into the ring like the competitor's systems, just compress the forks push the pin and it is locked in. Your…
Motion Pro Master Cylinder Snap Ring Plier
$23.99 MSRP 27.95
…used in hydraulic master cylinders Replaces 07914-SA50001 and AKS-316-2010 Can be used to remove and replace small to medium internal snap rings up to 50mm deep, including those used for transmission gear locating, bearing retention, and seal retention Applicable to some fork seal retaining rings
MSR Steering Wrench
$17.99 MSRP 19.95
MSR Steering Wrench Steering/fork cap wrench allows access with handlebars in place 12-point design on all steering/fork cap wrench for easier tool placement 30-32mm wrench sizes
BikeMaster Fork Cap Nut Socket
$12.71 - $25.46 MSRP $14.95-$29.95
BikeMaster Fork Cap Nut Socket For removing and installing fork caps without damaging the nut Helps prevent unsightly rounding of the fork nut caused by using the incorrect tool Works with 1/2" drive ratchets and 1" wrench for superior leverage Heavy-duty steel construction
Motion Pro Fork Oil Level Tool
$19.99 MSRP 22.95
(16 reviews)
Motion Pro Fork Oil Level Tool The perfect tool for checking or adjusting fork level oils Works on any conventional or inverted fork Aluminum adjusting ring will measure from 0-300 mm Syringe has a capacity of approximately 60 ml
Vortex V3 Front Stand
$90.99 MSRP 105.95
…end from the bottom of the forks to facilitate tire, brake and wheel service CNC machined 6061 aluminum lifting cups are light, strong, and durable Twin spar lift arms with pinch screw tighten down securely and allow for quick adjustment without the need for tools Works with most Japanese models…
BikeMaster Fork Seal Installers
$50.96 MSRP 59.95
(2 reviews)
BikeMaster Fork Seal Installers Having the right tools for the job will save a small fortune. This is especially true when replacing fork seals, installing seals even and straight will increase seal and stanchion life and decrease the chance a scratching delicate surfaces. BikeMaster's Fork Seal…
K&L 3-in-1 Truing Stand
$520.99 MSRP 547.95
K&L 3-in-1 Truing Stand Check your cranks and fork tubes for run-out; true spoke wheels; balance spoke and cast wheels 11" between points Handles rims up to 21" Dial indicator not included; available separately
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