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MSR Flywheel Weight
$93.99 - $110.99 You save up to $18.96 (14%)
MSR Racing Flywheel WeightPrecision machined from billet steel Bolt-on installation, no drilling or tapping required Ignition cover spacer included when needed Smoother power Reduces stalling Manufactured for MSR by Steahly Products **Note: Honda CR250 1990-2001 Requires cover mod.
TMV Flywheel Weight
$99.99 - $149.95
TMV Flywheel Weight Machined from 303 stainless steel that's 15% heavier than standard steel, allowing more mass in a smaller space No extra gaskets or leaking plastic spacers
Closeout 14% off
MSR Flywheel Weight With Ignition Cover
$195.99 You save $33.96 (14%)
MSR Racing Flywheel Weight With Ignition Cover Precision machined from stainless steel Bolt-on installation at end of crank- no drilling or tapping for most models Includes CNC machined aluminum ignition cover Makes your machine easier to ride by smoothing the hit
Moose Racing Flywheel Puller Set Metric 10pc puller set Has thread pitch and size combinations to fit almost all motorcycles Made from high grade steel Storage case included **Note: Metric only. Not for use on SAE fastener styles.
Hinson Racing Steel Clutch Basket
$284.99 - $365.99 You save up to $19.00 (4%)
…Racing Steel Clutch Basket Heavier basket to create the combined effect of a high performance clutchbasket along with the added traction of a flywheel weight, both in one part Constructed of billet steel machined to aerospace tolerances Extremely wear resistant Increased oiling to help fight clutch…
…for any 100 cubic inch or larger Big Twin with performance modifications such as porting, cam change, big bore cylinders and/ or stroker flywheels (2-1/16" diameter throat). Carb kit includes: S&S Super G S&S teardrop air cleaner assembly Manifold Mounting hardware Fuel line Clamps Overflow…
BikeMaster Flywheel Holder
$27.16 You save $4.79 (14%)
Bikemaster Flywheel Holder Using a screwdriver can lead to damage of bearings and chipped gear teeth Manufacturer's lifetime warranty Pin Style
…other clutch drive plates Won't expand and cause fade like stock aluminum plates 300% longer life than stock Increased weight (3/4lb.) over stock plates adds flywheel effect, aiding starting and traction Sold in sets of six or seven(depending on machine application) May be used as OEM replacement
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