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Cobra Classic Floorboards
$169.96 - $271.99 You save up to $47.96 (15%)
Cobra Classic Floorboards Cobra's floorboard kits let you remove those stock, "put-your-feet-here" pegs and fit functional and stylish floorboards instead and bring a big, tasteful look to your cruiser Front kits have CNC-machined billet mounts and stamped steel footrests Quick and painless…
Cobra Swept Floorboards
$169.96 - $280.49 You save up to $49.46 (15%)
Cobra Swept Front Floorboards Nothing says "comfort" like a set of chrome lined Swept-Style Floorboards from Cobra. Stretch out in style as these floorboards greatly improve rider and passenger leg room for better long distance riding endurance. Cobra's Swept Style Floorboards are testimony that…
Kuryakyn Ribbed Floorboards for Driver or Passenger Style, quality, function, & adjust-ability at a price that can't be beat. Switching to floorboards just got easier & with five thoughtfully placed splined mounts, these boards can be fine tuned just right for the rider or passenger. Sold in pairs…
Kuryakyn Flip Blades for Floorboards Adding the comfort of highway pegs to your FL Softail or Touring rig doesn't have to mean extra clutter. These stealthy highway pegs simply bolt in place on the bottom of the Traditional or Swept Wing H-D foot-board. When deployed, they fold out & lock into place…
Kuryakyn ISO Floorboards for Passengers
$186.99 You save $33.00 (15%)
Kuryakyn ISO Floorboards for Passengers Install a floorboard in place of a foot peg! These kits include the Kuryakyn finely chromed ISO-Boards equipped with cushy, full length ISO rubber inserts and a cast bracket to connect the ISO-Board to the slip resistant splined adapter. Sold in pairs Splined…
Show Chrome Passenger Floorboard Set
$149.00 - $170.99 You save up to $18.96 (21%)
Show Chrome Passenger Floorboard Set Both rider and passenger floorboards for a variety of applications High-quality chrome boards with rubber inserts Available with either frame clamps or model-specific mounting hardware Boards can rotate on mounting hardware for personalized installation Sold in…
Kuryakyn Zombie Driver Floorboard Covers
$144.49 You save $25.50 (15%)
Kuryakyn Zombie Driver Floorboard Covers Standing out without being pushy, the chromed inlays play nice with the rest of the Kuryakyn bling that makes your bike unique. Direct replacements for the stock floorboard covers, the assemblies sit on top of the stock steel base plates so no comfort is…
Kuryakyn Transformer Floorboards
$237.99 You save $42.00 (15%)
Kuryakyn Transformer Floorboards Get more comfortable by adding some flashy chrome floorboards to your Gold Wing. These innovative floorboards give your feet more support and multiple positions that will decrease stiffness and fatigue in knees and ankles.Highly chromed floorboards that offer style,…
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MC Enterprises Floorboards
$204.99 - $477.99 You save up to $53.00 (17%)
MC Enterprises Floorboards Floorboards are cast aluminum construction with rubber foot pads Provide convenient shifting and additional comfort on long rides Mount to original footpeg location Include brake extension, heel rests and sidestand extension on most models
Kuryakyn Floorboard Kit
$365.49 You save $64.50 (15%)
Kuryakyn Floorboard Kit Put your feet in a more comfortable position, update foot controls, & improve the look of your bike all in one! Kit includes a built-in heel-toe shifter & a brake lever for the ultimate in comfort & convenience. Part of Kuryakyn's ISO® series, these finely chromed driver…
Kuryakyn Flame Passenger Floorboard Inserts
$59.49 You save $10.50 (15%)
Kuryakyn Flame Passenger Floorboard Inserts Created from a sculpted black rubber pad with a chromed inlay, Kuryakyn's Inserts match their killer Driver Floorboard Covers. Easily installed in place of the stock, ribbed rubber pads. Sold in pairs Quickly installed **Note: For passenger floorboard…
Show Chrome Highway Floorboards Folding highway boards with a variety of different mounts More comfort due to ability to change position of feet Offsets allow adjustment up, down, forward and back Available in Straight or Stepped offsets Stepped offset moves highway board out about 1" Sold in pairs
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