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Kuryakyn ISO Floorboards for Driver or Passenger Install a floorboard in place of a foot peg! These kits include the Kuryakyn finely chromed ISO-Boards equipped with cushy, full length ISO rubber inserts and a cast bracket to connect the ISO-Board to the slip resistant splined adapter. Sold in pairs…
Cobra Classic Floorboards
$179.99 - $283.99 You save up to $30.96 (9%)
Cobra Classic Floorboards Cobra's floorboard kits let you remove those stock, "put-your-feet-here" pegs and fit functional and stylish floorboards instead and bring a big, tasteful look to your cruiser Front kits have CNC-machined billet mounts and stamped steel footrests Quick and painless…
Cobra Swept Floorboards
$179.99 - $287.99 You save up to $31.96 (9%)
Cobra Swept Front Floorboards Nothing says "comfort" like a set of sexy new Swept-Style Floorboards from Cobra. Stretch out in style with these swoopy foot rests that improve rider and passenger leg room for better long or short range riding endurance. Cobra's Swept Style Floorboards are testimony…
Kuryakyn Premium Mini Boards
$80.99 - $89.99
Kuryakyn Premium Mini Boards Do you find that foot pegs are lacking in support, but don't want the bulkiness of a foot board? Kuryakyn has the perfect solution. Introducing Kuryakyn's newest innovation, the Premium Mini Board. This compact board combines the size & convenience of a peg with the…
…of highway pegs without adding the clutter. These stealthy highway pegs simply bolt in place on the bottom of the Traditional or swept Wing H-D floorboard. When deployed, they fold out & lock into place - much like a pocketknife blade. A release lever allows them to return to their original, almost…
Eddie Trotta Designs Driver Floorboards
$379.99 You save $19.96 (4%)
Eddie Trotta Designs Driver Floorboards Eddie Trotta Floorboards are CNC-machined from 6061 billet aluminum and feature reverse-cut design with a raised, diamond-cut center for increased traction. Available with chrome or black-anodized finish Made in the U.S.A.
Kuryakyn Flamed Driver Floorboard Covers
$143.99 You save $16.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Flamed Driver Floorboard Covers Cover install on the OEM floorboards and give the bike a custom look Sold in pairs **Note: Only install over OEM floorboards Kawasaki VN900B/C, Vulcan Custom/Classic and VL800/1500, Suzuki C50/C90 Boulevard models will not be able to use kuryakyn heel shift…
Show Chrome Highway Floorboards Folding highway boards with a variety of different mounts More comfort due to ability to change position of feet Offsets allow adjustment up, down, forward and back Available in Straight or Stepped offsets Stepped offset moves highway board out about 1" Sold in pairs
Kuryakyn Cruise Peg Mounts
$134.99 - $161.99 You save up to $18.00 (10%)
…onto the existing forward controls or floorboards for a sturdy, comfortable setup that is also pleasing to the eye. Sold in pairs Foot pegs sold separately Made in the U.S.A. **Note: Choose floorboard option if your VTX 1300 S/T comes stock with floorboards. **Note: Will not work with Kuryakyn…
Kuryakyn Premium Flip Boards
$296.99 You save $33.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Premium Flip Boards Have it all! A great looking floorboard that features a flip out cruise peg & multiple mounting positions. Mount up to 2-1/2" forward & back & 3/4" out over the stock board position. These boards measure 15-3/8" long by 4-7/8" wide & feature a much larger footprint than…
Performance Machine Contour Rear Brake Pedals
$134.99 - $161.99 You save up to $17.96 (9%)
Performance Machine Contour Rear Brake Pedals Machined aluminum construction with chrome or Contrast Cut™ finish Contrast Cut™ finish starts with a polished brake pedal that's been black anodized, then recut to open up the design Matching floorboards available Made in the U.S.A.
…flattening the angle of the pad Eliminates your foot being "under" the brake pedal, for a more natural feel when moving your foot from the floorboard to the brake pedal Polished, chrome-plated finish Bronze bushing with grease fitting for long life For use with floorboard-equipped bikes Compatible…
Kuryakyn Driver Floorboard Spacers
$35.99 You save $4.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Driver Floorboard Spacers Move your stock driver boards outward 3/4 of an inch. It doesn't sound like much, but now you don't have to hug the gas tank with your thighs to get your foot fully on the board. You're also alleviating some heat build-up by allowing the hot air to get out between…
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