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Kolpin Flat Pack Tire Repair Kit
$36.99 You save $3.25 (8%)
Kolpin Flat Pack Tire Repair Kit Are you prepared for a flat tire on your next trip? What about two flat tires? Are you relying on CO2 or compression pump? Slow leaks, limited supply or debris can leave you stranded when you need them most. So stop messing around with less-than-reliable methods and…
BikeMaster Tire and Tube Flat Repair Kit
$37.56 You save $9.39 (20%)
BikeMaster Tire and Tube Flat Repair Kit Tube? Tubeless? Doesn't matter, the BikeMaster Flat Repair Kit can fix both and comes with 4 CO2 cylinders to get you rolling again. And no need to worry about storage, the kit comes in its own handy carrying case. Cover tubes and tubeless repair Comes…
Michelin Bib Mousse Flat-Proof Competition Foam Tube Made from a multi-cellular butyl material, replaces conventional tubes, providing a pressure equivalent of approximately 13 psi (0.9 bar) Bib mousse may used only with Michelin off-road tires, including StarCross MS2, StarCross MH2, S12, M12, H12,…
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Motosport Alloys M20 Kore Front Rear Wheel
$79.99 You save $67.01 (45%)
Motosport Alloys M20 Kore Front/Rear Wheel The M20 Kore is the pinnacle of Motosport Alloys engineering, research, development and design experience. They pulled out all of the punches on the M20 Kore UTV Wheels, releasing not one but three industry firsts. To start, the M20 Kore come standard in…
Motosport Alloys M16 Vice Beadlock Front/Rear Wheel The M16 Vice is a WORCS, KOTH and GNCC race proven, true bead lock atv wheel for any enthusiast wanting the ultimate in performance no matter the terrain. The benefit of a true bead lock system is locking the tire between the lip of the aluminum…
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