1. Flashing Lights

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…appliques These hi-viz stickers greatly increase night-time visibility and are an easy application onto any helmet style Using the same principles as modulated headlights, the flashes of light off these reflective stickers serve to capture the car driver’s attention **Note: Helmet not included
…mode. MODE 1: No light or strobe. Battery saving off-mode. MODE 2: Solid-on - Stays lit; no strobing action. Continuous operation of 8 hours. MODE 3: Slow Strobe - One flash per second capable of over 100 hours of continuous operation. MODE 4: Fast Strobe - 2.7 flashes per second for 25+…
…or break and will never burn out. Proton lights function as running lights as well as turn signals. They are quite simply the best money can buy. Programmable - choose from 3 exciting blinker affects, including: Fade-in/fade-out, strobe (multiple flashes per blink) and standard blink The brightest…
Kuryakyn Light Bar with LED Signals
$254.99 You save $45.00 (15%)
Light Bar with LED signals. Halogen Silver Bullets make this Light Bar Shine above the rest ensuring high visibility while adding stylish chrome to your motorcycle. A band of high intensity amber LEDs start up front and wrap around to the sides giving other vehicles bright flashes of orange light.
Saddlemen Hooded Bullet LED Marker/Signal Light KitsChoose kits with titanium-coated black chrome or polished stainless steel finish hooded bezels and amber or red lights Green looking, easy to install lights include six pairs of lenses in every kit: flat, domed and bullet, each pair in clear and…
Lil Lightning Inc RP-2 Lithium Jump Start Pack
$143.99 You save $15.96 (9%)
Lil Lightning RP-2 Lithium Jump Start PackDon't get caught stranded with a dead battery, the Lil Lighting Rescue Pak is LIGHTNING IN A BOX! The Rp2 (Rescue PaK 2) comes with twice the approximate storage capacity of the Rp1. With a larger design you get the most powerful and portable jump box of its…
BikeMaster Micro Bright Replacement Resistors Vibration tested and sealed for life Ultra reliable with no bulbs to replace Includes box resistors for correct flash rate OFFROAD USE ONLY. NOT D.O.T. APPROVED 150,000 MCD brightness High-power single L.E.D. Waterproof
Saddlemen Saddlebag Mounted LED Marker Light KitsIntegrated, flush-mounted LED high/low LED red marker light Permits easy installation of marker lights in the back of saddlebags for a clean, custom look Lights have multi-faceted clear lenses Includes instructions and drilling templates for Saddlemen…
…LED lighted whip within the same mount, and they can be interchanged within seconds and without the use of tools. Installation instructions are provided High strength, light weight plastic Supply current - Less then 0.5amp Supply voltage - 8vdc - 24vdc LED whips are available in standard, flash and…
Kuryakyn Triple Whammy Light Kit
$93.49 You save $16.50 (15%)
Kuryakyn Triple Whammy Light Kit Make sure you are seen on the open road! This kit allows you to change your stock turn signals into Run-Turn-Brake lights with easy Plug & Play installation. The optional flash mode flashes the taillights when the brakes are hit - catching the attention of anyone…
Kuryakyn Remote Control for Lizard Lights
$42.49 You save $7.50 (15%)
Kuryakyn Remote Control for Lizard Lights This remote control allows you to turn the lights on & off; select steady-on, flash, or paint mode; & adjust rate-of-flash or rate-of-change in paint mode. Each kit includes switch receiver & one remote control. Replacement remote control units are available…
Kuryakyn Under Tour Trunk LED Accent
$186.99 You save $33.00 (15%)
…the tour trunk & saddlebags with this stunning L.E.D Accent! Not only does this stylish accent provide a flash of chrome, it also provides additional run & turn signal accent lighting to make sure that you are seen on the road. Simple peel-&-stick installation & plug-&-play wiring make putting…
…Having issues with your newly installed LED marker lights? Do your marker lights strobe rapidly or fail to blink? The DMP LED Flasher Relay works as a direct replacement to the stock flasher relay to normalize flash rate on aftermarket LED marker light setups. The DMP LED Flasher Relay is a clean…
Rumble Concept Easy Plug Relay Direct replacement to the O.E. standard flasher relay Used to normalize the flash rate of any aftermarket L.E.D. signal No splicing or cutting of wires; just remove the old relay and plug in the new relay (application specific) Sold individually **Note: Item is bike…
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AKO Racing L.E.D. Integrated Taillights
$29.99 - $69.99 You save up to $38.52 (68%)
…L.E.D bulb for a bright and crisp illumination Brake/running lights are independently powered and vice versa with the signal lights Built-in load resistor prevents speedy flash rates; thus providing for a true and natural looking flash **Notes: Item is bike specific, may vary from image Black/Chrome…
…DMP LED Marker Lights are designed to function with all 12 Volt motorcycle electrical systems as a single filament type flashing unit. Non running light.Please refer to your motorcycle manual for correct wiring schematics and or correct wire color coding. *Note: DMP LED Lighting are not D.O.T.…
…DMP LED Marker Lights are designed to function with all 12 Volt motorcycle electrical systems as a single filament type flashing unit. Non running light.Please refer to your motorcycle manual for correct wiring schematics and or correct wire color coding. *Note: DMP LED Lighting are not D.O.T.…
GMax GM78 Firestarter Helmet
$127.99 You save $21.96 (14%)
…Helmet Lightweight DOT approved thermo-plastic ploy alloy shell New integrated multi-function red LED rear light with three distinct settings: steady on, slow flash, and rapid flash Interior and styro designed for controlled air flow New inner flip tint sun lens with the best anti-fog coating…
Kuryakyn Panacea Taillights
$169.99 - $179.99
light that is unaffected by the vibrations produced on the average motorcycle. The Panacea taillight draws fewer amps than your stock taillight allowing more power for other vehicle requirements & extending alternator life. In addition, the Panacea taillight can be set to pulse the brake lights
Kuryakyn Pulsating Brake Controller
$67.99 - $76.49 You save up to $13.50 (15%)
…controller your brake lights automatically pulsate then remain brightly lit every time you apply the brakes. Design also allows easy connection of load equalizers if upgrading turn signals to L.E.D. Sold each Quickly installed **Note: Provides 3 seconds of decelerating flashing brake lights
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