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Bobster Foamerz II Sunglasses
$17.99 You save $1.99 (9%)
Bobster Foamerz II Sunglasses Wrap around sunglasses with anti-fog polycarbonate lenses Closed cell memory foam allows ventilation while providing a cushioned lining to protect the eyes from wind and dust while you are flying down the road Flexible polycarbonate frame wraps securely around the face…
Bobster Night Hawk Over the Glass Goggles
$35.99 You save $3.99 (9%)
Bobster Night Hawk Over the Glass Goggles The Night Hawk is the ideal solution for the rider who requires prescription glasses. The goggle fits over most RX glasses and comes with a single anti-fog lens. The flexible polyurethane frame has double layer foam (neoprene and open cell) for added comfort…
Eyeride Over Glass Goggles
$30.99 You save $2.96 (8%)
Eyeride Over Glass Goggles Hard rubber molded frame with an unbreakable polycarbonate UV 400 anti-fog lens Dense foam cushion and adjustable strap, packed in a large micro fiber pouch Designed to fit over a wide variety of prescription glasses and is also worn as is
Bobster Shield II Sunglasses
$14.99 You save $0.99 (6%)
Bobster Shield II Sunglasses Frameless construction The gloss black temples securely hold the 1-piece lenses in place comfortably and securely Lenses are precision crafted of shatter resistant polycarbonate, slightly wrapping around the face to minimize wind disruption and turbulence 100% UVA/UVB…
Bobster Fuel Photochromic Goggles
$44.99 You save $4.96 (9%)
Bobster Fuel Photochromic GogglesThe Fuel Photochromic Goggles get darker in sunlight and lighter at night. The neoprene foam is lined with fleece for additional comfort and the adjustable strap ensures a secure fit to your face.Features:Photochromic anti-fog lenses (Clear Lenses: 85% VLT - 25% VLT)…
Global Vision Eliminator Goggles Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses UV400 Filter for Maximum UV Protection Scratch Resistant Coating Soft Airy Foam Venting Helps Prevent Fogging Clear, Clear Mirror, Smoke, Driving Mirror, Yellow Tint Mirror, Yellow Tint or Assorted Lenses Includes Microfiber Pouch
Global Vision Spider Kit Goggles Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses UV400 Filter for Maximum UV Protection Scratch Resistant Coating Rubber Tips Rubber Nose Pads Fits Over Glasses Foam-Covered Venting Material-Covered Foam Micro-Fiber Pouch Adjustable Strap with Anti-Slip Grip Strip Can be Worn…
Bobster Photochromic Fat Boy Sunglasses
$35.99 You save $3.99 (9%)
Bobster Photochromic Fat Boy Sunglasses The Fat Boy photochromic sunglasses feature transitional lens technology. This photochromic technology is caused by molecular reactions to UV light that allows the lenses to darken reducing the amount of light reaching the eyes. The lens transmission allows 87…
Bobster Low Rider II Sunglasses
$53.99 You save $5.99 (9%)
Bobster Low Rider II Sunglasses Get down with this wrap around eyewear that rides stylishly over the eyes while providing ultimate peripheral vision. Three sets of polycarbonate lenses allow a smooth transition from day riding to evening and night rides. The rugged black matte frame made of Grilamid…
Bobster Sport and Street II Sunglasses
$32.99 You save $2.99 (8%)
Bobster Sport and Street II Sunglasses Features: Frame Convertible: Yes Frame Finish: Matte Frame Foam Type: Closed cell EVA Frame Material: Polycarbonate Frame Measurements: Temple to Temple 144 mm, Height 51 mm Frame RX Ready: Yes Frame Temples: Skull Lens Coatings: 100% UVA and UVB protection…
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Bobster Photochromic Gunner Goggles/Sunglasses Sleek and subtle convertible eyewear, which combines the most efficient aspects and functions of all eyewear available Wrap around Grilimid TR90 frame can be worn either with smooth temples as sunglasses or with a detachable adjustable strap as a goggle…
River Road Kickback Sunglasses River Road brings the quality craftsmanship that we typically see in their motorcycle products, right to your face with their new line of custom riding glasses. They have always brought us great products and you can expect nothing less with their new sunglasses. High…
Global Vision Classic 1 Goggles Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses UV400 Filter for Maximum UV Protection Scratch Resistant Coating Vinyl Covered Thick Foam with Fabric Covered Inside Padding that Extends Down the Nose Area for added Comfort Adjustable Strap with Anti-Slip Grip Strip Can be worn…
Drag Specialties Red Baron Goggles Ride like the Red Baron Black, extra-soft, close-fitting face cushion Flat black metal or stainless steel frames with replaceable, lightly tinted acrylic lenses Three-position lens adjuster, air vents and fully adjustable elastic headband Leather-like feel and…
Bobster Renegade Photochromic Sunglasses
$44.99 You save $4.99 (9%)
Bobster Renegade Photochromic SunglassesDon't get stuck out afterhours without your shades. The Bobster Photochromic Sunglasses go from clear to smoke in daylight and back to clear for nighttime riding.Features: Photochromic lenses that start out clear (VLT 83%) and darken to a smoke (VLT 28%) while…
Bobster Scarlet Sunglasses
$35.99 You save $3.96 (9%)
Bobster Scarlet Sunglasses Designed with the women rider in mind, the Scarlet Sunglasses combine style and function into one sleek-looking package. A small flower design decorates the sides of the frame adding a hint of femininity, but the ANSI certification indicates a hidden toughness. Features:…
Bobster GXR Sunglass-Goggles
$16.99 You save $0.99 (5%)
Bobster GXR Sunglass-Goggles The GXR sets the standard for aggressive styling and convenience for the spur of the moment sport adventurer. It includes a slide and snap adjustable strap that allows you to quickly convert from sunglasses to goggles and back. The lightweight frame is constructed from…
Bobster Rukus Photochromic Sunglasses
$53.99 You save $5.99 (9%)
Bobster Rukus Photochromic Sunglasses The Rukus is the perfect blend of both function and style in one lightweight sunglass. The Bobster Rukus Photochromic Sunglasses killer looks can go from motorcycle ride to your favorite sport event whether its day or night. Features: Photochromic anti-fog…
Bobster Cruiser Goggles
$12.99 You save $0.99 (7%)
Bobster Cruiser Goggles The Cruiser goggle is stylish and ideal for riding, sky-diving and any other activities requiring eye protection. Open cell foam adds comfort and creates a sealed fit in order to keep out wind. Ventilation slits on each side of the frame and an anti-fog coating prevent the…
Pacific Coast Airfoil 9300 Goggles
$35.99 You save $3.96 (9%)
Pacific Coast Airfoil 9300 Goggles This good-looking goggle is made to fit comfortably over most prescription eyeglasses The ventilated black plastic foam with soft contoured foam padding provides a tight seal to keep out the wind Comes with UV 400 antifog polycarbonate lenses with adjustable…
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