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BikeMaster Tie-Down Extension
Bikemaster Tie-Down Extension Extends usable length of tiedown straps Measures 18" long Provides additional protection for plastic and metal parts Sold in pairs
Quadboss Fender Protectors
Fender Protectors
$139.46 - $222.99
You save $16.89 (10%)
  • Glossy Finish
  • Wrinkle Finish
Quadboss Fender Protectors Easily bolts to rear rack and foot rests Protects rear fenders from damage Sold in pairs 1" diameter Footpegs Included
Kuryakyn Mud Flaps for Trikes
Mud Flaps for Trikes
You save $13.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
Kuryakyn Mud Flaps for Trikes Reduce road spray from the rear tires & add some style to your trike with these great looking mud flaps. Made from durable, yet flexible rubber contrasting with chrome...
Steadymate Kwik Straps
Kwik Straps
You save $1.96 (9%)
  • Purple
Steadymate Kwik Straps Similar in function to the Soft Loop this premium accessory is made with round sling material to add a "little give" over the rougher terrain. As a sling, it ensures tha...
Maier Upper Front Fender Extension
Upper Front Fender Extension
You save $7.48 (10%)
  • Black
Maier Upper Front Fender ExtensionGive your BMW adventure bike a little extra styling Textured black finish will match with stock color schemes Offers increased protection from tire sling Designed ...
Steadymate Soft Loops
Steadymate Soft Loops The Soft Loop is designed to work with any type of Tie-Down that you are using (specifically the Cinchtite 1 and 2). It can be used to either loop, or create a slip knot,...
Powertye 1" Tie-Down Assist
1" Tie-Down Assist
You save $0.75 (10%)
  • Black
  • Blue
Powertye 1" Tie-Down Assist Use with tiedowns on machines without regular hook access Loop around frames, handlebars, etc., to avoid hook damage 18" long, 4,000 lb. test nylon Sold in pairs
Show Chrome Front Fender Extension
Show Chrome
Front Fender Extension
$53.99 - $71.99
You save $7.96 (10%)
  • Chrome
Show Chrome Front Fender Extension Dress up front fenders with this chromed extension Help reduce amount of water spray in wet conditions Sold each
Ancra Tie-Down Extension
Tie-Down Extension
$6.99 - $7.99
You save up to $0.50 (7%)
  • Black
Ancra Tie-Down Extension Use for extension or additional protection of handlebars, seat, rails etc. 3,000lb assembly strength Sold in pairs
Maier Front Fender Extension
Front Fender Extension
$35.70 - $39.06
You save $4.16 (10%)
  • Carbon Fiber Look
  • Gloss Black
  • Textured Black
Maier Front Fender Extension Gravel, mud and other debris thrown from the front tire can dent or damage components on your bikes under carriage. Increase protection from tire sling by adding fender...
Quadboss Adjustable Rack Extensions
Adjustable Rack Extensions
You save $9.96 (10%)
  • Black
Quadboss Adjustable Rack Extensions Unique adjustable width feature with spring locking buttons Industry first adjustable corner angle (Up to 30º) fits almost any ATV rack Strong steel tubular con...
Pro-Tek Swingarm Buddy
Swingarm Buddy
$25.99 - $43.99
You save up to $3.96 (8%)
  • Silver
Pro-Tek Swingarm Buddy Replaces seized and/or broken chain adjuster bolts Kit allows you to replace broken bolts in approximately 10 minutes without having to remove the swingarm from the bike Com...
NOCO 10' Extension Cable
10' Extension Cable
You save $2.00 (13%)
Noco Genius 10' Extension Cable Extend the reach of your NOCO Genius battery charger and accessories with the GC004 10' Extension Cable. With Quick Connect connectors on both ends, connecting the 1...
Kuryakyn L.E.D. Saddlebag Extensions
L.E.D. Saddlebag Extensions
You save $36.00 (10%)
  • Chrome
  • Gloss Black
Kuryakyn L.E.D. Saddlebag ExtensionsWhat's better than the look of extended saddlebags? Extended saddlebags with wrap around auxiliary run and turn signal lights built in! In black with smoked lens...
BikeMaster Wobble Extension Bar Set
Wobble Extension Bar Set
$17.99 - $23.99
You save up to $1.96 (8%)
  • Chrome
BikeMaster Wobble Extension Bar Set Have an obstacle between you and the nut or bolt you're attempting to loosen/tighten? With Bikemaster's Wobble Extension Bars you can drive sockets 15º off ver...