1. Engine Control Module

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Dynojet Power Commander III USB
$199.99 - $399.99 MSRP $359.95-$499.95
(155 reviews)
…easy-to-follow instructions Direct injector control technology manages the fuel curve on models that do not have the sensors to monitor fuel adjustment Features an expansion port for future add-on modules from Dynojet USB power programming module is necessary to provide voltage to your Power…
Daytona Twin Tec TC88A Ignition Kit
…on electronic ignition systems and engine controls for Harley Davison motorcycles. Twin Tec product line is based on the most advanced technology and does not involve compromises. They manufacture products in a highly automated U.S. facility with quality control built around experience and common…
Two Brothers Racing Juice Boost ECU Bypass
$50.99 MSRP 59.95
…JUICE BOOST™ - Engine Control Unit Increases up to 7 horsepower Increases the REV limiter Installs in minutes Simple plug-in technology By plugging in a Two Brothers Racing JUICE BOOST™ ECU bypass module, your LTR will automatically be programmed to utilize a secondary racing engine management map…
Gears Gen X-3 Warm Tek Heated Gloves
(5 reviews)
…left glove Extra-long gauntlet and Velcro closure keep cold air and water out Engineered to go with Gen X-3 Warm Tek Heated Jacket  or Gen X-3 Heated Vest The use of a Temperature Controller is recommended to modulate heat and avoid overheating Connects to a 12V battery and provides 27 watts of heat…
Dynatek 2000SE Ignition Module
Dynatech 2000SE Ignition Module The Dynatek 2000SE Ignition is the latest from Dynatek. It is a piggyback unit that allows you to control the ignition timing of your motorcycle's engine. The 2000SE uses direct coil driver technology and allows a high degree of timing adjustment.PC programmable…
Dynojet Secondary Fuel Module
$219.95 MSRP 249.95
…to have a single fuel table that simply puts the requested fuel change in both upper and lower injector modules at the same time The basic mode is the perfect setting for modified engines that require more fuel than four injectors can provide, but do not need the complexity of mapping each cylinder…
Dynatek FI Controller
Dynatek FI ControllerPlug in module that offers 3 user selectable base fuel curves that are designed to improved engine operation and can be modified to suit a wide variety of modification Adjustments are made via 3 potentiometers that adjust the fuel curve in the proper ranges for the application…
Sena Technologies 20S Bluetooth Communication System
$269.99 MSRP 299.95
…Communication) engine for intelligent communication. It allows users an instant setup process by dramatically decreasing the pairing time required for the phone and intercom. The 20S is designed to allow riders to spend more time on the road and less time setting up.Advanced Noise Control:  Along…
Moose Racing Power Commander lll USB
$249.95 - $369.95
…Commander Control Center software; simply power up the unit and connect the PCIII USB to the computer with the supplied cable. Provides precise information for fine-tuning a fuel injected motorcycle when changing an air filter, installing a new exhaust system, or doing additional engine performance…
Gears Gen X-3 Heated Glove Liners
(2 reviews)
…waterproof gloves or mitts Heats the entire length of each finger and thumb Engineered to go with our Gen X-3 Warm Tek Heated Jacket or Gen X-3 Heated Vest The use of a Temperature Controller is recommended to modulate heat output Connects to a 12V battery and provides 27 watts of heat while drawing…
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