1. Electrical Connectors

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…Quick Connector Plug, waterproof caps, a Customized Tank Bag Flange Mount that attaches to your tank bag or saddle bag, and a 2 Ft 10 Inch Extension Cable that connects your motorcycle bag to any standard 12 Volt Battery Harness. The Tank / Saddle Bag Flange Mount has an SAE Dual Pin Connector Plug…
Ricks Motorsport Electrics Stator
$68.39 - $233.99 You save up to $25.96 (9%)
…Motorsport Electrics Stator A brand synonymous with electric stators, Ricks Motorsport makes stators for almost every kind of motorcycle and ATV. OEM quality and better, Ricks Motorsport will have your machine putting out the voltage you need year after year. Rick's Motorsport Electrics has been…
Dragonfire Universal Fuel Gauge Kit
$186.99 You save $9.00 (4%)
…Internal components made of brass and stainless steel prevent corrosion.  The gauges contain an American made Deutsch connector that provides a water-tight, dust proof, electrical connection. There are no studded terminals on the unit to worry about. The water, weather and dust resistant gauges…
Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit
$413.99 - $458.99 You save up to $50.96 (9%)
…headlight. Able to use on any kick start bike. Electric Start Models: Front turn signals and horn are conveniently pre-mounted on the headlight. Stock with D.O.T. rear turn signals, mount to existing rear fender. Bike specific kits: wire lengths and connectors designed per bike. Race lighting will…
Show Chrome 3 Pin Connector Adapter Pigtail Show Chrome Accessories offers a Plug 'n' Go option for front lighted accessories on the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing 2006-2010 models. This Adapter allows items with 2001-2005 connectors to be used on 2006-2010 Gold Wings. Plug into the existing wire harness,…
Kuryakyn Passing Lamp Adapters
$15.99 You save $1.00 (5%)
Kuryakyn Passing Lamp Adapters Use these plug-and-play adapters to easily install Kuryakyn L.E.D. or any 2005-later style passing lamp on an 2004-earlier H-D motorcycle equipped with spade terminal passing lamp connectors. Sold in pairs Easy installation
…Special rubber coated wires with injection molded internal components make these switches 100% waterproof Includes waterproof in line butt connectors for easy installation Fits 7/8" handlebars and works on all normally open circuit ignition systems on dirt bikes and ATVs Comes with a red rubber…
…Radios No cutting, soldering or hassle, Novello Handlebar Wire Harness Extension Kits make changing handlebars that much easier and can be internally wired. Kits include: Color-coded wire OEM pin connectors 1/8 in. and 3/8 in. shrink tubing Complete instructions Illustration and wire block diagram
BikeMaster 12 Volt Power Adapter with Mount
$20.99 You save $1.96 (8%)
…Adapter with MountAllows access for 12V accessories where no power source currently exists Comes complete with plenty of cable and fitted with ring connectors Fused to protect the rest of the machine's wring Waterproof adapter for accessories like a cigarette lighter and best of all, comes with the…
Kuryakyn Starter Connector Plug Cover
$23.99 You save $2.00 (7%)
Kuryakyn Starter Connector Plug Cover Kuryakyn's Starter Connector Plug Cover is a quick, easy chrome cure for the stock white plastic electrical connector on your starter Sold each **Note: Not recommended for Softail models, as the connector is covered by the oil tank
Eklipes Motorcycle Cellphone GPS Adapter
$17.99 You save $2.00 (10%)
…Motorcycle Battery Chargers. This package comes complete with a 12 Volt Black Viper Power Socket with a 3 Ft 6 inch length wire, SAE Dual Pin Quick Connector Plug that plugs into EKLIPES 12 Volt Battery Harness with a 2 Ft length wire, Waterproof Caps, a 15 Amp Fuse Link. Package Contents: Black…
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Dynojet Ignition Modules
$199.99 - $299.95 You save up to $65.00 (43%)
…PCIII USB via a built-in expansion port link Connects to the ignition coils through an intermediate harness connection or directly to the coil connectors; no cutting or splicing of wires is required Direct coil driver technology allows a high degree of flexibility in timing adjustments **Closeouts…
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Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Gloves
$170.99 You save $19.00 (%)
…Synergy® electrically heated apparel.  Thick layers such as sweatshirts and sweatpants, increase the space between the garment and the wearer, decreasing the effectiveness of the heating elements. Tour Master® Synergy® 2.0 electrically heated apparel is powered by a 12-volt electrical system.  No…
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