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Dynatek 3 OHM Dual-Output Coils
Dyna Coils are the industry standard, delivering 35,000 volts with spark energies second to none Made to work with all points ignitions, aftermarket electronic ignitions and most factory electronic ignitions Can be used for dual-plug applications Only use coils that are within 10% of the OEM coils
Dynatek Dual Plug Miniature Series Coil
Dynatek Dual Plug Miniature Series Coil One of the smallest packages delivers high output with advanced magnetic core technology Designed for use with Dyna 2000 and 3000 series ignitions, factory-installed electronics, or with aftermarket ignitions that employ dwell control Secondary resistance is…
Dynatek 5 ohm Coil
$83.95 - $162.95
Dynatek 5 ohm Coil The "industry standard" with 35,000V spark energies second to none Designed to work with any Dyna ignition system Can be used for single- or dual-plug applications Made in the U.S.A. NOTE: Images may vary from actual product depending on bike make and model.
Dynatek Dual-Fire Ignition Coil Kit
…these completely electronic ignition systems The Dyna S is completely housed behind the ignition cover and uses a magnetic rotor with the original spark advancer, so the factory advance curve is maintained Spark energy is second-to-none - coils provide spark voltage in excess of 30,000 volts **Note:…
Dynatek 0.5 OHMS Miniature Coils
$106.95 - $171.95
…Miniature Coils Designed for use with the Dyna TC88 series ignitions or factory-installed electronic ignitions that use low-resistance coils For carburated 99-06 Twin Cam, 04-06 XL models **Note: Must not be used with ignitions that are not specifically designed to use low-resistance coils. Click…
Dynatek Dyna 2000 TC Ignition Module
(1 review)
…settings in 250 rpm steps from 5750-7250 rpm All functions offer full digital accuracy Compatible with stock and performance coils - less than 1 ohm resistance Coil current constantly monitored to provide constant full-spark energy Uses all stock sensors and connectors Built-in reverse battery…
Dynatek Single-Fire Ignition Coil Kit
…set records and bring home victories State-of-the-art engineering was used to design these completely electronic ignition systems Spark energy is second-to-none; coils provide spark voltage in excess of 30,000V Includes two Dyna coils **Note: 1980 and newer models require a mechanical advance unit.
Dynatek Twin Fire Coil
coil and uses the stock mounting bracket Delivers spark voltage in excess of 30,000V with fast rise times and high energy For all single-fire, dual-plug head applications Can be used with any electronic advance ignition system that incorporates dwell control, but cannot be used with the DS6-2 Dyna S…
Dynatek Single-Fire Electronic Ignition System
…Gets the most out of stock, slightly modified or all-out customized Harley-Davidson's Made in the U.S.A. Not recommended for use with OEM coils **Notes: On 84-up Harley-Davidsons, an advance weight mechanism is required This unit must be used with special Dyna coils Not for use on Twin Cam 88 models
Drag Specialties Top Motor Mount Coil Mount
$99.95 - $109.95
…Mount Coil Mount Drag Specialties offers this custom Hotop Designs top motor mount coil mount. This will add a custom clean look to any bike running dual coils. Fits Drag Specialties top motor Also fits any top motor mount with 2" on-center 1/4" mount holes Accepts Dyna end-mount ignition coils
Crane Cams Chain Drive 304-2 Max Hot Street Cam
…up to big-bore and race engine build-ups and feature lobe-to-lobe cam profile accuracy for off-idle torque and high-rpm horsepower. Cams for 06 Dyna and all 07-09 models require the use of 99-04 style valves, seals, valve guides and spring kits. Cams are sold in sets of two, one intake and one…
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