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Kuryakyn Adjustable Tour-Tech Cruise Mounts These Cruise Mounts with positive locking Quick Clamps offer an incredible range of adjustability. The entire assembly may be moved up or down on the engine guard. The arm & footpeg may be further adjusted along a vertical or horizontal arc. A unique…
Kuryakyn Cruise Peg Mounts
$134.99 - $161.99 You save up to $18.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Cruise Peg Mounts Here's the perfect solution for adding cruise pegs to your bike. This setup places the pegs in a comfortable "stretched out" location, without adding bulky engine guards to this sleek machine. These super clean mount plates simply bolt onto the existing forward controls or…
Kuryakyn Passenger Cruise Pegs for Gold Wing Happy passengers need happy feet, so give your passenger the gift that will provide smiles for miles. These sleek yet durable mounts are just the ticket for creating an oasis of passenger comfort. Position the cruise pegs forward and out for a variety of…
Kuryakyn Adjustable Cruise Peg Mounts
$161.99 - $170.99 You save up to $19.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Adjustable Cruise Peg Mounts Add the comfort of cruise pegs & keep that clean simple style with these Adjustable Cruise Peg Mounts. These little beauties bolt directly onto your floorboards & allow full adjustability for optional foot positions. "SweptWing" shape floorboard found on Street…
Kuryakyn Adujustable Cruise Pegs for Sportster These super adjustable cruise pegs for Sportsters are quick and easy to install and provide a wide range of adjustment. They bolt securely to the welded cross brace near the bottom of the downtubes and work on models with or without forward controls.…
Kuryakyn Flamin Switchblade Pegs
$143.99 - $152.99 You save up to $17.00 (10%)
…Sold in pairs Chrome plated **Note: Metric Applications-Male Mount Pegs are designed to fit Kuryakyn Clevises found in Kuryakyn Long Horn Offset Peg Mounts, Adjustable Tour-Tech Cruise Mounts, Mustache Bar, & all other Highway & Cruise Pegs. Not designed as direct replacement for factory footpegs
Kuryakyn Engine Guard with Fixed Footrests
$251.99 You save $28.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Engine Guard with Fixed Footrests Enjoy stretched out cruising comfort & a degree of engine protection without obtrusive looks. Kurakyn honed this popular cruise peg/engine guard combo into a simpler product by using a new static peg design. The legendary comfort & clean low profile styling…
Kuryakyn Tour-Tech Mount with Dually Pegs
$161.99 You save $18.00 (10%)
…put them! Tour-Tech Cruise Mounts are available by themselves, permitting the use of any H-D style male mount peg, or with a variety of Kuryakyn footrests Recommended for H-D Touring Models, FLSTC, or any Model using 1-1/4? engine guards Sold in pairs Includes ISO Dually pegs **Note: Short arm…
Kuryakyn Cruise Arm Mark IV Turn your bike into a lazy boy with these great Cruise Arms! Heavy-duty chrome arms wrap around your stock floorboards just right, so kick back and relax! Mounts to frame, not the board. No drilling required Compatible with Kuryakyn ISO-Boards and all styles of…
Kuryakyn Premium Flip Boards
$296.99 You save $33.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Premium Flip Boards Have it all! A great looking floorboard that features a flip out cruise peg & multiple mounting positions. Mount up to 2-1/2" forward & back & 3/4" out over the stock board position. These boards measure 15-3/8" long by 4-7/8" wide & feature a much larger footprint than…
Kuryakyn Universal Cruise Peg Mounts
$71.99 You save $8.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Universal Cruise Peg Mounts This setup will allow the use of any H-D style male mount pegs with innovative Magnum Quick Clamps and Clevises for engine guard applications. Magnum Quick Clamp with Clevis Sold in pairs Made in the U.S.A.
Kuryakyn Male Mount Lockable Offset
$62.99 You save $7.00 (10%)
…Male Mount Lockable Offset Move your cruise or highway pegs 2" or 4" inches forward, back, up, down, or any direction around your current mounts without fear of slippage. Offsets mount anywhere Kuryakyn Male Mount Pegs install & accept any Kuryakyn Pegs. Available in 2' or 4' offset Mounts easy…
Saddlemen TS3200DE Deluxe Cruiser Tail Bag
$131.99 You save $13.96 (9%)
…Deluxe Cruiser Tail Bag SaddleStow™ motorcycle luggage is designed to be at home on the widest range of machines and offers the perfect look for cruising the highway. Style is not the only concern - function is paramount in the design of each SaddleStow item. A perfect blend of rugged materials make…
Kuryakyn SwingWing Footpegs
$143.99 - $152.99 You save up to $17.00 (10%)
…How about your passenger? Feeling a little cramped? Here's the answer... a convenient fold-forward, comfortable cruise peg that fastens in place of your stock peg. The SwingWing Peg provides a larger footpad for a fully supported feeling and has a swingout footrest arm that provides a 3" wider…
Kuryakyn Zombie Pegs
$107.99 You save $12.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Zombie Pegs Kuryakyn's Zombie Pegs feature a sinister spire point and a skull nestled between the rubber pads Sturdy, rugged pegs design Include H-D style male-mount ends Compatible with all Kuryakyn cruise peg mounts; will NOT replace stock pegs on metric cruisers Sold in pairs   **Note…
Kuryakyn Trident Pegs with Adapter
$44.99 - $71.99 You save up to $8.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Trident Pegs with Adapter All the features & comfort of the original ISO-Peg but with a whole new look! Coordinates well with stock or custom footrests. Sold in pairs Quickly installed **Note: Male mount for H-D male mount applications and kuryakyn cruise peg mounts and clevises
Kuryakyn Ergo II Cruise Mount with Switchblade Pegs The finest highway peg setup available for the Honda Gold Wing Mount assembly is a sturdy two-piece design that is easily installed Locates the cruise arm mounting point high and tight to keep good cornering clearance Highly adjustable for a…
Kuryakyn Mini Dagger Pegs
$62.99 - $71.99 You save up to $8.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Mini Dagger Pegs Puerly evil without the heavy peg look! These mini Zombie style pegs are 1-1/8" wide by 3-1/2" long & are great for keeping cruise, driver, or passenger pegs minimal. The inner scallop provides excellent support for highway pegs when you throw your foot over the the top.…
Kuryakyn Ergo with Cruise Boards
$242.99 - $260.99 You save up to $29.00 (10%)
…polished stainless steel for extreme strength, great looks & simple installation. The 6" long chrome swing arm has an ingenious locking mechanism & is canted at a 6º angle which angles the pegs just the right amount for ideal comfort. Sold in pairs Chrome plated Lighted or unlighted cruise boards
Kuryakyn Adjustable Passenger Pegs
$183.99 You save $16.00 (8%)
…Adjustable Passenger Pegs Your passenger will be able to cruise in comfort with three usable riding positions Arm featuring a raised center and a wider profile Included are small ISO pegs that can be upgraded to any Kuryakyn peg utilizing tapered adapters thank to the new peg mounting system
…turn signal lights, & are the perfect complement to Ergo Cruise Pegs. Simple to install, they fit right into the slots of short & long Ergo Arms. Be sure to be seen. Easy installation Sold in pairs **Notes: Fits Ergo & Ergo II Cruise Pegs, both long and short arms for GL1800 Accent lights only, Arms…
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