1. Cruise Control

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Sound Off Recreational Vista Cruise Thumb lever has a short arc from off to on position Vista Cruise requires no grip space for installation Sizes: Universal: For most dual throttle-cable motorcycles Yamaha: For Yamaha single and dual throttle cable motorcycles with 7/8" handlebars
Kuryakyn Throttle Assist for Cruisers
$31.99 - $80.99 You save up to $9.00 (8%)
…your bike. The cruise control attaches to the end of your motorcycles handlebars but looks like a stylish bars end. Simply hold the throttle at desired location and roll your little finger back to hold your throttle in position. The spring loaded tensioner makes it easy to set cruising speed without…
Kuryakyn Throttle Rocker
$9.99 You save $1.00 (9%)
Kuryakyn Throttle Rocker The Throttle Rocker attaches to the grip with a Velcro® brand closure strap & allows you to maintain a steady cruising speed without keeping a tight grip on the throttle. Sold individually Velcro® brand closure strap for quick adjustments **Notes: Throttle rockers have one…
Kuryakyn Adjustable Tour-Tech Cruise Mounts
$101.99 You save $8.00 (7%)
Kuryakyn Adjustable Tour-Tech Cruise Mounts These Cruise Mounts with positive locking Quick Clamps offer an incredible range of adjustability. The entire assembly may be moved up or down on the engine guard. The arm & footpeg may be further adjusted along a vertical or horizontal arc. A unique…
Kuryakyn Cruise Peg Mounts
$134.99 - $161.99 You save up to $18.00 (10%)
Kuryakyn Cruise Peg Mounts Here's the perfect solution for adding cruise pegs to your bike. This setup places the pegs in a comfortable "stretched out" location, without adding bulky engine guards to this sleek machine. These super clean mount plates simply bolt onto the existing forward controls or…
…Features: Reduces overall throttle rotation which allows rider to go from cruise to full-throttle without moving fingers Throttle tube is machined from high-strength PVC Installs easily in minutes Not for use with OEM cruise control For competition use only   **Note:  Harley-Davidson application is…
Controller reads engine rpm, throttle position and engine load and has four separate adjustment circuits (called "pots") to fine-tune the system The green "pot" functions like the fuel mixture screw and pilot jet on a carburetor for adjusting light throttle operation through highway and cruising
Rivera Primo Cruise Control Bracket for Mikuni Keep your motorcycle's cruise control when installing a Screamin' Eagle fuel system. This Rivera Primo Cruise Control Bracket fits HSR42/45/48 Mikuni Carburetors so you can have the increased power and performance of the Screamin' Eagle fuel system and…
Kuryakyn Premium Mini Boards
$80.99 - $89.99
…inserts So you can still ride in comfort without sacrificing style They also utilize splined adapters, so the mini board can be positioned forward, back, or center at almost any angle Also a great option for Driver Cruise Pegs **Note: Ensure proper clearance before installation in driver position
Kuryakyn Switchblade Footpegs
$116.99 - $125.99 You save up to $14.00 (10%)
…comfort of the famous Küryakyn ISO-Stirrups. Although these pegs will work in any peg location, they are ideal for bikes with forward mounted controls or cruise pegs. Available with male-mount and without male-mount ends Non male-mount applications require Kuryakyn footpeg adapters Sold in pairs…
Kuryakyn Tour-Tech Cruise Mount with Trident Dually Pegs This Cruise Mount with positive locking Quick Clamps offers an incredible range of adjustability The entire assembly may be moved up or down on the engine guard The arm and footpeg may be further adjusted along a vertical or horizontal arc A…
Kuryakyn Ergo II Dually Pegs with Mini Arms
$202.99 You save $17.00 (7%)
Kuryakyn Ergo II Dually Pegs with Mini Arms Mount assembly is a sturdy two-piece design that is easily installed Locates the cruise arm mounting point high and tight to keep good cornering clearance Highly adjustable for a just-right feel on the bike Sold in pairs
Kuryakyn Zombie Pegs
$107.99 You save $12.00 (10%)
…spire point and a skull nestled between the rubber pads Sturdy, rugged pegs design Include H-D style male-mount ends Compatible with all Kuryakyn cruise peg mounts; will NOT replace stock pegs on metric cruisers Sold in pairs   **Note Modular design: order the style of footpeg you desire and a set…
Pingel Short-Bones Highway Peg Brackets
$61.99 You save $5.96 (8%)
Pingel Short-Bones Highway Peg Brackets Short inseam? No problem! Bring your pegs back and cruise in comfort with the Short-Bones Highway Peg Brackets. Designed with the short-inseam rider in mind Simple and cost-effective way to relocate the stock highway bar pegs Bolt-on for Dyna Lowrider…
Speed and Strength Cruise Missile Jacket
$179.99 You save $19.96 (9%)
Speed and Strength Cruise Missile Jacket A mostly textile jacket, the Speed and Strength Cruise Missile adds in stylish perforated leather panels on the chest, back and arms. The collar and cuffs have been microfiber lined and for quick size adjustments Speed and Strength have added Velcro® brand…
…the tank, right knee is not as tight against the air cleaner, and legs get to stretch out a little bit more Compatible with Kuryakyn ISO-Boards as well as H-D Traditional or Swept Wing shaped boards **Note: Not compatible with cruise arm mark III or standard-length version of cruise arm mark IV
…with grease fitting for long life For use with floorboard-equipped bikes Compatible with engine-guard mounted cruise pegs and Kuryakyn's Cruise Arm Mark III (adjustment range of Cruise Arm Mark III may be slightly reduced) **Note: On 02-07 models, extended brake pedal is only slightly longer and…
Kuryakyn Deluxe Neck Cover Kit
$152.99 - $179.99
…that shroud the neck and extend down the frame Kuryakyn's Deluxe Neck Cover is enlarged enough on the right side to accomodate the in-line cruise control pull-off switch found on all 02-06 models Deluxe kit also includes two snap-on down tube pieces that add coverage almost all the way down to…
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