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Ricks Motorsport Electrics Hot Shot Ignition Coil
$31.99 MSRP 34.95
Ricks Motorsport Electrics Hot Shot Ignition Coil High-quality OEM replacement coils Hot Shot ignition coils produce an enhanced spark for a cleaner, more complete burn than OEM, resulting in the potential for more power ALL coils feature high-quality components for superior performance and long…
Accel Universal Super Coil Kit
$119.95 - $219.95
Accel Universal "Super Coil" Kit Extremely high output and available in one- and two-coil versions 12V, 3 ohm coils ideal for custom and dual-plug applications; each comes with 9mm yellow plug wires **Note: Not for use with CDI ignitions or Twin Cam applications.
Andrews Products Supervolt Ignition Coil
(1 review)
…ignition coil adds great performance with a classic look. Replacement coils deliver 30,000+ volts 2.8 ohm (red) coil fits electronic ignition/dual fire 4.8 ohm (black) coil fits points ignition/dual fire Produces more voltage than a stock coil Sold each Note: Image shows 2.8 ohm coil; 4.8 ohm coil
Dynatek 3 OHM Dual-Output Coils
…Dyna Coils are the industry standard, delivering 35,000 volts with spark energies second to none Made to work with all points ignitions, aftermarket electronic ignitions and most factory electronic ignitions Can be used for dual-plug applications Only use coils that are within 10% of the OEM coils
Ricks Motorsport Electrics Primary Coil
$26.99 MSRP 28.95
Rick's Motorsport Electrics Primary Coil High-quality OEM replacement coils Hot Shot ignition coils produce an enhanced spark for a cleaner, more complete burn than OEM, resulting in the potential for more power ALL coils feature high-quality components for superior performance and long life
Daytona Twin Tec High Output Ignition Coil
Daytona Twin Tec High Output Ignition Coil Daytona Twin Tec has a simple philosophy- do one thing and do it well. Their products focus on electronic ignition systems and engine controls for Harley Davison motorcycles. Twin Tec product line is based on the most advanced technology and does not…
Dynatek Twin Fire II Coil
Dynatek Twin Fire II Coil Single fire just got easier New technology allows two coils to be in the same space as the stock coil, but with greater output No exposed laminations to rust Brass high voltage and primary terminals Ultrasonic welds seal the high-impact thermoplastic housing against…
Dynatek Self-Contained Electronic Ignition
(1 review)
…Electronic Ignition Totally self-contained for easy installation All components fit under the point cover, replacing the original points Use with coils having 3-ohm primary resistance **Note: This part will only fit the 4-cylinder models of the 1969-1978 Honda 500, 550, and 750. Verify the type of…
Dynatek Mini Coil Kit
$134.95 - $237.95
Dynatek Coil KitDynatek is now offering high output Mini Coils in a model specific kit with the necessary mounting hardware, wiring adapters and spark plug wire(s) for popular ATV applications. These kits take the hassle out of having to fabricate custom mounts for coils. Coils no longer need to be…
BikeMaster Ignition Spark Tester
$16.96 MSRP 19.95
Bikemaster Ignition Spark Tester One of the best ways to check your ignition coil output Adjustable gap permits you to judge the strength of the coil Allows you to visually see the spark jump across the tips
Dynatek Single-Fire Ignition Coil Kit
…Single-Fire Ignition Coil Kit The same ignitions as used by top drag and road racers over the past decade to set records and bring home victories State-of-the-art engineering was used to design these completely electronic ignition systems Spark energy is second-to-none; coils provide spark voltage…
Daytona Twin Tec TC88 Plug-In Ignition Module
…accommodates stock to highly modified engines Digitally set RPM limit (100 RPM steps) Selectable multi-spark mode for quick starting and smooth cruise Coil outputs protected against short circuits Optional USB interface and software for programming custom advance curve Billet aluminum housing with…
Trail Tech 150W Full Wave Regulator Rectifier
$57.99 MSRP 63.95
Trail Tech 150W Full Wave Regulator/Rectifier Get your engine running the way you want with this Trail Tech 150W Full Wave Regulator/Rectifier. Can be used with any DC system with a lighting coil. For DC electrical systems Bare wire application Can be used with any DC system with a lighting coil
Dynatek Single-Fire Electronic Ignition System
…Gets the most out of stock, slightly modified or all-out customized Harley-Davidson's Made in the U.S.A. Not recommended for use with OEM coils **Notes: On 84-up Harley-Davidsons, an advance weight mechanism is required This unit must be used with special Dyna coils Not for use on Twin Cam 88 models
Dynatek Dual-Fire Ignition Coil Kit
Dynatek Dual-Fire Ignition Coil Kit Dynatek is the performance leader for quality electronic products in the motorcycle industry. With the help of top racers and motorcycle builders around the world, Dynatek has worked to create the electronic products necessary to support the modern motorcycle.…
Dragonfire Hot Coil
$189.99 MSRP 199.99
Dragonfire Hot Coil Dragonfires Hot Coil creates increased spark to handle more fuel when adding performance parts such as intake, jet kits, and big bore kits.
Dynatek 0.5 OHMS Miniature Coils
$106.95 - $171.95
…Miniature Coils Designed for use with the Dyna TC88 series ignitions or factory-installed electronic ignitions that use low-resistance coils For carburated 99-06 Twin Cam, 04-06 XL models **Note: Must not be used with ignitions that are not specifically designed to use low-resistance coils. Click…
BikeMaster Heli-Coil Kit
$135.96 MSRP 159.95
…HSS taps (with guides) in the most popular M8 x 1.25 and M6 x 10 sizes Features Helical coil inserter tools, Helical coil tab removers, ratchet T-wrench to use with the taps and Helical tools 3 different lengths of M6 and 2 different lengths M8 Helical Coils All in a convenient plastic carrying case
Dynatek 5 ohm Coil
$83.95 - $162.95
Dynatek 5 ohm Coil The "industry standard" with 35,000V spark energies second to none Designed to work with any Dyna ignition system Can be used for single- or dual-plug applications Made in the U.S.A. NOTE: Images may vary from actual product depending on bike make and model.
Biker's Choice Stretched Sportbob Gas Tank
$341.99 MSRP 379.95
…Smooth top stretch sportster tank Includes mounting hardware **Note: 95-03 Sportster models require an ignition switch and coil Relocation Kit. The ignition switch is relocated under the top motor mount bolt of the rear cylinder. Coil must be relocated as well. 92-94 models use a vented cap.
T-Bags Sportster Tail Bag
(3 reviews)
…capacity Fits all sport bikes and cruisers Fits any size rear seat/pillion Full lid opening Fade resistant 1680d Ballistic Nylon Self mending coil YKK zippers Top quality connecting buckles 2 non attached D-rings can be attached to the license plate bolts for added mounting options 2 spacious…
Dynatek Dyna 3000 Digital Performance Ignition
…MAP sensor operation (applicable models only) Mounts directly to factory location and uses all factory sensors Works with factory coils or Dyna coils Reverse battery protection Includes a retard mode for use on nitrous or blower applications Dwell-controlled Requires 2.2 ohm or high ignition coils
Dynatek Twin Fire Coil
Dynatek Twin Fire Coil Design incorporates two individual performance ignition coils into a single, easy-to-mount package that is only slightly larger than the stock coil and uses the stock mounting bracket Delivers spark voltage in excess of 30,000V with fast rise times and high energy For all…
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