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Quadboss Ignition Coil
Ignition Coil
$22.99 - $39.99
You save up to $2.46 (10%)
  • Black
QuadBoss Ignition Coil Replacement ignition coil Restores lost power Can fix a weak or no spark issue Comes with a new length of spark plug wire Spark plug cap is not included One-year warranty
Dynatek Twin Fire Coil
Dynatek Twin Fire Coil Design incorporates two individual performance ignition coils into a single, easy-to-mount package that is only slightly larger than the stock coil and uses the stock mounti...
Ricks Motorsport Electrics Primary Coil
Rick's Motorsport Electrics Primary Coil High-quality OEM replacement coils Hot Shot ignition coils produce an enhanced spark for a cleaner, more complete burn than OEM, resulting in the potent...
Dynatek 0.5 OHMS Miniature Coils
Dynatek 0.5 OHMS Miniature Coils Designed for use with the Dyna TC88 series ignitions or factory-installed electronic ignitions that use low-resistance coils For carburated 99-06 Twin Cam, 04-06 X...
BikeMaster Coilover Ignition
Coilover Ignition
$80.99 - $89.99
You save $9.00 (10%)
  • Black
BikeMaster Coilover Ignition Competitively priced O.E. replacements for specific late model bikes 1-year manufacturer's warranty
Dynatek 3 OHM Dual-Output Coils
Dynatek 3 OHM Dual-Output Coils 3 ohm, 12 volt, angled dual output Sold in a pair Dyna Coils are the industry standard, delivering 35,000 volts with spark energies second to none Made to ...
Dynatek 0.5 OHM Dual-Output Coil
Dynatek 0.5 OHM Dual-Output Coil Designed for aftermarket and OEM ignitions For 99-06 Twin Cam carburated H-D models and 04-06 XL H-D models **Note: Not for 99-01 FLHT models Click...
Daytona Twin Tec 1005 Internal Ignition
Daytona Twin Tec 1005 Internal Ignition 2 advance curve families with adjustable advance slope accommodate stock to highly modified engines Digitally set RPM limit(100 RPM steps) Selectable single ...
Dynatek 5 ohm Coil
5 ohm Coil
$86.99 - $162.99
  • Angled Dual Output
  • Angled Single Output
  • Straight Dual Output
Dynatek 5 ohm Coil The "industry standard" with 35,000V spark energies second to none Designed to work with any Dyna ignition system Can be used for single- or dual-plug applications M...
Dynatek Mini Coil Kit
Dynatek Coil KitDynatek is now offering high output Mini Coils in a model specific kit with the necessary mounting hardware, wiring adapters and spark plug wire(s) for popular ATV applications. The...
Dynatek Twin Fire II Coil
Dynatek Twin Fire II Coil Single fire just got easier New technology allows two coils to be in the same space as the stock coil, but with greater output No exposed laminations to rust Bra...
Accel Universal "Super Coil" Kit
Universal "Super Coil" Kit
$119.95 - $164.99
You save up to $54.96 (25%)
  • Yellow
Accel Universal "Super Coil" Kit Extremely high output and available in one- and two-coil versions 12V, 3 ohm coils ideal for custom and dual-plug applications; each comes with 9mm yellow pl...
Daytona Twin Tec New USB Interface
Daytona Twin Tec New USB InterfaceInterfaces all Daytona Twin Tec engine controls (ignition and fuel injection systems) to USB port on laptop PC Includes all required adapters for Models 1005-1007,...
Dynatek 2000i Mini Coil Ignition Kit
Dynatek 2000i Mini Coil Ignition Kit 8 selectable advance curves from stock to high-performance Adjustable rev limiter from 6000-7500 RPM Completely self-contained, installed under cam cover All me...
BikeMaster Heli-Coil Kit
Heli-Coil Kit
You save $15.96 (10%)
BikeMaster Heli-Coil Kit Stripped thread is something nobody is proud of but something everyone has done. BikeMaster's Heli-Coil Kit allows you to replace those damaged threads with new ones. No ...
GMax GM46.2X Coil Helmet
GM46.2X Coil Helmet
You save $8.96 (10%)
  • Matte Black/Hi-Vis
GMax GM46.2X Coil HelmetWithout any carbon fiber, Kevlar or hybrid composite material, GMax has created an adult dirt bike helmet that weighs less than 3lbs. And for less than $100. That's quite an...