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EBC Standard CK Series Clutch Kit
$12.32 - $135.52 You save up to $18.48 (12%)
EBC Standard CK Series Clutch Kit Cork-based clutch material impregnated with aluminum particles to increase wear life and heat resistance Highly compressed construction avoids swell and clutch drag Kit includes complete engine set of friction plates only Actual Product may vary from web image For…
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EBC DRC Series Clutch Kit
$39.60 - $186.56 You save up to $25.44 (12%)
EBC DRC Series Clutch Kit The complete clutch kit, the EBC DRC Series comes out of the box ready for your dirt bike or ATV. And while providing a stock-like clutch feel, the DRC Series can easily handle high horsepower and racing abuse. Smooth clutch take-up using anti-swell, alloy impregnated heavy…
EBC SRC Race Sport Kevlar Series Clutch Kit
$72.12 - $157.48 You save up to $21.47 (12%)
EBC SRC Race/Sport Kevlar Series Clutch Kit Kevlar paper-lined plate set, complete with heavy duty clutch springs For use in heavy sport bikes and production based race bikes SRC kits have longer plate life and high heat resistance SRC kits have a more aggressive/faster clutch takeup than CK kits…
Hinson Racing High Performance Clutch Kit Includes fiber and steel clutch plates with springs Can be used with O.E.M. baskets, inner hubs and pressure plates Developed with and recommended to enhance the performance of Hinson clutch baskets, inner hubs and pressure plates Provides optimum hook up…
KG Clutch Factory Pro Friction Disc Set For riders requiring top performance and reliability from their motorcycles at a competitive price Specially blended cork based material for the discs that are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM clutch requirements Years of testing, combined with…
Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Auto Clutch The Rekluse auto clutch for the rider who races, the Core EXP 3.0 is a no compromise design made to survive harsh MX and enduro conditions. Fully adjustable, the Core EXP 3.0 can be tailored for rider preference and riding conditions. And when needed, the design…
Barnett Kevlar Friction Plate for Clutch System
$10.99 - $123.79 You save up to $12.86 (8%)
Kevlar Friction Plate for Clutch System Heavy-duty Series K Kevlar® friction plates and steel drive plates from Barnett; available for most newer models Sold individually Actual product may vary from web image For additional information on clutch discs and plates pertaining to your model of bike,…
Sunline EC-2 Clutch Assembly w/ Forged Levers The EC-2 Clutch Assembly is designed to work with any motorcycle. Forged perch with a Teflon® sleeve to allow the entire assembly to spin out of harm's way in the event of a crash yet staying firmly in place while riding. Oversized on the fly ez-adjuster…
EBC SRK Race Sport Series Clutch Kit
$136.94 - $238.99 You save up to $28.01 (12%)
EBC SRK Race/Sport Series Clutch Kit New SRK complete kits include Kevlar® fiber lined friction plates, steel separator plates and springs to provide a street-going kit for high performance street and road race use much similar to the DRC program for off road Diaphragm-style springs used in kits…
Pro X Racing Parts Clutch Inner HubManufactured with OEM specified aluminum Precision cast and machined Same as OEM replacement; fit both stock and aftermarket primary clutch baskets **Closeouts are limited to stock on hand**
Barnett Scorpion Billet Clutch
$494.99 - $495.99 You save up to $54.01 (9%)
Barnett Scorpion Billet Clutch Twice the friction area of your stock clutch with positive engagement and release CNC-machined from billet aluminum Designed to use six heavy-duty coil springs instead of a diaphragm spring to handle increased horsepower Friction plates are compatible with any primary…
Rekluse EXP 3.0 Auto Clutch
$399.00 - $629.00
Rekluse EXP 3.0 Auto ClutchRekluse EXP was inspired by the award winning and premier Core EXP system and singles out the revolutionary EXP assembly. Rekluse EXP employs the same race-ready technology and EXP assembly of the premier product; the difference is that it fits into your stock clutch…
Barnett Carbon Fiber Extra Plate Clutch Kit
$169.49 - $194.99 You save up to $21.20 (9%)
Barnett Carbon Fiber Extra Plate Clutch Kit Carbon Fiber Extra Plate Clutch Kit from Barnett High static and dynamic coefficient of friction for smooth positive engagement and release Adds 12% more surface area to clutch pack Contains nine-friction plates and eight steel drive plates **Note: Double…
DP Brakes DPSK High Performance Clutch
$86.36 - $179.06 You save up to $52.89 (9%)
DP Brakes DPSK High Performance Clutch DPSK clutches from DP Brakes are specifically designed to provide ultra high performance through extended clutch life, and fade-free operation with superior gear shifting. Get all the performance without the fade or slip from a DP Brakes Clutch! Clutch springs…
Vesrah Racing Complete Clutch KitsThe perfect solution when you burn out your clutch at the track or from a hard day of street riding Each kit contains all the high-quality Vesrah parts you need to fix your clutch - including clutch discs, clutch springs and gasket **Closeouts are limited to stock…
MSR AOF Clutch Perch and Lever Universal application fitment "adjust on the fly" style perch Forged alloy construction for increased durability Rubber boot keeps dirt out of lever pivot CR style lever Bearing in pivot provides smooth lever feel and wear protection
DP Brakes DPSK-F High Performance Clutch Kits
$129.99 - $297.86 You save up to $33.09 (23%)
DP Brakes DPSK-F High Performance Clutch Kits Get all the performance without all the fade or slip Friction plates are ready to fit, no need to pre-soak in oil Designed to ensure ultra smooth power delivery More durable than OEM clutch plates Plates are heat treated for maximum life Will not…
Magura Jack Hydraulic Clutch System
$301.99 You save $32.96 (9%)
Magura Jack Hydraulic Clutch System Eliminates cables which fray and collect dirt and rust Self adjusting; delivers consistent pull - no more "adjust-on-the-fly" Doesn't fade throughout moto Smooth and gentle pull offers better control of power and reduces arm pump No more fading pressure point Up…
Barnett Performance Clutch Kit
$122.99 - $217.99 You save up to $23.96 (9%)
Barnett Performance Clutch Kit Kit includes proper number of friction plates, steel plates and springs  **Note: Ducati's and Kawasaki ZX-14 kits do not include springs Suzuki Intruder 1400/S83 do not include springs Yamaha 1700 Road Star 05-14 do not include springs  Yamaha 1700 Road Star 02-09 do…
MC Enterprises Clutch Cover Gasket
$6.26 You save $0.69 (9%)
MC Enterprises Clutch Cover GasketReplacement clutch cover gasket from MC Enterprises Seals perfectly to keep out dirt and moisture Designed to work with the Boyesen Factory Clutch Cover but can also be used with stock clutch covers
Comet 103 HPQ Clutch KitSpecifically designed for use on the Kawasaki and Polaris quad platforms Developed for Wolfe Brothers Racing, the 103 HPQ has already made a name for itself among performance quad enthusiasts 25% performance increase compared to OEM Allows for quicker shift out and a greater…
Barnett Dirt Digger Kevlar Clutch Kit
$62.42 - $217.99 You save up to $23.96 (9%)
Barnett Dirt Digger Kevlar Clutch KitIncludes friction plates, steel drive plates, and a set of springs The Kevlar performs flawlessly under severe conditions and delivers smooth, precise shifting Kevlar friction material is bonded to 6061-T6 alloy CNC machined cores or tempered steel, depending on…
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