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Motion Pro PBR Chain Tool
$78.29 You save $8.70 (10%)
Motion Pro PBR Chain ToolInnovative design will Press, Break & Rivet 520, 525, & 530 chains with one convenient tool Versatile design will remove chain pins, press master-link plates and rivet hollow nose & soft nose (quad stake) master link pins on O-ring and non O-ring type chains Easy to use…
Motion Pro Chain Press Tool
$8.99 You save $1.00 (10%)
Motion Pro Chain Press Tool Tool-boxed sized, budget-priced tool for pressing on press-fit side plates For use on 520, 525 and 530 chains including O-ring types Hex key wrench included
Motion Pro Chain Breaker, Press and Riveting Tool Complete chain tool for most 520, 525 and 530 standard and o-ring chains Break, press, and rivet your chain with one compact tool Will rivet hollow nose master links (will not rivet solid soft-nose pins) Will push pin completely through link/side…
Motion Pro Chain Breaker
$23.39 You save $2.60 (10%)
Motion Pro Chain Breaker If your chain is too long or doesn't have a masterlink, the Motion Pro Chain Breaker is exactly what you need. Simple to use, the breaker can work with a variety of different chain sizes. Heat-treated chrome moly body Extremely compact (4") with folding handle Fits chain…
Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool
$13.49 You save $1.50 (10%)
Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool Aids visual alignment of sprockets when drive chain is adjusted Enables accurate wheel alignment Clamps to rear sprocket with alignment rod pointing toward front sprocket Slight down alignment rod, move rear wheel until sprockets align
Motion Pro Chain Tool Kit
$71.09 You save $7.90 (10%)
Motion Pro Chain Tool Kit For breaking 520-530 chains and pressing on and off 520 and some 525 master link side plates Lightweight 6 oz. including press plates and handle (8 oz with pouch) Handle detaches for easy storage To reduce weight further, an MP Tool, 8mm combination wrench or 8mm socket…
DID KM500 Chain Cutting and Riveting Tool
$104.00 You save $25.99 (19%)
DID KM500 Chain Cutting and Riveting Tool Combination chain cutter and riveting tool built into one Eliminates problem of over riveting/riveting pinheads off center Body strength is over ten times stronger than the previous model One third the size and about half the weight of the previous model
Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool
$125.99 You save $14.00 (10%)
Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool Designed for breaking or riveting roller chain sizes 520-630 and industrial chain sizes of 50-80 Can be mounted to workbench, held in a vise or handheld If bolted to a bench, an air impact driver with a 9/16" socket can be used Includes press plates
MSR Chain Break Tool Heavy-duty forget steel design Breaks all size of offroad chains Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
MSR Hand Chain Break Tool No extra tools required Breaks most size offroad chains Heat treated Replacement tip included Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
Motion Pro Chain Press Tool Kit
$47.69 You save $5.30 (10%)
Motion Pro Chain Press Tool Kit Install press-fit side plates on rivet-type connecting links For use on 520 and 530 chain including O-ring types Complete chain press tool includes press pads **Note: Can be used as a chain breaker and riveting tool with optional Rivet and Breaker Kit
BikeMaster Chain Breaker 420-525
$20.76 You save $5.19 (20%)
Bikemaster Chain Breaker 420-525 Great tool for any tool kit or tool box. Compact folding design makes it perfect for on bike storage compartments or for saving real estate in cramped tool boxes. Fits all sizes Bullet proof forged steel design Complete with 3 tips for 420 through 528 Cut your own…
BikeMaster Chain Alignment Tool
$11.16 You save $2.79 (20%)
BikeMaster Chain Alignment Tool Makes aligning your driveline sprockets a snap Provides an easy way to verify your chain is aligned to the front and rear sprocket alter rear wheel or chain maintenance Made from durable, lightweight aluminum
Biker's Choice Chain Breaker
$15.16 You save $3.79 (20%)
Biker's Choice Chain Breaker Heavy-duty chain breaker has a built-in alignment system Simply line up levers, squeeze together and insert chain Rotating top lever clockwise will drive the pin out Includes 2 extra replacement tips Fits all 5/8'' pitch (530) chain
BikeMaster Chain Breaker 420-620
$26.36 You save $6.59 (20%)
Bikemaster Chain Breaker 420-620 This heavy duty breaker covers the gamut, from 420 to 620 chains Comes with 2 hardened pins in 3.5mm and 4.8mm It is compact and fits anywhere due to the folding handle With its 2 stage design, it clamps down on the chain first to guide the pin precisely onto the…
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