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Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool
$126.09 You save $13.90 (9%)
Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool Designed for breaking or riveting roller chain sizes 520-630 and industrial chain sizes of 50-80 Can be mounted to workbench, held in a vise or handheld If bolted to a bench, an air impact driver with a 9/16" socket can be used Includes press plates
Motion Pro Chain Press Tool Kit
$47.79 You save $5.20 (9%)
Motion Pro Chain Press Tool Kit Install press-fit side plates on rivet-type connecting links For use on 520 and 530 chain including O-ring types Complete chain press tool includes press pads **Note: Can be used as a chain breaker and riveting tool with optional Rivet and Breaker Kit
EK 530 SRX X-Ring Chain
$105.99 - $501.99 You save up to $54.96 (9%)
…durability, strength and weight savings by using X-Ring technology. An excellent value for any street machine Feature lightening holes, reduced friction and Quadra X-Ring design which increases chain life from 1 ½ to 2 times longer than a standard O-ring chain Chains include rivet connecting link
BikeMaster Chain Breaker 420-620
$28.01 You save $4.94 (14%)
…620 chains Comes with 2 hardened pins in 3.5mm and 4.8mm It is compact and fits anywhere due to the folding handle With its 2 stage design, it clamps down on the chain first to guide the pin precisely onto the head of the rivet Super strong forged tool steel construction Cut your own chain for the…
Regina 525 ZRP Z-Ring Chain
$144.99 You save $15.96 (9%)
Regina 525 ZRP Z-Ring ChainZ-ring chains feature the patented Z44 sealing rings, which greatly improve performance and wear life, making previous X0ring and Z-ring chains obsolete 50% reduction in friction compared to traditional O-ring chains Constant lubrication from special high-temperature…
DID KM501E Sport Cutting and Riveting Tool
$114.39 You save $28.56 (19%)
…durable for maximum long life This compact tool is designed to rivet D.I.D. ZJ rivet style links and to cut and press side plates onto rivet or clip style connecting links The KM501E is designed to be used on all brands of 520,525,530 and 532 size chains A handy denim pouch is included for storage
DID KM500 Chain Cutting and Riveting Tool
$201.99 You save $49.96 (19%)
DID KM500 Chain Cutting and Riveting Tool Combination chain cutter and riveting tool built into one Eliminates problem of over riveting/riveting pinheads off center Body strength is over ten times stronger than the previous model One third the size and about half the weight of the previous model
Sunstar 525 RTG1 Series Rivet Link
$9.99 You save $0.96 (8%)
Sunstar 525 RTG1 Series Rivet Link For a top of the line, premium level roadracing chain, Sunstar offers the RTG1 series for 520 & 530 street applications (RTG1 = Road Triple Guard). This Works level chain features our TripleGuard sealed ring technology where there are 3 sealing lips and lubrication…
Renthal 520 RR4 SRS Road Race Chain Rivet Link Renthal's RR4 highly specialized lightweight 520 sealed ring chain developed exclusively for Superbike racing applications where a combination of lightweight and durability are a must. Utilizes Renthal's Self Regulating Seal (SRS) technology to increase…
Motion Pro Chain Tool Kit
$69.39 You save $7.60 (9%)
Motion Pro Chain Tool Kit For breaking 520-530 chains and pressing on and off 520 and some 525 master link side plates Lightweight 6 oz. including press plates and handle (8 oz with pouch) Handle detaches for easy storage To reduce weight further, an MP Tool, 8mm combination wrench or 8mm socket…
Motion Pro Chain Breaker, Press and Riveting Tool Complete chain tool for most 520, 525 and 530 standard and o-ring chains Break, press, and rivet your chain with one compact tool Will rivet hollow nose master links (will not rivet solid soft-nose pins) Will push pin completely through link/side…
Motion Pro PBR Chain Tool
$78.39 You save $8.60 (9%)
Motion Pro PBR Chain ToolInnovative design will Press, Break & Rivet 520, 525, & 530 chains with one convenient tool Versatile design will remove chain pins, press master-link plates and rivet hollow nose & soft nose (quad stake) master link pins on O-ring and non O-ring type chains Easy to use…
BikeMaster 520 BMOR O-Ring Chain
$46.99 - $321.99 You save up to $35.00 (9%)
…and longer durability "Round rivet head" offers superior rigidity over 2 or 4-point (quad-staked) riveting Fits a wider range of machine applications Click Here to see available Master Links **Note: Recommended Chain Length is a based on OEM gearing and chain size. May require additional links…
Renthal 525 R4 SRS Road Chain Rivet Link
$5.56 You save $1.39 (20%)
…Road Chain Rivet Link One of the most important parts on your ATV or Motorcycle is the chain and master link. If you dont have one you can rely on you will be pushing your ride over the finish line. Get the confidence that you will get there first with this Renthal 525 R4 SRS Road Chain Rivet Link.
BikeMaster 525 BMZR Connecting Link Connecting link kit for the BikeMaster 525 BMZR Chain. Kit contains 1/2 link, roller, and 2 connecting links Order the matching size link for your chain Standard and rivet style links available Choose between gold or standard colors Sold individually **Note:…
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