1. Carburetor Synchronizer

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BikeMaster Carburetor Synchronizing Kit
$206.99 You save $22.96 (9%)
BikeMaster Carburetor Synchronizing Kit Works with two, three, or four cylinder motors Gouges are calibrated to 0-30 in/Hg vacuum Two inch diameter gouges fitted with a lockable damping valve to even out the pulses for accurate readings Comes with four gouges, hoses, adapters, mounting plate and a…
Tecmate Carbmate
$125.99 You save $13.96 (9%)
…CarbMate displays the difference in vacuum intake settings of two linked carburetors to an adjustable resolution of 0,5cmHg to 2cmHg on a single transverse "East-West" 9 LED display. Synchronization of 4 linked carburetors is made easy using the optional 4-channel adapter kit Features: A single…
Motion Pro Syncpro Carburetor Tuner
$96.39 You save $10.60 (9%)
Motion Pro Syncpro Carburetor TunerSyncpro Carburetor Tuner from Motion Pro Precise four channel vacuum indicator designed specifically for intake synchronization of engines with multiple carburetors or throttle bodies (max vacuum range 40cm Hg) New mercury-free design uses non toxic manometer fluid…
Tecmate Carbmate 4 Cylinder Adapter
$53.99 You save $4.96 (8%)
…first carb in the second pair Attach tube 4 to the remaining carb Synchronize in 3 easy steps: Select tubes 1 and 2 to synchronize the first pair of carburetors Select tubes 3 & 4 to synchronize the second pair of carburetors Finally, select tubes 1 and 3 to synchronize the two pairs of carburetors
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