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Boyesen Power X-Wing
$116.99 You save $12.96 (9%)
Boyesen Power X-WingThe Boyesen Power X-Wing will increase power and torque by straightening airflow within the carburetor or throttle body throat The enhanced flow of air from the inlet, reduced air turbulence and increased velocity will provide more precise fuel control and the optimum air/fuel…
Keihin PE Carburetor Kit
$233.99 - $251.99 You save up to $27.96 (9%)
Keihin PE Carburetor Kit Round throttle valve design provides optimum performance from mid-range to top-end *Note: Kit for LT80 includes air cleaner **Note: Kit for YFM350X includes throttle
K&L Carburetor Repair Kit
$21.79 - $48.99 You save up to $1.96 (4%)
K&L Carburetor Repair Kit Each carburetor repair kit from K&L contains all necessary gaskets, O-rings and jets to rebuild one OE carb **Note: Polaris - use with round slide VM34 Mikuni carburetor.
Mikuni HSR42 Carburetor
$338.09 - $458.99 You save up to $50.01 (9%)
Mikuni HSR42 Carburetor For the high-performance engine builder who needs a carb for specific custom applications Available in standard or highly-polished finishes **Note: Some models many need use a Mikuni Air Cleaner Adapter
…linkage side of the carb body below the cast in wording "S&S SUPER" All Super series carburetors use a special enrichment device instead of a choke for starting. This leaves the bore of the carburetor unobstructed for greater air flow. The Super "E" enrichment device is activated by a variable…
…Overflow line One extra intermediate jet and two main jets Installation and jetting instructions Super "G" Carburetor Kit also available **Note: Recommended for racing only, this carburetor is not legal for use in California on motor vehicles operated on public highways or in other states where…
Athena Racing Carburetor
$105.95 - $151.95
Racing Carburetor from Athena Dellorto-manufactured carburetors feature a 17.5mm inlet, 5mm larger than stock Performance designed to accompany Athena's 70cc big bore kits for scooters **Notes: Requires Electric Choke Kit Carburetor is a universal item and may require additional modifications to…
CV4 Vent Tubing
$14.99 - $16.99 You save up to $0.96 (6%)
…vent lines on carburetors, gas cap overflow, radiator overflow, water pump bypass, oil cooler and various other applications Working operating temperature up to 420°F Available in a wide range of colors *Note: NOT designed as a fuel delivery line off fuel tank or to the carburetor, or any other line…
K&N Clamp-On Air Filter
$34.99 - $190.99 You save up to $66.96 (32%)
…considerably more air flow than stock air box set-up  Carburetor adjustment will be required; usually a 25% increase in jet sizes can be expected**Notes: Product may vary from image depending on model Two Filters cover all four carburetors (sold in pairs) for models GSX600F Katana 1990-2003 GSX750F…
Mikuni HSR45 Carburetor
$395.99 - $521.99 You save up to $57.01 (9%)
Mikuni HSR45 Carburetor For the performance engine builder needing a carburetor only for specific custom applications Available in standard aluminum or polished finish 45mm requires custom manifold HSR42 cables, air cleaner, breather and jets are interchangeable ** Note: Chock cable is included,…
Vance & Hines 2-into-1 Pro Pipe HS Exhaust System
$440.96 - $512.96 You save up to $56.99 (10%)
…familiar Vance and Hines rumble Features include removable baffles All HS systems include 220 degrees heat shields to hide any possible bluing Carburetor re-jetting or a Power Commander is recommended for maximum performance Actual product may vary from web image Click Here for Additional Exhaust…
Zenith Fuel Systems High Performance Carburetor Kit Add a high-performance, American made carburetor to your Harley Davidson Cruiser to get the most out of every ride and tank of gas.Kit includes chrome-plated 40mm carburetor, fittings, adapters, accessories and installation instructions Offers…
MSR Fuel Mixture Screw
$16.99 You save $2.96 (14%)
MSR Fuel Mixture Screw In a world of EFI only the best tuned Carburetors can keep up. With this MSR Fuel Mixture Screw you will be able to adjust your bike with a twist of your fingers in less than a minute. Allowing you to instantly tune your bike to changing temperature and elevation, keeping you…
Motion Pro Turbo Throttle
$22.09 You save $2.40 (9%)
Motion Pro Turbo ThrottlePolished die-cast aluminum housing Smooth pulley-type operation Opens 28-38 mm carburetors Perfect ratio for off-road motorcycles or ATV's Comes complete with cable adjusters and dust boot 4 ½" handgrip
Dynojet ATV UTV Jet Kit
$39.99 - $67.99 You save up to $16.96 (32%)
Dynojet ATV/UTV Jet Kit Dynojet Carburetor Jet Kits can provide you with a simple and affordable solution to all your carburetion problems. Dynojet Jet Kits increase power and smoothness throughout the entire rev range, while maintaining optimum fuel economy. Each Dynojet Jet Kit includes…
Mikuni HSR45 Smoothbore Carburetor Kit
$611.99 You save $66.96 (9%)
Mikuni HSR45 "Smoothbore" Carburetor Kit Kits include the redesigned 45mm smoothbore carb in a natural finish Easier, faster installation using stock CV throttle cables Excellent throttle response, more power, improved acceleration and better gas mileage Order fewer part numbers to cover more…
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FMF Power Up Jet Kit
$19.51 - $71.39 You save up to $12.60 (14%)
…what elevation you ride at. Features: Take the frustration out of jetting your ATV Jets, needles and all necessary hardware to dial in your carburetor included Proper jetting produces optimum performance and reliability; in most cases will increase horsepower and torque throughout the powerband…
Moose Racing Carb Repair Kit
$14.95 - $61.95
…Kit Complete kits to rebuild OEM carburetors Each kit contains all necessary gaskets, O-rings, float valve and jets Supplied to Moose Racing by the same supplier the OEMs use **Notes: Polaris Predator 500- Kit does not include float valve Yamaha Banshee- Requires 2 kits to rebuild both carburetors
Boyesen QuickStart
$170.99 You save $18.96 (9%)
…25% more fuel capacity High volume vertical check valve located in the QS3 for precise, consistent fuel metering Patented design stops bogging and improves throttle response Improved low end performance Investment cast and finished to precise tolerances Fits ALL Keihin FCR carburetors Simple bolt-on
K&L Economy Carburetor Repair Kit
$18.99 - $30.49 You save up to $1.60 (4%)
Economy Carburetor Repair Kit Economy Carburetor Repair Kit Each kit contains all necessary gaskets, O-rings and jets to rebuild one OE carb Kits come with needle and seat if removeable on OEM Kit does not include main jets or pilot jets **Note: Picture may vary from actual bike specific kit
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