1. Brake Master Cylinder

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…fit 1"-diameter handlebar applications; master cylinder bodies are relieved to accept up to 1 1/2 " diameter handlebars right up to the clamp face Switch housings feature high-quality Marquardt waterproof, dustproof and heat-resistant switches for brake, turn signal, horn, and kill switch function…
Jaybrake Master Cylinder
$151.99 You save $8.00 (5%)
Jaybrake Master Cylinder A high-quality polished master cylinder for custom applications. It will also fit Jaybrake forward controls. CNC Machines from lightweight billet aluminum and polished to a high gloss Available in 5/8" and 3/4" bore size
…make up this precision control ARC flex lever blade with reach adjust is hinged to move out of the way in most impact situations Fits all 01-up Off-road bikes with cable operated clutch Includes a slipper clamp for the brake master cylinder Laser-etched Moose Racing by ARC logos Made in the U.S.A.
Moose Racing ARC Flex Brake Levers Moose ARC Flex Brake Levers are forged, anodized and hinged brake levers with CNC machined master cylinder interfaces Adjustable reach allows customization to the rider's hand size ARC hinge design allows lever to flex out of the way in most impact situations…
…strength Feature sealed bearings on the pivot points for smooth operation and no maintenance Assembled with chrome hardware, kit comes ready to install Used with existing stock master cylinder Includes foot, shift and brake pegs, swivel joints, shift and brake rods and instructions Made in the USA
Jaybrake Image-Style Brake Controls
$349.99 You save $17.96 (4%)
Jaybrake Image-Style Brake Controls Machined from billet aluminum, then brilliantly chrome plated or black anodized Brake master cylinders have a 5/8" bore and accept a 10mm banjo fitting Assemblies with brake light switch feature Two-button micro-switch clamp replaces clamp section included with…
Jaybrake Classic-Style Brake Controls
$303.99 - $367.99 You save up to $18.96 (4%)
Jaybrake Classic-Style Brake Controls Machined from billet aluminum, then brilliantly chrome plated or black anodized Choose from two unique styles of either solid or easy-grip levers; easy-grip levers have a raised rubber accent Brake master cylinders have 5/8" or 3/4” bore Matching…
Galfer Stainless Steel Hydraulic Front Brake Line
$50.99 - $147.99 You save up to $16.11 (8%)
…Front Brake Line Braided stainless steel casing has clear covering to protect both the line and the bike PTFE 62 Teflon liner creates "zero expansion effect", translating into a stronger, more progressive brake action Sport bike front line kits are 2 lines that travel from the master cylinder to the…
…JX Brake Hand Controls Designed with a special bushing that doubles as a mirror shaft mount for an extra-clean look (mirrors are not included) Stylish solid stainless steel pivot pin for non-mirror applications Unique master cylinder reservoir cap screws on to provide instant access to brake fluid…
…construction 11/16" master cylinder integrates racing technology in both push rod and piston for less effort at pedal Fully-adjustable shift lever and brake arm Utilizes stock H-D kickstand and return springs unless noted Brake-side pedal is mounted forward of footpeg for immediate braking response…
…Replacement Master Cylinder  Replacement tank and hose for Shindy Product's Brake Master Cylinder Kits. If your motorcycles Master Cylinder Reservoir is worn, cracked or broken the replace it quick and easy with these replacement parts. Click Here to Shop Shindy Products Brake Master Cylinder
Magura Hydraulic Brake Lever Assembly
$91.99 You save $9.96 (9%)
Magura Hydraulic Brake Lever Assembly The 225.2 universal hydraulic brake master cylinder replacement for 7/8" handle bars Alloy body master cylinder 13mm diameter piston nylon fluid reservoir Threaded for brake light switch (not included) M10x1 outlet thread Fits 7/8 in. handlebars Not threaded for…
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