1. Brake Lines

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Galfer Stainless Steel Hydraulic Front Brake Line
$50.99 - $147.99 MSRP $55.95-$164.10
(34 reviews)
…Steel Hydraulic Front Brake Line Braided stainless steel casing has clear covering to protect both the line and the bike PTFE 62 Teflon liner creates "zero expansion effect", translating into a stronger, more progressive brake action Sport bike front line kits are 2 lines that travel from the master…
Galfer Colored Sport Bike Brake Lines
$49.99 - $90.99 MSRP $54.81-$100.96
(4 reviews)
Brake Lines Add some color to your street bike's brake lines. These Galfer braided, stainless steel casing have a clear covering to protect both the line and the bike. PTFE 62 teflon liner creates zero expansion effect, translating into a stronger, more progressive brake action Sport bike front line
Galfer Stainless Steel Hydraulic Rear Brake Line
$49.99 - $90.99 MSRP $54.81-$100.95
(19 reviews)
…steel brake lines will have your street bike stopping like a dream. With zero expansion technology there will be no spongey feeling, only positive braking power.All lines are wrapped with 16 strands of stainless steel wire to reduce brake line expansion to almost nothing Out brakes stock lines Clear…
Russell Rear Brake Line Kit
$29.95 - $64.95
(4 reviews)
Russell Rear Brake Line KitCustom looks and superior braking power from Russell Stainless steel brake line kits add bite to your brakes and style to your ride Kits contain all parts necessary for a complete brake-line swap for each model listed (OEM configuration replacement three-line system)…
Baron Custom Accessories Cable and Line Kit
$206.99 - $431.99 MSRP $229.95-$479.95
…Cable and Line Kit Custom and complete kit take the guesswork and effort out of selecting the correct cable and line lengths for your bike Each kit comes complete with extended length brake, clutch and throttle/idle cables (choke cable is included when applicable) Cables and lines have a clear…
Streamline Front Brake Line Kit
$56.99 MSRP 62.99
Streamline Front Brake Line Kit Ptfe teflon lined stainless steel braided hose UV protected PVC clear or colored cover protects chrome, powder coat, and fenders Triple chrome plated fittings for superior corrosion resistance Black PVC stiff tube keeps lines in place All installation hardware…
Goodridge Superbike Pro Racing Brake Line Kit
$63.99 - $147.99 MSRP $70.95-$163.95
(1 review)
Goodridge Superbike Pro Racing Brake Line Kit Stop like the pros do with this new -3 race inspired brakeline kit for your streetbike. Black PVC-coated stainless steel braided hose with stainless steel fittings will have your bike looking and feeling like a factory race bike. Developed, tested and…
Goodridge Dual Line Sport Bike Brake Line Kit
$57.99 - $95.99 MSRP $63.95-$106.50
(1 review)
Goodridge Dual Line Sport Bike Brake Line Kit These Stainless-steel, clear-coated street bike brake lines helps eliminate the spongy feel under hard braking as well as providing supperior resistance to abrasion and corrosion. On top of the performance gains, you will also give your bike a sleek…
BikeMaster Brake Fluid Bleeder
$33.96 MSRP 39.95
(1 review)
BikeMaster Brake Fluid Bleeder Quick and easy way to bleed those stubborn brake lines Takes less time to extract air bubbles from the brake system Catch bottle has 1 liter capacity Dual attachment allows you to bleed dual disc applications A must have for the tool box
Burly Handlebar Installation Kit
$116.99 - $287.99 MSRP $129.95-$319.95
(2 reviews)
Burly Handlebar Installation Kit Complete installation kits For 12", 14" and 16" Burly narrow bottom apehangers Made in the U.S.A. Kit Includes: A black braided steel brake line, Extended clutch cable Extended throttle cables All necessary wiring
Galfer GP Brake Line Kits
$117.99 MSRP 130.00
(4 reviews)
…GP Brake Line Kits Galfer GP Brake Line Kits are 2.8 stainless steel line made of PTFE 62 Teflon, clear coated to protect lines from the weather and the bike from scratches. Galfer brings cutting edge "zero expansion effect" technology delivers a stronger brake lever feel as well as excellent brake
L.A. Choppers Stainless Handlebar Cable and Brake Line Kit
$233.99 - $368.99 MSRP $259.95-$409.95
(1 review)
…and Brake Line Kits give you the correct length cables and brake lines you need to complete a handlebar swap, install the new cables/brake lines and ride. Stainless braided kits include throttle cable, idle cable (except 08-11 Dressers), clutch cable, brake lines, chrome "T" brake line junction,…
Drag Specialties Front Brake Line Kits
$109.95 - $111.95
Drag Specialties Front Brake Line Kits Keep your ride safe by replacing old, worn, or leaking brake lines. Drag Specialties Front brake line kits are made from quality braided steel and clear coated with durable vinyle to get the most stopping power possible from you braking system.Chrome fittings…
Magnum Shielding Universal Braided Brake Line
$36.95 - $76.95
Brake Line High performance, smooth looking braided brake lines for custom and cruiser motorcycle applications. These hydraulic brake lines from Magnum Shielding are stacked with features like a Kevlar inner lining, Teflon outer coating, a patented weave, and 3 colors to choose from. These brake
Goodridge Carboline Front Brake Line Kit
Goodridge Carboline Front Brake Line Kit Manufactured from the finest materials and deliver vastly improved performance over stock brake lines Dual line front kits eliminate the tee under the triple clamp for reduced weight and better feel Hose features a tighter wrap and a high wire count thank…
Goodridge Universal Brake Hose
$15.99 - $53.99 MSRP $16.95-$59.95
(1 review)
Goodridge Universal Brake Hose Standard stainless braided brake hose with chrome or black zinc plated female swivels Sold individually Available in Stainless Steel, Clear-Coated, Black-Coated with chrome swivels, or Ebony Series non D.O.T. approved universal hoses No names or markings on universal…
Galfer ATV UTV Front Brake Line Kit
$65.99 - $66.99 MSRP $73.00-$73.95
Galfer ATV/UTV Front Brake Line Kit Galfer uses a PVC coating on a steel-braided hosing with a Teflon inner lining to help take your brakes performance to the next level. These kits are made in the USA and tailored to each bike for a perfect fit.3-line kit with a "T" connection splitter PTFE…
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