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BikeMaster Integrated Taillights
$72.21 - $106.21 MSRP $84.95-$124.95
(2 reviews)
…are made of ultra-bright L.E.D.'s that combine the turn signals and brake light into one. Designed for easy installation by just replacing the stock taillight.Ultra bright L.E.D. taillight combines the turn signals and brake light into one trick unit Designed to replace the original stock taillight…
Kuryakyn Universal Run-Turn-Brake Controller
$80.99 MSRP 89.99
…wizardry, this module makes the single filament or single circuit turn signals on the rear of your bike function as running lights, turn  signals, & brake lights. The module wires in beneath your seat & works with L.E.D. or Halogen Silver Bullets or other custom turn signals you have installed…
Baja Designs LED Taillight
$58.99 MSRP 64.95
(3 reviews)
Baja Designs LED Taillight Very bright (19 L.E.D.) taillight with running light, brake light and built in license plate light Fully E11 approved for the street No bulbs to ever replace Lightweight, waterproof and vibration proof design make it the ideal taillight for offroad motorcycles, dual sport…
Custom Dynamics Universal Light Bars
$53.99 - $64.99 MSRP $59.95-$69.95
(2 reviews)
…Dynamics Universal Light Bars The all-in-one LED light bar has arrived with brake/running lights and turn signal in one LED strip!. Install this on fenders, license plate frames, saddle bag....the only limit to you options is your imagination and ingenuity. These light bars have dual-intensity,…
Kuryakyn Run-Brake Lightbar for Tour-Pak
$107.99 MSRP 119.99
Kuryakyn Run-Brake Lightbar for Tour-Pak Features include Super-Bright L.E.D's that provide additional "run" & "brake" lighting to the rear of the bike & an unmistakable chrome finish for that signature Kuyakyn style. Sold each Chrome finished Quickly installed
Custom Dynamics LED Fender Taillights
$27.99 - $35.99 MSRP $29.95-$39.95
…tips. Trick out your taillights with extreme illumination! Replaces OEM bulb 40 wide-angle super-bright Next Generation Genesis™ LEDs Single-intensity/function lights act as running lights for you bike Dual-intensity/function light lets you turn your rear fender tip light into an extra brake light
Shindy Products Brake Master Cylinder Kits
…your brakes performance to the next level. Universal for 7/8" handle bars and available in numerous color options to match your bike (Available in black, silver, and gold).Reservoir tank is separated to make master cylinder area more compact and service easier Brake kits have built in brake light
AKO Racing L.E.D. Integrated Taillights
$85.99 - $103.99 MSRP $94.95-$114.95
(3 reviews)
…for straightforward installation 2nd generation L.E.D bulb for a bright and crisp illumination Brake/running lights are independently powered and vice versa with the signal lights Built-in load resistor prevents speedy flash rates; thus providing for a true and natural looking flash **Notes:…
Custom Dynamics Rear Fender Tip Lights
$85.99 MSRP 94.95
Custom Dynamics Rear Fender Tip Lights Add an auxiliary brake light to your Harley Davidson or custom cruiser. Auxiliary Brake lights add another level of visibility for other vehicles to react quicker. The sleek style integrates into your bikes rear fender resulting in a clean, custom look.…
Kuryakyn Razor Eyes Red and Amber Triple Function
$89.99 MSRP 99.99
…bright L.E.D.'s wrapped in a 2-7/8" long by 7/8" tall chromed metal housing. Razor Eyes with Run-Turn-Brake function featuring red running & brake lights with amber turn signals. Sold in pairs Chrome plated **Note: Universal mounting using the M10 x 1.25 by 2cm Mounting Stud Not compatible with…
Clear Alternatives Integrated Taillight Assembly
$69.99 MSRP 129.95
(1 review)
Clear Alternatives Integrated Taillight Assembly Integrated Tail Light Assemblies from Clear Alternatives combine brake, tail, and turn signal functions Red and amber lights shine clearly through lens Intended for off-highway use; these products are not DOT approved Actual product may vary from web…
Kuryakyn Aerion Lightbars
$260.99 MSRP 289.99
…just an elegant part, the integrated bright rear & side-facing dual function L.E.D. lighting adds visibility! Side-facing "run & turn" with the rear-facing "run & brake" Side-facing & rear-facing all "run & brake" Side-facing & rear-facing all "run & turn" **Note: Will also fit other Touring models…
Kuryakyn Low Heat Load Equalizer
$44.99 MSRP 49.99
…won't overheat, even when subjected to 4-way flashers, non-stop security system flashing while trailering, or when stuck at neverending red traffic lights. plug-&-play when used with Kuryakyn panacea, Run-Turn-Brake Controller, or Load Equalizer Adapters - can also be spliced in custom applications.…
Acerbis Homologated Taillight
$55.99 MSRP 69.95
(1 review)
Acerbis Homologated Taillight Universal taillight for off-road bikes Very light and resistant with a new innovative look Polypropylene Homologated taillight with L.E.D., brake and running light Mounts to flat style rear fenders 3 mounting points Protected cable guide Mounting kit included
Acerbis LED Taillight
$39.99 MSRP 49.95
(7 reviews)
…motorcycle. Small exclusive universal number plate holder for offroad 2 and 4-stroke motorcycles with characteristic position spotlight and brake light using LEDs. Features: Very low energy consumption so that the engine power is not reduced Waterproof electronic board fitted with a stabilized…
Street FX 1156 LED Replacement Bulbs
$14.99 - $17.99
(1 review)
Street FX 1156 LED Replacement Bulbs Each bulb contains 15 ultra-bright LED's Much less power draw than standard incandescent bulbs Sold as a single Universal design Red replaces 1156 brake light White replaces 1156 running light Not DOT approved
Custom Dynamics Knight Riderz Light Bars
$26.99 MSRP 29.95
(12 reviews)
…cap off the brake light wire If you only want to use the brake light function simply cap off the running light wire If you want to use the sequential function as the a brake light instead of a running light then connect it to your brake light wire and cap off the Knight Riderz brake light wire.
Blingstar Industries Billet Aluminum Brake Resevoir Cover
$29.99 MSRP 32.95
…Aluminum Brake Resevoir Cover When you are looking to make your ride stand out from all the other ones out there, this Blingstar Industries Billet Aluminum Brake Resevoir Cover is just what you are looking for. CNC machined from billet aluminum for added strength and still remains light. **Closeouts…
Custom Dynamics Light Bars
$27.99 MSRP 29.95
(17 reviews)
Custom Dynamics Light Bars Light up the night with 12 high-power dual intensity LEDs. In running light mode the LEDs emit a low intensity but highly visible light. Custom Dynamics Light Bars are available with or without the Flashing Brake Alert mode. When the brake on the Flashing Brake Alert model…
Kuryakyn Tombstone LED Insert for Stock Lens
$89.99 MSRP 99.99
Kuryakyn Tombstone LED Insert for Stock Lens The taillight functions as "run" and "brake", just like your stock taillights did. Add L.E.D. Turn Signal Conversions and a Run-Turn-Brake Controller and you'll have a multi-functional, super bright L.E.D. rear lighting package. Sold each
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