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EBC Pro-Lite Contour Rear Brake Rotors
$131.40 - $209.99 You save up to $24.01 (10%)
EBC Pro-Lite Contour Rear Brake RotorsThe Pro-Lite Contour line of fully floating brake discs from EBC features a radical, profiled new contour brake rotor ring Brake disc design reduces weight and increases brake effect Brake disc center hubs are forged aluminum Rotor construction uses…
BikeMaster Brake Rotor
$49.99 - $179.99 You save up to $19.96 (9%)
BikeMaster Brake Rotor Manufactured by one of Europe's premier disc brake experts An O.E.M. manufacture to many well know brands Totally integrated manufacturing with control over every aspect of the product Very latest in German Aerospace Materials and ISO Certified Quality Management Using the…
EBC Pro-Lite Contour Front Brake Rotor
$131.40 - $211.99 You save up to $22.96 (9%)
EBC Pro-Lite Contour Front Brake Rotor The Pro-Lite Contour line of fully floating brake discs from EBC features a radical, profiled new contour brake rotor ring Brake disc design reduces weight and increases brake effect Brake disc center hubs are forged aluminum Rotor construction uses…
…Chrome Rotor Covers with LED Ring of Fire Let your front wheel take center stage. The beautifully chromed disc brake Rotor Covers change the plain, unfinished axle retainer, hub & brake rotor into one sleek gleaming unit. In the daylight they'll shimmer in the sunshine but night time brings out…
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Galfer Superbike Wave Rotor
$437.99 You save $48.41 (9%)
…more leading and trailing edge friction Laser cut from a unique high-carbon 420 stainless steel that has been pre-heat treated and parallel double disc ground to assure perfect flatness Design also allows the rotors to cool faster and stay cleaner as the rotor spins Rotors sold individually For race…
Moose Racing Mud-Proof Solid Disc Rear Rotor Used by professional off-road racing teams around the world Made from high-carbon content stainless steel, which offers greater friction than standard discs No-holes design greatly prolongs brake pad life Cut with a CAD/CAM laser machine, not stamped like…
Biker's Choice Stainless Steel Mirror Rotors
$152.99 You save $12.96 (7%)
…rotors Consistently provides smooth braking power while allowing the disc to expand without any distortion even under high heat conditions Surface induction hardened with 12-14% chrome contents for superior wear Heat treated to relieve stress Compatible with all brake pads including sintered metal
Russell Standard Stainless Steel Rear Brake Rotor Deliver optimum braking efficiency with maximum heat dissipation Manufactured from SVS420JZ, a highly rust-resistant stainless steel material compatible with all types of disc brake pads (including sintered pads) High-frequency induction hardening,…
MSR Pro Disc Guard
$58.99 - $85.99 You save up to $8.96 (9%)
MSR Pro Disc Guard Wrap-around design spreads load over entire brake carrier instead of vulnerable tabs  Fin can be replaced separately if damaged All hardware included
Drag Specialties Front Brake Caliper Kit OEM-style calipers in chrome finish Complete with all necessary mounting hardware and brake pads  Dual disc kit comes as a pair **Notes: On 84-99 models, verify if your application requires the single or dual-disc kit Single kits will not fit 4-Speed FL…
Galfer Rear Wave Rotor
$73.99 - $288.99 You save up to $31.36 (9%)
…rear brake rotor look no further. With this Galfer Rear Wave Rotor you are getting much more than a standard wave rotor that looks great. You are getting a dyno tested rotor that will cool your brake system as you are using them. Ride with confidence with a Galfer Rear Wave Rotor. Each Wave disc is…
Bully Lil Bully Disc Lock
$15.99 - $20.99 You save up to $8.96 (27%)
…bike. 5.5mm or 10mm disc lock options to fit any motorcycle, scooter or ATV discs Constructed with specially heat-treated alloy steel to resist cutting Hardened anti-drill discs 5.5mm pin fits smaller disc vent holes Includes pouch and 3 keys (1 lighted) Remove lock from brake disc prior to every…
Magnum Sheildng Black Pearl Front Brake Lines Boost your Harley Davison brakes performance with Magnum Sheilding Front Brake Lines. These are for models with a single front disc brake.Perfectly matches the color and weave of all other Magnum cables and lines Black pearl comes with black-chrome…
TM Designworks Rear Brake Caliper Guard
$41.99 You save $1.96 (4%)
…Color matched with special multi-tapered cutouts that direct air to cool the brake body The front of the brake body has the best protection from rocks and dirt on the market Trick factory look Weighs virutally zero A must have combo with T.M. Designworks rear disc protector for that factory look
EBC Long Life Sintered R Front Brake Pads
$20.70 - $36.00 You save up to $4.00 (10%)
…for riding in wet, mud, dust or sand **Notes: Yamaha Rhino 700 Front brake pads also fit Rear All brake pads are sold in a set for one disc. Order one set for each disc on your ATV Never use sintered metal brake pads in bikes originally equipped with non-sintered brake pads Item may vary from image
Moto-Master Brake Caliper AdapterMX/Offroad Adapter Bracket is needed to mount Oversize Front Flame Disc Fully CNC-machined 6082 billet aluminum adapter brackets are used to relocate the stock brake caliper to the correct position in order to accommodate the oversize disc
Acerbis X-Brake Front Disc Cover
$23.99 You save $5.96 (19%)
Acerbis X-Brake Front Disc CoverUnique design allows you to change the tire or brake pads without removing the disc cover Weight savings up to 35% over traditional covers Covers are constructed of polypropylene Machined-aluminum flanged insert Suitable for brake discs up to 275mm dia. Easy to…
…and quality tested to ensure the finest product possible Matching brake rotors available when applicable Made in the U.S.A. **Note: V-Rod front wheels require the use of RC Components brake rotors Click Here for matching Savage Eclipse rear wheel Click Here for matching Savage Eclipse brake rotors
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…performance for the life of the brake pad Easy brake modulation and control; no rising friction curve at the end of a stop Initial brake pad bite is increased by 25% over current race pad compounds Pads cause minimal wear on both racing stainless steel and cast iron discs Available for select…
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Performance Machine Four-Piston Calipers for 300mm Rotors
$404.99 - $407.40 You save up to $92.55 (9%)
…use with stock brake master cylinder with 15mm piston on listed models Precision-machined from billet aluminum with a chrome or Contrast Cut™ finish Contrast Cut finish starts with a polished caliper that has been black anodized then recut to open up the design Designed for 11.8" (300mm) front disc
…Differential bore pistons apply different forces at both the leading and the trailing edges of the pad to ensure long life Dual-disc applications require a left and right caliper Designed for 11.5" disc applications on most 84-07 models Utilize the 137 x 4B caliper with pads Made in the U.S.A.
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