1. Battery Tender Adapter

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Gears Gen X-3 SAE to Coax Female AdapterFor use with GEN X-3 heated apparel SAE to coax female adapter: converts GEN X-2 battery cord or battery tender SAE lead to female coax; 5"L; adapter should not be used to power Gen X-2 series gloves with GEN X-3 jacket or glove connection points
…Tour Master Synergy heated gear adapter cable. Approximately 8 inches long it features a male coaxial connector on one end and an SAE (Battery Tender) connector on the other. If you have a female coax power lead on your battery and you'd like to plug in your battery charger very conveniently, here's…
Firstgear USB Port Adapter
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Firstgear USB Port Adapter Never be stranded with your phone, camera or Bluetooth® headset out of power! This is a universal adapter to go from either the FirstGear coax battery harness, a battery tender harness, a BMW Socket or a Cigarette Lighter Socket (with optional adapters) to the USB cable…
…compressor unit with built in gauge and LED light 66" power cord that fits battery tender connector 12" alligator extension clips and 36" extension lighter adapter 4" tire valve hose with sports needle and inflatable adapter Complete with instructions and zippered carrying case Measures: 4"x 2" x 6"…
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