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…the 16 Cell EVO2 battery. Because the 16 Cell generates substantially more power than the other EVO2 batteries in our powersports line-up, we developed a quick disconnect to handle the amp load. Kit includes two (2) Quick disconnect connectors One pigtail is to connect to the battery terminals One…
Gears Luggage Power Connector Pak 1 Help to provide power inside your Tank Bag, Saddle Bag or Tail Bag (hard or soft shell of 5mm maximum thickness) Exterior has a male coax plug with dust protection cover, which connects to a power source like a Gears battery cord, Gears female coax panel mount or…
…Exterior has a male coax plug with dust protection cover, which connects to a power source like a Gears battery cord, Gears female coax panel mount or Gears extension cable Luggage Power Connector - interior has a 5" long cable with female coax plug which can be hooked up to Gears heated clothing;…
…with most 12 Volt Battery Chargers, Cellphone Chargers, Radar Detectors, GPS, Air Pumps, Compatible Heated Clothing and Motorcycle Battery Chargers.This package comes complete with a 12 Volt Chrome Viper Power Socket with a 3 Ft 6 inch length wire, SAE Dual Pin Quick Connector Plug that plugs into…
Warn RT15 Winch
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…capacity, and 25 feet (7.62m) of durable, high-strength wire rope Includes hand-held corded remote, integrated electrical controls, 10-gauge battery leads with quick-connector, and rigging strap. Easily transferable between vehicles Patented disc brake for reliable stopping power Sealed motor…
…any standard 12 Volt Battery Harness. The Tank / Saddle Bag Flange Mount has an SAE Dual Pin Connector Plug that connects the Multi-Port Charging Station at one end, and a Female BMW Style Plug at the other end and connects to the battery harness extension cable. The Battery Harness Extension Cable…
Noco G1100 Genius Battery Charger
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…fully automatic switch-mode battery charger and maintainer. The G1100 is best for small battery applications from 2.2-40Ah, such as charging your Motorcycle, ATV, Jet Ski or Snowmobile. In addition to charging, the G1100 can effectively maintain any 6V or 12V batteries in larger applications, such…
…GEN X-2 heated clothing (or other brands of clothing with SAE connectors) Connects GEN X-3 gloves to other brands of heated jackets with SAE glove connection plugs coming out of the sleeves Can be used in front of GEN X-3 battery cord for connecting your battery chargers with a SAE plug connection
…adapter cable. Approximately 8 inches long it features a male coaxial connector on one end and an SAE (Battery Tender) connector on the other. If you have a female coax power lead on your battery and you'd like to plug in your battery charger very conveniently, here's your part. Can also be used to…
Battery Tender 3-Pin Connector Cable
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Battery Tender 3-Pin Connector Cable 3-Pin Connector Cable for use with the Portable Power Tender Plus Charger Ring terminal harness accessory for use with multiple batteries Black quick disconnect cord For 12 volt models only Contains a 3 amp fuse 2 ft. long
Noco 12V Plug Connector
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…12V Plug Connector The 12V Plug Connector works with NOCO Genius battery chargers and allows the battery chargers to charge and maintain your vehicle's battery by simply plugging into the 12V auxiliary plug/cigarette lighter. The Quick Connect cable makes connecting the 12V Plug Connector simple.…
Noco Eyelet Terminal Connector
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Noco Genius Eyelet Terminal Connector The Eyelet Terminal Connector works with NOCO Genius battery chargers and allows the battery chargers to connect quickly to any battery. Replace a lost connector or permanently mount one on your ATV, Motorcycle, Car, Boat or any other vehicle for easy charging.…
Firstgear 6 DC Coax Panel Mount Connector
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Firstgear 6" DC Coax Panel Mount ConnectorDC Coax panel mount connector provides a flush mount power source Spring loaded cover and the 6" Coax plug cable soldered on for plugging to the output of the battery harness or Heat Troller It allows a direct connection to the DC Coax power plugs used in…
…Built-in coax connectors at bottom of legs for easy connection of GEN X-3 foot warmers (foot warmers not included) Provide 37W of heat and draw 3.1A Plugs directly into GEN X-3 heated jacket liner or vest; for independent use with temperature control, purchase coax plug battery cord and single…
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Noco Accessory Kit
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Noco Genius Accessory Kit The Accessory Kit includes: Battery Clamp Connector Eyelet Terminal Connector 12V Plug Connector 10' Extension Cable
…accessible two side pockets on the front to keep your stuff Ribbed cuffs for maximum comfort Glove connector cable is already provided at the end of each sleeve Comes with a 20" battery cord Has 2 input connection points allowing temperature of the Jacket and Gloves to be controlled independently…
…and open-face microphones Modular 3-way adapter cable design and coiled extension cables provide flexible mounting options All push-to-talk switches and connectors are weatherproof Rechargeable battery pack and desktop charger included All necessary installation accessories included Sold each
Yuasa Fused Ring Connectors
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Yuasa Fused Ring Connectors Simple, quick connection Can be used with Yuasa's 1.5 Amp and 900 mA chargers for applications ranging from motorcycles, automobiles and personal watercraft to ATVs, snowmobiles and riding mowers
Noco 10 Extension Cable
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…Cable Extend the reach of your NOCO Genius battery charger and accessories with the GC004 10' Extension Cable. With Quick Connect connectors on both ends, connecting the 10' Extension Cable is simple. Using this accessory may increase the battery charger time. Fits all Noco Genius Battery Charger's.
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