1. Axle Sliders

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Driven Axle Block Sliders
$98.99 - $120.99 MSRP $109.18-$133.78
(2 reviews)
Driven Axle Block Sliders High-performance parts for high-performance machines, these axle blocks are made of the best quality aluminium. Made for the extreme riding put on today's motorcycles whether its country road, race tracks, or the daily commute...these Axel block sliders will exceed your…
Rumble Concept Front Axle Goon Sliders
Rumble Concept Front Axle "Goon" SlidersDesigned and manufactured with high quality material Easy to install Protects your fork bottom sections, axle nuts and brake calipers Made of CNC machined anodized 6061 Aluminum alloy Balance between functionality and esthetics protecting your forks and…
Shogun Motorsports Front Axle Slider Kit
$53.99 MSRP 59.95
(5 reviews)
Shogun Motorsports Front Axle Slider Kit Add even more functionality and protection with Shogun Front Axle Sliders. These Axle Sliders also help provide additional protections for your front axle, front axle nut, fork bottoms, and brake calipers. Sold in pairs UV coated for fade protection All…
SpeedyMoto Front Axle Slider Kit
(1 review)
SpeedyMoto Front Axle Slider Kit Like all of SpeedyMoto's parts, these Axle Sliders have been thoroughly tested, raced with and of course crashed on. Help keep your expensive forks or swing arm from getting scratched and damaged in a tip over. The SpeedyMoto Ducati Front Axle Slider Kit is the…
Kuryakyn Stiletto Front Axle Caps
$62.99 MSRP 69.99
Kuryakyn Stiletto Front Axle Caps For those with Stiletto ISO-Grip End Caps, here's an opportunity to make a stronger statement. Stiletto Axle Caps fit up closely to the sliders with no unsightly gaps. Aggressive styling Look great by themselves, or couple them with other Kuryakyn Stilleto line…
SpeedyMoto Rear Axle Slider Kit
Axle Slider Kit SpeedyMoto Rear axle sliders provides the best protection for your single sided swing arm Ducati. The sliding material is made from high quality HDPE plastic, which will help the kit slide and deform rather than grip and flip or brake! An anodized billet rod holds the two sliders
Kuryakyn Front Axle Nut Covers
$22.99 - $26.99 MSRP $24.99-$29.99
(2 reviews)
Kuryakyn Front Axle Nut Covers Blend nicely with the OEM front forks Fit close to the fork sliders so there are no unsightly gaps Chrome finish Sold in pairs **Note: 91-03 Dyna models require use of 39mm forks
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